Posted by Sandra on April 4 2013

You can also see pics of McFly at the gallery opening in our gallery HERE

He may only be 19-years-old but Harry Styles has already got an eye for art.

And not wanting to miss out on an opportunity to pick up a few pieces for his already well-adorned bachelor pad the One Direction singer headed down to the Loughran Gallery Pop-Up party on Wednesday.

However while Harry might have enjoyed perusing the art, fellow gallery goers may have been a little distracted – as the youngster wasted no time in creating the ultimate boyband line-up alongside members of McFly and Matt Willis.

It seems the pop-up’s collection, which was held at The Gallery in London in trendy East London, was quite a draw for boybands old and new.

Harry posed up alongside McFly members Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter and Danny Jones.

The boyband extravaganza didn’t stop there though as they were also joined by Busted member Matt Willis.

While Harry was the youngest by far, he certainly was the best dressed as he looked very dapper in a blue shirt, overcoat and his trademark black skinny jeans.

The McFly members looked their usual casual selves, with Dougie appearing rather bohemian in a vintage-looking shirt and a sheep skin lined jacket.
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Posted by Sandra on April 4 2013

I added to the gallery some pics of Dougie, Danny and Tom at the Loughran Gallery Pop-Up – Opening Party, they where there to support Lara at the inaugural day of her exposition. Matt Willis and Harry Styles from One Direction were there with the boys too. BTW Tom is wearing Saint Kidd..looking good on him:)

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Posted by Sandra on March 12 2013

I added to the gallery a new pic of Dougie with Matt Willis that Matt posted on his twitter account.


@mattjwillis Me and Abraham Lincoln! @dougiemcfly

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McFly have been writing songs with former Busted singer Matt Willis.

The ‘All About You’ hitmakers – who are made up of Tom Fletcher, Harry Judd, Dougie Poynter and Danny Jones – have teamed up with the former Busted singer to pen new tracks, and they often hang out with the 29-year-old star and his wife, TV presenter Emma Willis, in their spare time.

Tom said: ‘We’ve been writing songs with Matt recently. His wife Emma hangs out with my wife Giovanna. They’re really good mates.’

It’s not the first time the group have teamed up with members of Busted as the boy band recalled hanging out with the group’s singer James Bourne during a visit to America once when the former Son of Dork star failed to be get recognised when he performed one of Busted’s own songs at karaoke.

Harry added to Now magazine: ‘We don’t really do karaoke. But once we were in a bar in the States with James Bourne from Busted and did their song ‘Year 3000’. It was amazing because no one knew who he was. People were like, ‘That’s such a cool Jonas Brothers song, man!’ ‘


Posted by Sandra on February 6 2013

Yesterday a little McFly- Busted reunion happened as Dougie, Tom and Danny did a writing session with Matt Willis!! They have been writing with James and Matt lately, can’t wait to hear some of the songs they wrote together!

Posted by Sandra on December 9 2012

Dougie appeared on a special episode of I’m a Celebrity Hall of Fame where campmates from different years talked about the winners, he talked about Matt Willis and his own experience on the show.

Posted by Sandra on February 8 2012

Dougie Poynter and Mark Wright may have been best buddies in the jungle, but it’s actually another I’m A Celebrity star who is closer to the McFly fittie’s heart.

Former Busted babe Matt Willis and winner of I’m A Celebrity 2006 revealed to omg! in our exclusive interview that he and Dougie are close mates, so naturally talk turned to the singer.

“Dougie is a really close friend of mine and I was really chuffed for him to win I’m A Celebrity because he’s the kind of guy that doesn’t need to win,” Matt told us.
“When he was thinking about going on the show I told him ‘you’re not a d**k Dougie so you’re not going to come across like a d**k, you’re a decent guy you and you’ll come across like the decent guy you are!'”

And the male appreciation is mutual it seems as Dougie supported Matt on his first night starring in hit must-see musical WICKED.
The McFly singer took pride of place with his girlfriend Lara Carew-Jones in the audience and omg! (who were also there) found the loudest applause came from Mr Poynter.
But celebrity appearances aren’t what makes Dougie tick as Matt revealed he doesn’t need to be papped to be appreciated.

“Dougie doesn’t need to live the celebrity life but I think a lot of other people embrace going to parties and appearing in magazines, when they come out of reality TV shows.
“He is a really well grounded guy, he’s in a band, he’s very happy in that band and they now have a sold out tour. So Dougie got what he wanted from I’m A Celebrity.”
And by the looks of things Matt got what he wanted: a starring role in Wicked, gorgeous wife in the form of Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On The Side presenter Emma Willis, and two beautiful boys.

Although we’re not too sure about the advice he wants to pass on to his children…
“I really wish I’d been pushed more to practice guitar when I was a kid because I ended up being in a band and not a very good bass player.
“From my experience I’m probably going to say to my kids, ‘No, you should practice, believe me when you’re getting laid left right and centre when you’re 18 you will thank me a lot little boy!”
Okay then!


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I added to the gallery some HQ pics of Dougie last night at the Wicked Musical, they’re practically untagged as the only tag they have isn’t at the pic itself:)

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Posted by Sandra on January 27 2012

I added to the gallery some more pics from Dougie with Danny, Tom and Lara last night at the Wicked Musical.

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Posted by Sandra on January 27 2012

I added to the gallery two new pics of Dougie, Danny and Tom with their friend and former member of Busted Matt Willis from tonight at the Wicked Musical. Matt acts in the musical and the guys went to see him tonight.

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