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Dougie appeared on a special episode of I’m a Celebrity Hall of Fame where campmates from different years talked about the winners, he talked about Matt Willis and his own experience on the show.

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Dougie appeared on Take Me Out the Gossip today to support his friend Ben, you can see the video below.

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Dougie Poynter and Mark Wright may have been best buddies in the jungle, but it’s actually another I’m A Celebrity star who is closer to the McFly fittie’s heart.

Former Busted babe Matt Willis and winner of I’m A Celebrity 2006 revealed to omg! in our exclusive interview that he and Dougie are close mates, so naturally talk turned to the singer.

“Dougie is a really close friend of mine and I was really chuffed for him to win I’m A Celebrity because he’s the kind of guy that doesn’t need to win,” Matt told us.
“When he was thinking about going on the show I told him ‘you’re not a d**k Dougie so you’re not going to come across like a d**k, you’re a decent guy you and you’ll come across like the decent guy you are!'”

And the male appreciation is mutual it seems as Dougie supported Matt on his first night starring in hit must-see musical WICKED.
The McFly singer took pride of place with his girlfriend Lara Carew-Jones in the audience and omg! (who were also there) found the loudest applause came from Mr Poynter.
But celebrity appearances aren’t what makes Dougie tick as Matt revealed he doesn’t need to be papped to be appreciated.

“Dougie doesn’t need to live the celebrity life but I think a lot of other people embrace going to parties and appearing in magazines, when they come out of reality TV shows.
“He is a really well grounded guy, he’s in a band, he’s very happy in that band and they now have a sold out tour. So Dougie got what he wanted from I’m A Celebrity.”
And by the looks of things Matt got what he wanted: a starring role in Wicked, gorgeous wife in the form of Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On The Side presenter Emma Willis, and two beautiful boys.

Although we’re not too sure about the advice he wants to pass on to his children…
“I really wish I’d been pushed more to practice guitar when I was a kid because I ended up being in a band and not a very good bass player.
“From my experience I’m probably going to say to my kids, ‘No, you should practice, believe me when you’re getting laid left right and centre when you’re 18 you will thank me a lot little boy!”
Okay then!


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I added to the gallery some HQ pics of Dougie and Lara at the National Television Awards.

[x25]Events And Appearances > 2012 > National Television Awards Red Carpet, London – January 25

[x2]Events And Appearances > 2012 > National Television Awards Press Room, London – January 25

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As I said the other day when I posted another article who said practically the same as this one, right now I don’t see Dougie doing a TV show again..but who knows.

I’m a Celebrity stars Dougie Poynter and Mark Wright are reportedly hoping to land their own TV show.

The former TOWIE castmember has been pitching to producers “a high-energy, fun-packed entertainment” format featuring himself and the McFly bassist, the Daily Star reports.

“Mark and Doug are itching to land their own TV show, something they can front together as a duo,” a source said. “Mark has loads of ideas and is really serious about trying to get producers to consider them.

“They’re both really active and sporty so a high-energy, fun-packed entertainment show would be ideal. They have a huge fan base, individually and together. Most girls fancy them but they also appeal to men as they’ve got the blokey banter.”

The insider claimed that Poynter and Wright, who finished winner and runner-up respectively of last year’s I’m a Celeb, are hoping to channel the reality show’s hosts for their new project.

“Mark has admitted Ant & Dec are a huge inspiration,” they said.

In recent times, Wright has also been tipped to release a dating book and star in a British crime film alongside Kelly Brook and Danny Dyer.


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It doesn’t surprise me from Mark but I don’t think Dougie is thinking on being a TV presenter right now..

ESSEX romeo Mark Wright and McFly stud Dougie Poynter fancy themselves as the new Ant and Dec.

The tangoed TOWIE hunk, 25, and his new best pal and jungle buddy Dougie Poynter, 24, are hoping to land their own TV show as a comedy double act.

The lads’ bromance has reached dizzying heights following their life-changing stint sleeping side by side in Australia for I’m A Celeb.

A well-placed TV know-it-all told us: “Mark and Doug are itching to land their own TV show, something they can front together as a duo.

“Mark has loads of ideas and is really serious about trying to get producers to consider them.

“They’re both really active and sporty so a high-energy, fun-packed entertainment show would be ideal.

“They have a huge fan base, individually and together. Most girls fancy them but they also appeal to men as they’ve got the blokey banter.

“Mark has admitted Ant and Dec are a huge inspiration.”

When he’s not spending his time humping the female population of Essex, Mark is telling anyone who’ll listen he wants to be a TV presenter.

Mr Loverboy is currently co-presenting Take Me Out spin-off show The Gossip on ITV2. He’s also a health expert on ITV’s Daybreak.


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The Saturday’s Frankie Sandford looked at ease as she reunited with her ex-boyfriend Dougie Poynter for a Sport Relief photoshoot just days after her current squeeze Wayne Bridge treated her to a £135,000 Aston Martin.

Wearing his statement headband, 24-year-old Dougie looked as though he was planning on smarting up his laid-back look when he arrived at the picture studios in London carrying a suit bag.
The McFly bassist was closely followed by Frankie, 23.

But fear not because the pair were only hooking up for a charity photo shoot and were joined by their fellow bandmates.
However, things could have got a little awkward on set after McFly’s Danny Jones publicly blasted Frankie following her grisly split with Dougie last year.
He told new! magazine at the time: ‘I personally couldn’t give a s*** what she does. She can do what she likes.’
The groups were meeting for a shoot in aid of Sport Relief. And none were more excited that pregnant Una Healy who tweeted earlier in the day: ‘Shoot for Sports Relief today with all my @TheSaturdays girls! :).’
Meanwhile, Dougie and his jungle best friend Mark Wright were reunited at the National Television Awards where I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! scooped best reality TV show.
When asked whether this year’s series was the best yet, co-host Dec managed to insult the I’m A Celebrity cast.

He said: ‘Every year, everyone says the celebrities are crap and too old and no one knows them and they’re not Victoria Beckham.’
He then glanced nervously at Mark Wright and Dougie Poynter and continued: ‘Er, present company excluded. No, but what I meant was they then start watching the show and everyone falls in love with the characters and it turns into an award winning show.’


You can see Dougie’s speech at the NTA’s HERE and an interview of him and Mark Wright with Caroline Flack HERE

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here’s an interview Caroline Flack did last night to Dougie and Mark during the NTA’s.

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Popstar and jungle king Dougie Poynter loved his time on I’m A Celeb and got especially close with a certain someone. Speaking about his close relationship with Mark Wright, the McFly star told The Sun’s TV Buzz:

“Everyone was really lovely, and of course everyone was joking about my ‘bromance’ with Mark Wright, weirdly we didn’t talk about girls much there – if you’re hungry your libido falls out your pants.”

But even though he was tight-lipped about girls, Dougie did talk about his rehab experience:

“I didn’t mean to talk about it but I’m glad I did, it got rid of a lot of inner demons: I’m not ashamed of it,” he explained.

Dougie admitted the hardest thing about the show was being away from his girlfriend Lara Carew-Jones.

“We met about six months ago when I commissioned her to do a painting for me, we were meant to meet for an hour and eight hours later we were still chatting,” he added.

Dougie also revealed the truth behind the marriage rumours saying:

“There’s a rumour we’re getting married and I’m not sure where that came from. Of course I’d like to get married in the future. Will I marry Lara? Definitely. I’d quite like a Star Wars-themed wedding.”

Not only was Dougie the king of the jungle, his McFly bandmate Harry Judd was named king of Strictly Come Dancing. Dougie teased, “Harry and I were joking about both doing reality shows and I pointed out that I had to eat a penis, whereas all he had to do is dance around in sequins.” Both are hoping to win awards at the National Television awards, and they will certainly celebrate in style if they win: “Every time McFly win something we strip naked and post a picture, so maybe I’ll mix it up and Tweet a picture of me fully clothed.”



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