Posted by Sandra on February 16 2012

well playing,playing… let’s say trying to.. It’s a funny video:)

Posted by Sandra on February 16 2012

I think the one who says Natalie Portman is his celebrity crush is Tom not Harry but who knows.. Anyways I also added to the gallery some pics of the guys at the Saracens training.

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We spoke to the gorgeous McFly boys about their half time show at Saracens v Harlequins, celebrity crushes and naked bottoms! Oohhh!

They famously sang about a girl with five colours in her hair, but eight years on McFly’s Harry Judd reveals that it is now “diva” bass guitarist Dougie Poynter who makes the most fuss over his barnet.
“Dougie’s got the longest hair, so his takes the longest to put into shape. But often he doesn’t bother and just wears a headband,” Harry revealed.

“I would say Danny or Dougie are the biggest divas!”

Currently in the middle of touring the country, the boys are also rehearsing for a half time performance during the Saracens v Harlequins rugby match in March.

“We’re performing two songs before kick-off and then one at half time, so I’m really looking forward to it.

“I can’t quite claim that we will be putting on a show like Madonna did at the Super Bowl but we’ll be doing our very best.”
2011 was a successful year for the McFly boys, with drummer Harry winning Strictly Come Dancing and bass guitarist Dougie being crowned the King of the Jungle in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

But scaling new heights of fame isn’t always an advantage for the boys:

“I read the other day that I threw a strop and demanded that I have a TV in my bedroom so that I could watch David Beckham on Jonathan Ross,” Harry told us.

“The fact is; every hotel room has a TV in it, so why would I have to demand a TV? [laughs]

“I think what happened was, I remember saying after a Strictly show that I was missing Match of the Day and Beckham on Jonathan Ross

as well, and what a shame it was. The next day, people were saying I had thrown a strop and demanded a TV in my room so I could watch Beckham – my man crush – on TV apparently.

“Often you read funny things!”
But when they’re not touring, rehearsing, or winning various reality TV shows, the boys lark about playing pranks on each other… and us:
“I can reveal a secret about one of the band…” Harry laughed.

“…Danny! I haven’t seen him in three weeks and he just walked in the room and pulled his pants down on me! That’s often how he greets me! That’s a sight I get to see quite a lot.”
While speaking to Dougie, the mischievous bass player told us, “On Danny’s personal rider, he has eight gallons of cocoa butter and seven gallons of KY Jelly.”

“… and I’ll be wearing no pants on stage when we perform,” the bassist continued.
Don’t get too excited ladies, though: the King of the Jungle revealed to us he was no longer a tanned God admitting, “After coming out of the jungle I lost all my tan – not that I really had one to begin with!”

Continuing the theme of nakedness (we weren’t complaining), Dougie added, “There was a picture in Heat magazine once, where it sort of went unnoticed that my scrotum was hanging out in the picture.

“They printed it and nobody noticed. I didn’t notice! It was the next week when someone told me…”
“I was dressed like a woman as well,” he added.

“Why was I dressed as a woman? Well, it was a Thursday night, of course.”

Talking about their new found fame, Harry and Dougie agreed that despite both winning huge TV shows last year, their status as popstars has very much remained the same:
“In the band, Danny and Tom have always been the front men but we’re all equal so I don’t really think about celebrity status,” Harry told us.

We broached one final question with the McFly boys; who is their celebrity crush?
“Natalie Portman is my celebrity crush,” Harry said.

“I watched her in Black Swan; I try to watch her in everything. I’m quite a big fan.

“I think I’d try and avoid meeting her actually. I would be star struck. I don’t think I’d be able to cope. I wouldn’t know what to do.”
Dougie agreed, “Yeah, Natalie Portman is my celebrity crush. We like her!

“I think I’d remember if I’d met her… I don’t think I have.”
We can’t wait to see the performance boys! I wonder if Dougie will actually be wearing any underwear…. ?

Saracens and Aviva are bringing McFly to Wembley for a special pre-game and half-time show at the Aviva Premiership Rugby clash against Harlequins at Wembley on Saturday 31st March. Ticket prices start from just £5, to buy your ticket visit or call Ticketmaster on 0844 847 2482.



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