Posted by Sandra on December 10 2011
  1. We all knew that Dougie was going to win.

    You can call me cynical, but I also think Mark might not have got second place if the ‘Bromance’ between him and the McFly bass player hadn’t of blossomed.

    And their first ‘date?’ The final trial, which was possibly one of the worst ever in I’m a Celeb history: A ‘Banquet’ of cockroach cocktails, fish-eye ‘oysters’, and other grim grub. Nevertheless, the boys soldiered on through it. Mark even called ‘Cricket Cruditaire’ Crispy Duck as Ant and Deck peered on with their hands over their faces nearly gagging at the sight.

    Mark and Dougie had survived three weeks, endless public votes, and a visit from Peter Andre. Putting up with all the bickering between campmates, no food, and sleeping with rats had finally brought Dougie and Mark to the Jungle studio, the empty throne anticipating the new King of the Jungle. Once the nostalgic montages had played out, the pair was asked, ‘Would they go through it all again?’ Their answer? Of course they would!

    Dougie was speechless when he was crowned the winner, and posed for the cameras at the end of the bridge whilst bandmate Tom Fletcher ran towards him.

    It seems Dougie and Mark’s friendship has overshadowed the competition. Who would have thought pop star and the Essex Boy would get on so well? But, more importantly, how long will this friendship last once the last (insect free) cocktail at the afterparty in their five star Australian hotel has been drunk, and the ‘exclusive’ has been published? We’ll have to wait, or at least until we forget about it.


Posted by Sandra on December 5 2011
  1. MCFLY bassist Dougie Poynter has been crowned king of the jungle, beating newfound friend and fellow Essex boy Mark Wright in the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! final.

    The 24-year-old, born and brought up in Corringham, beat the odds as well as The Only Way Is Essex star to win the ITV1 show.

    But after 22 days together in the jungle, the pair left as firm friends.

    Mark, also 24, said: “There couldn’t be a better winner than this man here.

    “He deserves it so much, he is the nicest guy in the whole world.”

    Before Saturday’s final vote, bookmakers William Hill had installed Mark as the 2/5 odds-on favourite to win, with Dougie the 15/8 outsider.

    But the talented musician, whose hits include Five Colours in Her Hair, Obviously and It’s All About You, was propelled to victory on a wave of public support.

    He said: “I’m lost for words, my mouth is so dry.

    “These have been the best couple of weeks of my life, I wish everybody in the world could experience that.”

    The pair’s last day in the jungle together seemed to seal their “bro-mance” – they took part in their final Bushtucker trial, dubbed The Final Party, to play for their last supper of the show.

    They succeeded in winning a slap-up meal for themselves after managing to stomach delicacies such as fish eyes, ostrich anuses, and bush pig penises – despite both admitting they later vomited.

    After devouring garlic pizza bread, lasagne, pizza and pasta, followed by a tower of chocolate brownies with vanilla ice-cream and a large sticky toffee pudding, the new friends settled down for their final night in the camp.

    Mark said: “I couldn’t wish to share the night with anyone else, Dougie is a special person.”

    Dougie will return to his home county next year to perform with McFly at the Cliffs Pavilion in Westcliff.

    Tickets for the concert, on April 4, are already on sale.


Posted by Sandra on December 4 2011

I added to the gallery some screen caps/pics of our just crowned new King od the Jungle Dougie. Enjoy them!!

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Posted by Sandra on December 4 2011
  1. Dougie Poynter was thrilled to make it to the final in the celebrity jungle and was over the moon to be crowned the winner after competing against his BFF Mark Wright.

    The McFly star admitted that he thought he had made a massive mistake in joining the show, but it has turned out to be one of the best things he has ever done.

    Speaking about his celeb journey, the McFly star admitted : “I was super nervous and I thought, what am I doing? I have nothing in common with these people.”

    “I didn’t expect to get on with many of the others but I’ve met people that I’ll be friends with for a long time.”
    Dougie was quiet in the beginning but soon came out of his shell and quickly became BFFs with Mark Wright, and the pair have even arranged a Christmas shopping trip together. Dougie said:

    “I thought I wouldn’t get on with Mark but it’s awesome hanging out with him.
    “The experience has been amazing, wicked, everything about the jungle is amazing. Anyone who gets the chance should do it, it’s the coolest thing ever.

    The cute singer became one of the camp traitors during his time in the jungle alongside Corrie star Antony Cotton, and the pair caused chaos in the camp when they were asked to steal their fellow celebs’ belongings, leading to a night in the jungle jail for camp prince and princess, Willie and Crissy. Speaking about the incident Dougie said:

    “I’ve learned to man up in the jungle but the worst moment was the morning after the night of treason.”

    Leaving the jungle amidst a blaze of fireworks, the singer was met with his McFly bandmate Tom and was delighted to have won the show, saying:
    “It would have been a lot harder without Mark but I’ve had the most amazing time and would do it all over again if I could.”


Posted by Sandra on December 4 2011
  1. Dougie Poynter was delighted to be crowned the King of the Jungle and couldn’t believe that he had made it to the final and won the competition.

    Having endured three weeks in the jungle, the McFly singer was over the moon to have spent his final day with his BFF Mark Wright, and he felt like both of them were winners and said:

    “It was like a total joint effort, we both got to the final so this part doesn’t matter really.
    “I’m completely over the moon, it’s unreal. I’m shaking. I thought the whole thing sounded so awesome like sleeping under the stars and with all these animals, but it was wicked, it was so much fun. “

    The pop star had been worried that he would be lonely in the jungle, but he grew close to Mark, with the pair of them enjoying a sweet bromance, and doing the Bushtucker Trials really kept him going. Dougie explained:

    “I was worried that I wouldn’t have anyone to talk to when I was feeling low but Mark was feeling exactly the same.
    “The trials were amazing. My favourite one was Rat Run. It was absolutely boiling hot and the big clock face one was really sweet. The penis that I had to eat last night tasted awful though.”

    Dougie had been one of the camp traitors alongside Corrie’s Antony Cotton, and he felt really guilty when the pair’s antics cost Prince Willie and Princess Crissy a night in the jungle cells. Dougie said:

    “I felt so awful, I felt like a criminal. Once they all realised it was for something and we were told to do it for the good of the camp it got back to normal.”

    Having gone through an incredible journey, Dougie will never forget his experience and is looking forward to getting back to reality and catching up with his new friends at the wrap party later tonight.


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  1. Congratulations Dougie Poynter – you are the King Of The Jungle!!!

    If there was ever a series of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here where we wished two people could win, it is this series!

    Tonight’s final proved to be one of the funniest episodes of the series. Mark Wright and Dougie were of course the only two left in camp, but there was a still a bushtucker trail to be done… a bushtucker banquet. We’re not quite sure why poor Dougie had to eat both the bum and willy, but both boys munched their way through some truly rank delicacies. The best lines of the series now officially belong to the Dougster… “Penis tastes so bad!” and “The penis! I put a penis my mouth….!”

    After successfully stomaching a foul four-course dinner, the boys were treated to an actual banquet/carb overload/burp-fest. We nearly died of cuteness when the snuggled up for a post meal relax.

    We’re happy for Mark – despite being the bookies favourite, he didn’t win, but he got to actually be himself and show the public who he really is… which just happens to be an absolute sweetie.

    Meanwhile, Dougie looked like he couldn’t quite believe that he’d won the show! We’re super chuffed for him, and we’ll admit there was a lump in our throat with bandmate Tom gave him a huge hug. Dougie is very much a deserving winner!

    YOUR verdict on Dougie’s win…

    Seja75 @heatworld imagine if Harry wins Strictly, McFly will literally own the world. At least I think that’s what happens

    sarahlooby_lou @heatworld OMG. That Dougie montage was *ridiculously* hot! Hubba!! #imaceleb

    SarahLouise_042 @heatworld Dougie deserves the crown because as tom said.. He’s had the toughest but most triumphant year.. Mark got dumped.

    Weezie1611 @heatworld #imacelebrity Dougie deserves to win because he is a 10000% genuine bloke; what you see is what you get :) #DougieKingOfTheJungle


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Posted by Sandra on December 4 2011
  1. Throughout the series, Mark Wright has been the favourite to win I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!
    But it looks like the Bushtucker Trial may have be the turning point for eventual winner Dougie Poynter after a particularly disgusting Bushtucker Trial.
    The McFly bassist, 24, was left gagging after eating an ostrich anus and bush pig’s penis.

    For their final Bushtucker trial ‘The final Party’, they each had to eat a disgusting drink, starter, main course and dessert made of weird jungle concoctions, which would be worth a tastier alternative back at camp later on.
    Mark started off the trial by drinking blended cockroaches, which left him retching.
    Dougie didn’t even wait to hear from Ant and Dec about what he was drinking and quickly downed a ‘bloody scary’ of blended emu liver.
    He said: ‘It wasn’t that bad it tasted like blood and liver yeah.’

    For the start, Mark struggled to eat a ‘beachworm bruschetta’, which featured two alive beachworms.
    He struggled to eat them because they were so chewy and wriggling in his mouth.
    After finally swallowing them, he lamented: ‘That was worse than the drink.’
    Dougie nearly threw up after eating his starter of ‘sushi degrotto’ – made of a witchetty grub.

    Mark decided to change his approach and imagine his main course of cricket crudité’ – a king cricket served with vomit fruit dipping sauce – was Peking duck.
    After swallowing it, he declared: ‘That was horrific it tasted like… sick.’
    Dougie struggled to eat his main course Dim Bum – an ostrich’s anus – and had Mark providing support by saying: ‘It’s just a bit of meat, eat it like it is a bit of meat sitting here like we are having a Chinese meal.’

    Finally, Mark’s dessert was fish-eyed oysters, which he had to chew a lot on the optic nerve.
    But poor Dougie ended up with one of the foulest dishes – a bush pig penis chopped into sections.
    As he chewed on one of the sections, Dougie cried: ‘Penis tastes so bad!’

    Although they had successfully won a slap-up meal back at camp that night, it was not without a price.
    After leaving the Trial, both Dougie and Mark were sick on the bridge and again vomited back at camp.
    Still gagging from the memory, Dougie complained: ‘The knob…the penis by far the worst.’

    As they decided what food they wanted for their last supper, Dougie was clearly still traumatised by the trial: ‘This is the worst place to think about it…I can still taste bum, this is really hard to do when you can taste bum.’
    However, they eventually plumped for garlic pizza bread, lasagne, pizza, spaghetti Bolognese, chocolate brownies and sticky toffee puddings.
    chowing down on the food after weeks of living on rations, Dougie exclaimed: ‘his is way better than sex.’

    A gluttonous Mark agreed: ‘Sex doesn’t even come close.’
    Despite enjoying the food, Mark and Dougie admitted they felt sick after eating so much.
    Mark admitted: ‘I’ve never eaten this much before.’


Posted by Sandra on December 4 2011
  1. The time is here. After 20 days in the jungle the I’m A Celebrity finale is taking place with Mark & Dougie battling it out for the crown. We’ve seen cockroaches up the nose, scantily clad celebrities and the usual disgusting trials, but it’s now coming to a close, and I can’t believe how quickly it has all gone by!

    So, we expect fighting, competitive attitudes and sly looks between the lads, right? Hell no! The bromance is stronger than ever, and in my eyes, it’s the sweetest bromance that has ever been shown on television. I now pronounce them, Markgie.

    Of course, the lads won’t be left to enjoy their last day without taking part in another bush tucker trial! Markgie head off into the jungle to take place in the world famous eating task.

    Blended cockroaches and emu liver are first on the menu, which both guys down within seconds which ensures them a drink of their choice for their final night in the jungle.

    Mark’s second dish is beach-worm bruschetta, which he must chew down whilst they’re still alive. Dougie provides Mark a great help by laughing in his face whilst he gags away! Dougie has to eat the body of a ‘sushiti’ grub, which he almost throws back up! Once again, both get through it which means they’ll get a starter.

    A king cricket served with vomit fruit dipping sauce is on offer for Mark, and he takes it down for his main meal. Dougie gets the worse dish this round, as an ostrich anus is presented to him. He seems to enjoy the butt, and swallows it rapidly!

    Fish eye oyster is the final delicacy Mark has to eat, and he powers through it, ensuring he’ll get a three course meal tonight! Dougie once again gets the worst hand, chewing down a deer penis for his final addition to his own three course meal.

    Both lads performed amazingly throughout the trial, and take all eight stars home! A few throw-ups on the way home and the boys are told they will be able to choose anything they want to eat! Surprisingly, they opt for milkshakes rather than booze! They really are big kids. Sweet.

    Belches a plenty throughout the meal and a profession of love from Dougie to Mark made for excellent viewing. It actually seemed harder for the boys to eat all of the nice food than it was for them to chew down on the anuses, worms and other bush treats earlier on! Snuggling up together, the guys settled down for the night. N’aw.

    For some reason, Mark and Dougie come out of camp to hear who’s going to win. (I used to love when all the previous camp mates went back into camp for the big reveal). They are interviewed together, which is fitting I suppose because of how close they really are.

    One noticeable answer in his interview is that Mark told Ant and Dec that he’s happy that everyone got to see the real him, as the TOWIE Mark was extremely exaggerated… so there we have it. Proof that TOWIE isn’t -actually- a reality show. But, we all knew that anyway, didn’t we?

    Here comes the big reveal, and deep down, I want Mark to take it. He’s been brilliant consistently throughout the show, and a real surprising character. He’s a charmer with great looks, and seems to be a brilliant guy to have as a friend. He’s got me hooked and I will definitely be following his career from now on. Good on him for changing my perception of him, along with many other peoples.

    If Dougie were to win however, I wouldn’t be choked up. He’s a lovely guy, really down to earth and it’s nice to know he seems to be in a good place after the rough year he’s had. This is probably my favourite final two in I’m A Celeb history.

    My heart is literally pounding! This is tense stuff. Everybody from camp, minus Freddie Starr is in the studio for the king announcement, and the winner of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 2011 is… Dougie!

    Well done, Doug! He looks absolutely stunned and I’m a little worried he’s going to pass out! He takes his seat on the I’m A Celeb throne!

    Monday night at 9pm will see the coming out show air, where you can find out what all the celebrities did after leaving the jungle!

    That’s it, for another year! It’s been fabulous! Ant and Dec have been on top form and we’ve had the best line-up of celebrities yet. Thanks for sharing this experience with me, and I would like to say a massive thank you to UnrealityTV for letting me blog throughout this entire show! This hopefully won’t be the last you’ll hear from me here!


Posted by Sandra on December 4 2011
  1. Dougie Poynter may have triumphed over Mark Wright in the I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! final tonight, but the boys were equals when they were challenged to a gruesome final task.

    Facing their final Bushtucker trial ever together, buddies Mark and Dougie made their way to The Final Party, where they played for their last supper in the jungle.
    The pair were served eight dinner courses, each worth a starter, main, dessert or drink in their real last supper. They could pass on a dish, but they would lose whatever that course was worth.

    Having struggled against Freddie Starr during his first food-based Bushtucker trial, Mark was the first to have a go, starting with a ‘cocropoliton’ of blended cockroaches.
    Amazingly, the former TOWIE star managed to gulp the drink down, setting the benchmark for Dougie’s challenge: blended emu liver.
    The McFly heartthrob also managed to finish his gruesome beverage, concluding: ‘It wasn’t that bad. It tasted like blood and liver.’

    What followed was a series of unpalatable dishes involving ingredients like beachworms, raw witchety grubs and crickets dipped in vomit fruit sauce.
    The jungle pals supported each other throughout their ordeal, with Mark telling Dougie at one point: ‘It’s just a bit of meat. Eat it like it is a bit of meat, sitting here like we are having a Chinese meal’.
    Having successfully completed the task, the boys returned to camp, where Dougie promptly threw up, while Mark read through the menu for their last supper in the jungle.
    Tucking into their last meal together, the boys enjoyed garlic bread, lasagne, chocolate brownies and sticky toffee puddings as a reward for their hard work.
    The pair then cuddled up to each other before heading to bed, showing off the ‘bromance’ that had won over I’m A Celebrity viewers.


Posted by Sandra on December 4 2011
  1. McFly star Dougie Poynter has beaten former TOWIE hunk Mark Wright to take the I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! crown, after seeing off competition from the likes of Anthony Cotton, Fatima Whitbread and Willie Carson.

    After the exit of Anthony Cotton and Fatima Whitbread on Friday and the eviction of Willie Carson before them, McFly heartthrob Dougie and Essex boy Mark were left in the I’m A Celebrity camp by themselves to fight it out for the title of King of the Jungle.
    The pair, who have got on since the beginning, seemed neck-and-neck in the public’s affections, but ultimately, it was Dougie who stormed to victory in the vote.

    The musician was speechless after I’m A Celebrity hosts Ant and Dec told him he had won the series. He managed only to say: ‘I’m lost for words. My mouth is so dry. It’s been the best couple of weeks in my life.’
    And many watching at home will have been surprised too, since Mark had been the odds-on favourite to win since the start of the show three weeks ago.

    Mark, however, was magnanimous in defeat, telling Ant and Dec: ‘There couldn’t be a better winner than this man here. He deserves it so much. He’s the nicest, kindest man you could ever meet.’
    Before finding out who had won, Mark told the presenters: ‘I’ve won being here… I can’t be a loser today. It’s not a competition. It’s an experience of a lifetime and I’ve loved every minute.’
    Yesterday, the boys reflected on their time in the jungle, with Mark saying: ‘It makes me emotional thinking about it because it has been the most wonderful experience.

    ‘I’m proud and honoured every day that goes by I’ve won, every vote that’s been given me, I’ve won.’
    Dougie added: ‘I’ve met people that I’ll be friends with for a long time. I thought I wouldn’t get on with Mark but it’s awesome hanging out with him. ‘



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