Posted by Sandra on October 11 2011

The Super City has been re-opened today with a new design and some changes. Now there’s 3 different membership accounts. I personally don’t think it’s fair for the fans having to pay £69 for a meet and greet, but Ihave to say too that personally I know other bands who make you pay even more for a simple meet and greet like the ones in South America this year. Anyways Read all the news below.

  1. Welcome to the new Super City redesign! We want to give a special thankyou to all of you for sticking with us over the last year, and here’s looking forward to another one! We’ve got some great new things coming up for you – the rest of Ryokou: McFly in Japan, more webchats, a behind the scenes video from the calendar shoot with Tom Leishmann and loads more. Also, if you had somehow missed it, McFly are heading out around the UK for a 26 date theatre tour – check the news item below for more details. And remember, subscribers of Super City have access to advance sales before ANYONE else!
  1. Basic Membership – FREE
    – Free members receive info on tours and releases.
    – You can also create a profile, view profiles and walls, access the members-only gallery and browse all the free areas of the site.

    Monthly & Annual subscribers – £6 Monthly or £40 yearly

    Live Benefits
    – Premier access to ticket pre-sales for Mcfly Concerts.
    – Annual members also get early access to Mcfly Concerts (wherever possible).
    – Behind the scenes with Mcfly.
    – Unbelievable access to the lives of Mcfly.
    – New behind the scenes footage every month following the band everywhere!
    – Regular videocasts from Mcfly and Mcfly TV.
    – Exclusive access to each of the 4 guys custom build rooms.
    – Follow the band from backstage at every gig on their UK Tour.

    McFly Community Features
    – Webchats with all the band only for supercity subscribers.
    – Community with interactive newsfeeds and walls, message, and friends.
    – Upload photos, videos and reviews.
    – Post comments on photos, videos, news and other content.
    – Founding pioneers keep their pioneer status in the site.
    – Have your say by posting.
    – Have your say by posting comments on photos, videos, news and other content.

    Annual Plus UK Only – £69 yearly

    All Of The Above Plus…– Meet and greet experience each summer in a number of UK cities*.
    – 25% discount in the store instead of 15% (on everything but tickets).
    – 2 hour earlier window in pre-sales to buy Mcfly concert tickets.


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