Posted by Sandra on December 5 2012

I added to the gallery some new pics from Instagram.

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Posted by Sandra on December 3 2012

Danny posted on his instagram a few pics from the set of The McFly Show that they’re recording today and one from last night at the Xtra Factor.
they’re recording the show at the London studios on the Southbank during all day, so if you’re near you can go and take a look.

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mcfly on the X Factor

Posted by Sandra on December 3 2012

THIS sell-out show featured some of the biggest names in pop including Little Mix, Lawson and solo singing sensation Leona Lewis.

Excited groups of teenage fans keenly awaited the first act, new boy band Lawson, who stormed the stage with hits such as Taking Over Me and an impressive cover of Carly Rae Jepson’s Call Me Maybe.

Not to be upstaged, McFly sent screaming girls with glow sticks into overdrive with their ukulele rendition of Love Is Easy in honour of band member Dougie’s birthday.

The boys, looking dapper in white shirts and back ties, showed they are still going strong with a tight performance during which they also paid tribute to the fans for supporting them for nine and a half years.

“That’s longer than some of you have been alive,” they declared before blasting in to their hit Shine A Light which brought fans to their feet.


Posted by Sandra on December 3 2012

We pick eight of McFly’s greatest hits to celebrate the release of their greatest hits album

McFly outshone Busted the moment they arrived on the pop scene. Something about the band worked better than Busted ever did; the songs were better, the chemistry was stronger, and they had Dougie Poynter. Heck, they didn’t force this on an unsuspecting world like their forebears did.

The boys have been with us through eight crazy years of ups and downs, including Tom’s ill-fated flirtation with The Only Way is Essex. Despite that blip, we’re celebrating the best moments of the band with a trip down memory lane and a look at some of their best songs.

8. ‘One for the Radio

I couldn’t leave OFTR off my list because it was the moment McFly became MaquisFly: a rebellious pop movement to stick two fingers up at their record label oppressors. Our innocent boys turned towards a more developed pop-rock sound and re-imagined McFly for an audience that was growing weary of straight pop sounds.
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Posted by Sandra on December 3 2012

You can watch below mcfly performing Obviously tonight on the Xtra Factor.

Posted by Sandra on December 3 2012

I added to the gallery a new pic that Tom posted on his instagram of him and the rest of the boys on the Xtra Factor tonight. Also I did a gallery update and I added over 100 pics of McFly from different events during 2004-2005, and a few from 2011.

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mcfly xtra factor

Posted by Sandra on December 2 2012

The Southampton University’s Entertainment Magazine, The Edge posted a review of Memory Lane on their website that you can read below.

McFly have been at large in the pop scene for almost 10 years now and so it’s sure enough time for a whopping double disk greatest hits record. If, like me, you’ve been a fan of McFly ever since you can remember, you would have already heard each and every song on this compilation. The moment that made me fall for the four lads was when I saw them supporting their friends Busted back in 2004, a young, fresh boy band that have now developed to a worldwide status every boy band strives for. This is in fact not a review of how they have progressed or how good the new material is, it is a review of their longevity and their credibility as a band in order to warrant this colossal greatest hits record.

Disc One begins with a look towards the future of McFly with their latest single ‘Love Is Easy’. It’s simple and catchy and demonstrates McFly at their best. It is a progression yet it remains true to where they started. Simple pop music. The music video (see below) shows everything that McFly have been through over the past 10 years, the reality TV, the albums, it is a fun journey throughout these times. The first disc then goes on to highlight the best of their fifth studio album Above The Noise in the form of singles ‘Shine A Light’ and ‘Party Girl’. This album’s style was aided by co-writing with Taio Cruz. Memory Lane then goes back to Radio:Active; ‘Lies’ and ‘One For The Radio’ show how this fourth studio album brought out a darker side to McFly. Pop music with an extra bite and a dark undertone. They include ‘Transylvania’ on the album, one of my all time favourite McFly tracks, one in which Dougie gets the rare chance at vocals taking the spotlight away from Tom and Danny.
…keep reading.

Posted by Sandra on December 2 2012

The boys say the lead single was like a ‘bad Lady GaGa song’ and wish they’d released ‘IF U C Kate’

McFly are their own worst critics and they’ve revealed that ‘Above the Noise’, their fifth studio album, is their least favourite. And they’ve got harsh words for the album’s lead single, ‘Party Girl.’

Stricly Come Dancing champion Harry Judd had the harshest words for the album, which stopped cold at number 20 in the UK album chart.

“If it was up to us, we would have released ‘IF UC Kate’ as the first single. None of us wanted to release ‘Party Girl’. It didn’t even cross our minds that it would have been a single,” he admitted. “It was like a bad version of a Lady GaGa song. Looking back, it really wasn’t us.”

The single was criticised as being too much like Lady GaGa during its original release, with some critics questioning such a surreal change of direction for the band. Despite the weird lead single, ‘Above the Noise’ did earn the band some strong reviews. ‘Shine a Light,’ ‘End of the World,’ and ‘iF UC Kate’ were singled out as the best.

Tom Fletcher told the entertainment website that the band wanted to do something different: “We thought we’d try something really drastic and try a completely different producer from a different genre of music.

“Universal heard a couple of demos and said they were interested in re-signing us. They set us up with Dallas Austin and we recorded the whole album with him. It was a great experience and it was fun to shake things up a bit.”

He laughed about the experience, but admitted that he sees the record in a more positive light now.

“When I play it back, I like it more than I remember.”

McFly’s greatest hits album ‘Memory Lane’ is available now.


Posted by Sandra on December 2 2012

Tom posted on his instagram a new pic of Dougie in a Dinosaur costume.

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Posted by Sandra on December 1 2012

Another year, another rousing pop festival from the North East radio giants, as the Newcastle Metro Arena played host to some of the biggest names in the industry for the annual Metro Radio Live gig.

As with last year’s event, the bill mixed performances from extremely high profile stars – like Olly Murs, Labrinth and McFly, with currently trending acts like Little Mix and DJ Fresh and relative new-comers like Angel, Connor Maynard, Amelia Lily and Misha B. It was a crowd friendly set-up, rounded out by the likes of Leona Lewis, Lawson, Scouting For Girls and Stooshe, and the mix of talent was undoubtedly why the gig sold out.

Each was given between ten and fifteen minutes, with a fairly heavy emphasis on the show-casing of new songs, as well as some classics mixed in for good measure, and the occasionally deafening response from the crowd, which began just after Metro Radio’s Steve and Karen introduced Lawson and endured until the last wiggle of Olly Murs’ perpetually grooving backside.

As with all gigs – and probably more so here given the amount of talent on show – the single biggest issue is that of flow: just as band’s agonise over which songs fit where in a set-list, it was important for Metro to get the flow right between each act. And for the most part it worked well – Lawson were a strong choice to open, Labrinth took us into the interval perfectly and Little Mix and Olly Murs would have been most people’s choice to head the bill.

The only issue was with where McFly played – immediately after the interval – and it was only thanks to an energetic and excellent short set from the boys that really made it a noticeable thing. For three super-extended songs (Five Colours in Her Hair, Love Is Easy and Shine A Light,) they owned the stage and the audience, showing exactly why their reputation as a live act is so good. And it was a genuine shame when they had to leave, taking their between-songs banter and their enormous charisma with them – and though they might not have the current profile of Murs, I couldn’t help but think it might have been more fitting to have them right at the top of the bill.

Anyway, it was only a slight issue, and it didn’t do much to interrupt the flow of the second half of the show, even if a comparatively slow Misha B set and a subsequent stripped down Leona Lewis changed the dynamic between appearances by DJ Fresh, Little Mix and the always game Olly Murs.

Highlights almost certainly included McFly’s tub-thumping set – the perfect way to celebrate Dougie’s birthday – Amelia Lily’s outstanding vocal performance and the polished, diverse performance of Labrinth, though there were very few bumps in the road. Those that did occur – like slightly ropey starts for both Stooshe and Little Mix – can easily be chalked down to the occasion and were only noticable in the context of how good everything else was.

All-in-all it was a colourful and supremely entertaining showcase of pop music, formatted brilliantly and with impressive production including artist introductions and a short surprise cameo by Ant and Dec. And if final praise were needed, it was the kind of event that immediately made you want to go out and buy the albums of the talents on show – just as last year inspired purchases of Rizzle Kicks, Loick Essien and Emeli Sande.

The North East does gigs like this well, which makes it an even greater shame that so many top bill acts now ignore Newcastle in favour of playing Manchester and Glasgow, and we can only hope that next year’s event pulls in as much talent and as good a crowd as last night did.



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