Posted by Sandra on November 20 2011

I added to the gallery some new pics of Dougie from the last visit McFly did to Japan this year. If i’m not wrong the pics are from Disneyland.

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Dougie Disney TokyoDougie DisneyDougie DIsney JapanPudd Disney Tokyo

Posted by Sandra on September 4 2011

I added to the gallery three pics of Dougie from the Japanese In Rock Magazine, we’ve already seen them but smaller.


Dougie Poynter in JapanDougie Poynter in JapanDougie Poynter in Japan


Posted by Micky on August 6 2011

McFLY gave an interview to a japanese radio station. Enjoy it!

Posted by Sandra on July 29 2011

Here are some videos of the guys performing in Tokyo.

Posted by Micky on July 25 2011

Danny posted a new picture of Dougie, along with the other members of the band while having something to eat.

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Posted by Sandra on July 25 2011

Harry just tweeted a pic of Dougie in a Taxi… looking HOT Doug.. and as you can see they’re ok after the earthquake.
Click on the pic to see it bigger.

@mcflyharry In the taxi with this naughty little rascal. He asked me if he looked liked J Lo on a beach…..

Posted by Sandra on July 24 2011

A 6.2 magnitude Earthquake happened in Japan, and as you all know the guys just arrived there to do some concerts. But it seems that they are all ok as Tom tweeted after the Earthquake and Dougie just did it a few minutes ago.

@dougiemcfly Was having a weird dream about inception when an earth quake woke me up….dont think i have ever been so confused


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