Posted by Sandra on March 3 2013

They’re a bit like crap doodles. Remind you of anyone…?

The main thing we have learnt from Tom Fletcher posting pictures of the new McFly tattoos, is that we do not fancy their feet in the slightest. So that’s useful to know.

The other things we’ve learnt, are that their taste in tattoos are about as good as One Direction’s random doodle efforts, but we still most definitely are absolutely 100% in love with them.

The boys headed to Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago to separate themselves from the stresses of daily life, so that they could sit down and write some seriously kick ass songs, both for their own future album, and for other people. *cough*1D*cough*
Tom posted a pic of himself getting his foot all inked up to carry on the McFly tradition of getting a foot tattoo every time they hit LA. He later revealed that his new tattoo was a smiley face with sunglasses on, and that Danny and Dougie had both got matching ones too.

He also tweeted that they’d named them Harry, seeing as he’s too busy training for mega marathons to hit sunny USA.

The faces are now part of the LA tattoo collection, which already includes the Foot tattoos (big, good ef, athelete’s and bare – geddit?) and the YMCA tatts. These boys really are the epitome of cool.

Do you like the new additions to the McFoots?


Posted by Micky on September 8 2012

GD who went to see our beloved boys were rewarded their wait with a new song called Love is easy.

Tom is playing his little and cute ukelele. It is so sweet and perfect.

Posted by Micky on September 5 2012

Tom posted a new picture of himself, Dougie and Harry with a dude who looked like Jesus Christ, which is the a person who acts like him @Isawjesusinla.

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Posted by Sandra on July 19 2012

yesterday I also posted something related to this Perez Hilton’s giveaway but now he already posted it on his site so here it is again:

Today’s the day, McFlyfers! (McFly for lifers!)

If you’ve been wishing, hoping, PRAYING for those sexy British pop-rocks to make it over stateside, then you’re in luck!

McFly will be bringing their cheeky, musical bums to the United States for TWO very special concerts: one at the El Lay’s famed Roxy on September 10th, the other on September 13th at NYC’s Gramercy Theater!

BUT HERE’S THE MOST AWESOME SAUCE PART! We’re giving away tickets!! FO FREE!!!

CLICK HERE!!! to enter in the McFly USA ticket giveaway!

And then hold your breath, count to three, and (hopefully) come with us to a world of pure McFly-ination!


Posted by Sandra on July 13 2012

Outside of the initial wading into American waters on the movie “Just My Luck,” American McFly fans have waited years for the British pop-rock foursome to make a formal splash here. The wait is over.

McFly, according to sources will be finally making their formal stateside splash in September with two shows, one in Los Angeles and one in New York City. The quartet will come to The Roxy in LA on September 10 and the Gramercy Theater in NYC on September 13. Both shows will be all-ages and tickets are at $20 apiece. Tickets go on sale July 20th – buy links & more info will be released next week on

So US McFly fans, excited about the news? Tell us which show you plan on attending!


Posted by Sandra on July 13 2012

The band McFly are no strangers to the spotlight, and it’s about to get a little bit brighter this fall when the Euro sensations make their way to American shores.

For those who are new to the band McFly, they’ve been on the music scene since 2004. They’ve had over a dozen charting singles released across their five studio albums. And they both wrote an original song for, and starred in the 2006 movie ‘Just My Luck’ starring Lindsay Lohan.

With the rising success ready to burst, McFly is excited to take their music worldwide. This September, the English pop-rock group will be bouncing to both US coasts, hitting The Roxy in Los Angeles on September 10, and Gramercy Theater in New York on September 13. Tickets to each show will be $20, and the concerts have been age approved for all McFly fans. To purchase them, click on over to before they run out!

We’re obvi huge fans of UK bands (One Direction anyone?), and we’ve been rocking McFly on our song lists for a while. You’ll definitely want to check them out if you haven’t yet. And make sure you pick up your tickets when they go on sale July 20!



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