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I added to the gallery some new Dougie pics from the Jolly Day Out.

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Dougie Poynter at Jolly Day OutDougie Poynter at Jolly Day OutDougie Poynter at Jolly Day OutDougie Poynter at Jolly Day Out


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I added to the gallery a new pic of Dougie and Harry with the winner of a meet and greet at the Jolly Day out Festival.

Dougie and Harry Jolly Day Out

Posted by Sandra on August 31 2011

Sunday was an incredibly jolly day for the Fleckers as we headed off for a fun filled day at Hampton Court’s Jolly Day Out Festival.

The dodgy weather was never going to stop us having a fantastic time at Jolly Day Out.

As our Twitter followers will already know, we milked a plastic cow – a sentence we never imagined ourselves writing! – approached a Llama with great caution, found a grumpy looking clown lurking in the circus tent, and we even ran round an assault course pushing a giant monkey head – not our finest hour we admit!

On top of all of that excitement we also managed to squeeze in a little backstage time with a few interesting coloured Moshi Monsters and of course, McFly!

As City Stereo rocked the main stage we took the time to have a little chat (and enjoy a spot of journal wrecking) with our favourite boys. Running a little late, but in tremendously high spirits, the boys beamed with excitement as they filled us in on the day’s announcement of a TWENTY SEVEN DATE TOUR next year!

While Harry Judd and Dougie Poynter embraced the chance to wreck our journal, we had a lovely chat with Tom Fletcher about all things wedding – his three best men, oh, and the date, which we almost squeezed out of him until he realised he couldn’t tell us even if he wanted to! At this point, Harry re-appeared, journal in hand, to tell us “It’s me, playing my drum.. That’s string… I don’t have four arms, NO! It’s NOT a ‘third’ arm!”

After chuckling at Dougie’s cautious looks in the direction of a lurking Moshi Monster and a quick chat with Danny Jones about football, naked ladies and our disapproval of his drawing, it was time for the boys to do what they do best and take to the stage.

The sun set in the sky and it was a truly glorious day with McFly at Hampton Court. The set was a much loved mix of old and new material. We had the pleasure of hearing stories of Pudd loving at Tom’s house and the return of D-DOG!

It’s a little sad to say that’s it for another year in our McFly diaries but as the boys have confirmed that they are only going away long enough to get their next album together and promised lots of tour dates in 2012, it seems Hampton Court was the perfect gig to see the year out with.

As we take time a little time off and reflect on our love of all things McFly, we can turn our attention to the upcoming City Stereo tour.


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I added to the gallery three new pics of Dougie from last sunday at the Jolly Day Out Festival.


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On Sunday evening, heatworld headed over to the Jolly Day Out Festival at Hampton Court to catch McFly’s final scheduled performance of the year – and have a natter with the boys backstage. Given their punishing work schedule over the past few months, the lads were literally exploding with energy – and Danny almost took out the big wheel with his T-shirt gun! When we ventured behind stage after the show, however, the poor dear was suffering from a serious case of rock-neck (hence the towel).

So, now that they have some free time, what are the boys planning to do next? Write their new album, that’s what. “We’re going away to do it,” Danny tells us. “And this time I think it’s just going to be us.” On their last album Above The Noise, McFly collaborated with Taio Cruz and wrote tracks with Dallas Austin, but this time it sounds as if they’re keeping things closer to home.

Dougie, who’s had a tough year dealing with his break-up from The Saturdays’ Frankie (can we just say again, Wayne Bridge over Dougie? Really?), is back to his cheeky self. And, ladies, we saw no evidence that he’s off the singles market quite yet! You can form an orderly queue behind us.

Tom, naturally, was full of talk about his upcoming wedding to Giovanna Falcone and let slip that he’ll be having not one but three Best Men. Bet you can’t guess who… We did talk to Harry, too, but we can’t remember anything he said because we were mesmerised by his arms. Dear. Lord.

McFly weren’t the only boys getting the girls screaming at the Jolly Day Out – support band City Stereo did a good job of raising the temperatures, too. We asked the band, who have supported McFly on tour in the past, what antics they all got up to while on the road. “We thought we’d be partying every night,” Ryan tells us. “But we were all too knackered. But there was this one night, when Dougie was in the shower…” And? AND? We never did hear how that story ended.

McFly’s next tour will begin in April 2012. For more info on City Stereo, go to

PS Sorry the photo is a little blurred. We think the camera got excited.


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If you thought McFly’s artistic talents were strictly musical then think again – they’re pretty nifty with a pen and paper.

McFly put in a headlining performance at Jolly Day out on Sunday 29th Aug, and, armed with our “Wreck This Journal”, we encouraged the boys to engage in a little backstage drawing.

What is a “Wreck This Journal?” we hear you ask – well we’ll tell you. Think of “Wreck This Journal” as the anarchist’s artist’s way – the book for those who’ve always wanted to draw outside the lines but were afraid to do it.

For anyone who’s ever wished to, but had trouble starting, keeping, or finishing a journal or sketchbook comes “Wreck This Journal”, an illustrated book featuring a subversive collection of suggestions, asking readers to muster up their best mistake – and mess-making abilities to fill the pages of the book (and destroy them).

One page requests you to hang your journal in a public place, and have others draw in it. Step up Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Harry Judd and Dougie Poynter.

We were overwhelmed by the effort put in by the McBoys, and we have to say – Danny, Dougie, what attention to detail (you dirty, dirty boys)!


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Party Girl


Shine a Light

…keep reading.

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Thanks to the lovely Maggie for letting me share with you her amazing pics of Mcfly at Jolly Day Out. I added the pics to the gallery.


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You can check three more pictures of Dougie at Jolly Day Out. Click the Images below to see a bigger version


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If U C Kate:

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