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The pop punk band clear up those 1D quip rumours! Plus, the boys discuss pre-wedding jitters, their fantasy reality TV show & their new greatest hits collection, Memory Lane…

GLAMOUR: So, you’re releasing another Greatest Hits album. Why a second one? Why now?

Harry: “Why not? Why the first one, should be the question!”

Tom: “It just felt like a good time to release one. We don’t really count the first one. It doesn’t really count. We didn’t want to release the first one…”

G: Really, how come?

Dougie: “Connnntracttt…”

Tom: “It was only after we were forced to release it really.”

Harry: “It was three albums, and we just thought, ‘Why are we doing this? We’ve got so much more to do.'”

Dougie: “Because then everyone thinks that that’s the end as well. When you’re only three albums into your career.”

Harry: “Understandably, but people think of it cynically. So it’s a shame. Because this one now feels like it’s a good time.”

G: So you weren’t going to wait for your big ten year anniversary, coming up to do one?

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McFly were at Sun FM this morning and you can listen to their interview on the Sun FM page HERE

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God is in the TV interviewed the boys as promotion for Unsaid Things. Seems Dougie wasn’t there but as most of the questions are related to the whole band I decided to post the interview.

GIITV’s own Joe Coyle caught up with Mcfly to talk about their new autobiography ‘Unsaid Things’ and life as a pop band. 

What was the inspiration behind writing a book now?

 Tom: We have always wanted to write a book. We have always said, over the years, when we would have one of ‘those moments’ that we would have to remember it for the book. It just feels like the right time now.  There has been a lot that has happened in the last few years of our career and the dust has settled on that and we are all in really good places in our lives. We are releasing a ‘Greatest Hits’/ ‘Best Of’ soon, so it just felt like the perfect time!
Does it feel surreal that what has happened in your career so far has actually happened to you?
Danny: As a band it just all seemed to fall into place. We are lucky to be here now.
Tom: It does feel like fate sometimes and that everything happens for a reason: something bad would happen, but then something good would come from it.  When we were going through the book and all the stories, we reminisced quite a lot and all talked about the same funny stories that happened.  You repeat all the ones that you remember really well! When putting the book together there were stories that we hadn’t really talked about or had forgotten about and it was interesting to reminisce altogether, as a band, and hear the different ways that we each remembered the same things.
Harry: It’s a series of events I guess. There are so many highlights and it’s only when you look back on those highlights that you realise how special they are.
How easy has it been to stay grounded as things have happened over the years?
Harry: We were very well managed in the early days. They kept this hierarchy between us and them and we really respected them.  If anything we were quite scared of them!  Because of that, they didn’t allow us to do too much and they protected us…
Tom: …which was frustrating at the time, but was definitely the right thing to do.
Harry: We did do our little ‘rock and roll’ bit behind the scenes – behind closed doors.  We had fun – lived our lives. We were never around people who would try and influence us.
Danny: There was always that thing that when we went on stage we would think we were awesome.  But, when we came off the stage, we would always take constructive criticism and try and make it better every time.
Tom: Our management never let anything go to our heads. They were very crucial in shaping who we are.
How do your song writing processes start as a band? Is it just Tom and Danny who start off the process and bring the rest of the band in?
Tom: Well, Dougie writes a lot too.  It’s different every time really.
Danny: In the early days we were in hotels quite a lot, so we would have acoustics and we would just jam.  James [Bourne – of Busted fame) was about.
Tom: When we first started writing it was more like that. Danny wasn’t into producing then, so we would just sit down with acoustics – or on the piano – and write in that very relaxed atmosphere…
Danny: …just imagining how stuff would sound (in your head)…
Tom: …and then we would go through things in pre-production and work through all the parts. As we got older, Danny got in to producing and it’s kinda different now. We sometimes write as we were recording. It’s different depending on which producers you are working with.  On the last album, we were recording a lot as we were writing it. The producer was from a very urban background, so a lot of the time we would start off with a beat and write to that – which was the backwards way round for us! We are normally melody first and then lyrics last.
Danny: The amazing thing about learning to song-write, for me personally, is that it opened my music knowledge. You study and appreciate music for how good it is rather than what it is. If something is a good song then you just like it. Now we all show each other music and if it’s good we appreciate it.
Tom: We listen to absolutely everything. There are no limits to what you like.
Harry: The songs that we have released aren’t the limits of our song-writing abilities. I think we would be capable of writing some completely different stuff, but when you go to writing your album you need to take that time to think: “Right, what do we want to do? What sound do we want to have? “

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The boys finally tackle the one question we’ve been dying to ask for years as we chat to them about their new autobiography.

Being rather large fans of McFly, we ‘d naturally read the whole of their autobiography, Unsaid Things: Our Story, one and a half times (once all the way through and then back over all the good bits with a highlighter – isn’t that how you always read books?) before our video interview with the boys.

Sure, we planned to ask them about sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, but first things first, one thing caught our eye in the book that we just needed to know more about. Ice cream. About half way through Unsaid Things, Tom had a little moan about journalists (who, US?!) and how we didn’t always ask proper music questions about the band. According to Tom, all we wanted to know about was their fave flavour of ice cream and it got on his nerves because McFly didn’t get into music to talk about mint choc chip.

Well, you know what Tom? This was is OUR interview and, now you mention it, we DO want to know if you like mint choc chip. And it turns out, they really do.

Once that was out of the way, we could focus on proper stuff – for you, Tom – with the boys hoping to prove just how much hard work it took to get McFly into the charts, with all of the chaps experiencing knock backs and heartache as they grew up.

But these days, Danny, Dougie, Harry and Tom can relax and be themselves, comfortable with their success and the way they’re viewed by the public. So much so that they’ve even gone into writing children’s books about dinosaurs. And poo. Yeah, find out about that above.

And being 3am Online, we were always going to quiz the boys on their celebrity knowledge, with McFly taking part in out poorly named Guess the Celebrity Behind the Autobiography game. Find out who won that above.

If you did a little chuckle at the video above, you’re going to love the boys’ new book – which is out now and cheeky, charming, funny as hell and genuinely honest. Not in a normal celebrity autobiography way, but in a ‘holy crap – did they just say that?’ way.

You can watch the video interview at the SOURCE

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MSN Entertainment were lucky enough to grab half an hour with the lovely McFly boys and give their fans a chance to ask them questions about anything, including their new book Unsaid Things, superpowers and One Direction. Check out the highlights from the webchat…

MSN Entertainment: If one member of One Direction could join McFly, who would you pick?
Tom: I think I’d pick Niall, he’d be the most entertaining. And he could make us famous in America.
Dougie: But we’d have to change his name to Nigel!

LucyBMX asked: Why change his name to Nigel?
Danny: We had nicknames for them all… Niall wanted one so I gave him Nigel. Zayn’s was Manny (he’s a Philippino boxer), Barry Styles… I can’t remember the others.

Allegra_GD asked: Which are your favourite McFly songs?
Tom: I like the new one a lot, it’s my favourite one we’ve done in a while.
Danny: If You See Kate, we all like that one.

RitaD_25 asked: what’s the best thing ever happened in a tour?
Tom: The guy who owns the Back to the Future Delorean came and visited us on tour.
Danny: I got an ingrown toe-nail! I actually did, I had to have it operated on. It was a tour-nail.

McflyMad asked: If you had any magical powers what would they be and why?
Harry: The power to make people’s clothes disappear!
Danny: I’d like to fly. I’d keep forgetting there’d be ceilings and roofs, I’d hit my head!

MSN Entertainment asked: Harry, are you watching Strictly this year, and if so who are you rooting for?
Harry: Yes, I am watching Strictly this year, I’m rooting for lots of people. I tell you why; last year I didn’t like it when I read that people said they were rooting for someone else!

Katie Emms asked: When is the next album being released?
Tom: The Best Of comes out in November and there’s a new song from that called Love Is Easy. Album number six at some point…

Ellieeee asked: who is the smelliest member?
Dougie: It depends which flavour… Danny is veggie, if you like spice in your life, Harry’s your man!

TooCloseForClar asked: Who are your idols?
Danny: Billy Idol!
Dougie: Hunter from Gladiator.

MSN, Matt Yelland
McFly with MSN Entertainment’s Lucy
Sweetalbiol13 asked: Favourite part of your body?
Danny: I like the metatarsal in my foot!

Camile Poynter asked:

Next year you completed 10 years of your career. What do you expect to happen in 10 years?
Tom: It’s hard to predict, I don’t think anyone would have predicted how the last 10 years have gone. Hopefully we’ll all still be alive :).

DIVEMELISSADIVE asked: Dumbledore or Gandalf???
Dougie: Gandalf.
Tom: But Dumbledore’s magic is a bit more obvious…

Mrgoye asked: What are your favourite artists of the moment?
Dougie: Picasso…
Danny: Van Gogh!

Hanfo asked: Who is more attractive:Danny or Harry from One Direction?
Tom: Is this a joke question?
Harry: I’d say it’s tight… I’d say Harry just about takes it. Only cause he’s younger.
Tom: Danny when he was 19.
Danny: Yeah I’d say Harry, he’s fresh.

McFly’s new single Love Is Easy and their Greatest Hits album are both released in November. Their autobiography Unsaid Things is out now!

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Dougie did this interview via phone to a brazilian website two days ago,I used google to translate it so it would not probably be the best translation.

Dougie Poynter, 24, bassist of the British band McFly is excited to return to Brazil. This time, the group presents the second edition of Z Festival, which takes place between 28 and 30 September in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

“The Brazilian fans are crazy. And they have beautiful voices. It’s great to hear them sing with us. It’s noisy, it’s alive, good energy. It’s great! “Said the musician by phone at UOL.

In November 2010, the band released their fifth studio album, “Above the Noise”, which marks a change in musical style. Until March 2011, McFly have had 18 singles in the main emplacado charts, seven of which reached the top spot in the UK.

At the Z Festival, they will come into play after the band Hot Chelle Ray “They are great. It will be great to play after them. People will be jumping a lot, “says Dougie.

In Rio de Janeiro, the festival will be divided into two presentations, both in HSBC Arena: Friday (28) and Sunday (30). In São Paulo, the show will take place on Saturday (29), in Anhembi Arena, where they will be mounted two stages that will present concerts on the same night.

At the Stage Zag, DJ Toast will start at 17.15, followed by Hot Chelle Rae at 18h55, 20h55 to McFly and The Wanted at 23h20. Zig On Stage, 16.30 enter Rock Bones (Peter Punk), and following Yellowcard 18h, 19h50 to Demi Lovato and Big Time Rush at 22h.

“This is our fifth visit to Brazil. The last time was last year. We have a great connection with the fans in the country. With girls especially, “said Dougie, confirming that he is single, but playing that is” married “to Harry, the drummer.


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I added to the gallery the pics from the article.

[x2]Photoshoots > 2012 > Photoshoot at The Roxy

McFly LAmcFly The Roxy

We catch up with the Brit band as they try to crack America

SITTING in a hot, sweaty Los Angeles dressing room above one of the world’s most famous rock and roll venues, a British band show off their newly inked tattoos as they prepare for their first gig in the US.
We’re in The Roxy – the Sunset Strip venue that has hosted guitar bands from The Ramones to The Clash – and wearing sleeveless vests showing off their extensive body art, McFly fit right in.
After a decade topping the UK charts, the four-piece are finally making a bid to crack the States.
The early signs are very good. Two nights at The Roxy, then two more at the famous Gramercy Theatre in New York this month all sold out in under a minute.

When we met five hours before their first show in LA, there was already a queue around the block of US fans – excited they finally have a chance to see the band in the flesh.

Guitarist Tom Fletcher, the blonde one, explained: “It’s our first ever proper, headlining gig in America – it’s taken us nine years.

“It’s been frustrating. We’ve wanted to come from day one but we’ve never had a record deal here so have concentrated on the UK.

“But this year we said enough is enough and we had to go to America. If we don’t do it now we’ll be 50 years old.”
And drummer Harry Judd, the one who won Strictly Come Dancing, added: “It’s good fun for us.

“The worst case scenario is we get to play some shows.”

And the best case scenario? Guitarist Danny Jones, northern one, replied: “A residency at Madison Square Garden every month!”
The 26-year-old added: “It would be cool to get in the charts over here. We’ve still got lots of goals we would like to achieve.”

The lads’ first show in LA came the night after One Direction conquered the MTV Video Music Awards a few miles away, scooping three gongs and cementing their place as the world’s biggest boyband.
McFly helped guide the X Factor stars on their incredible journey, writing one song for the lads’ debut album Up All Night last year, and several more for the next release.

And with American pop fans currently gobbling up British pop talent, One Direction could now help open doors for their loyal mentors in the States.

Meanwhile, unlike teen stars 1D – whose extra-curricular activities in the United States are restricted by being under the legal drinking age of 21 – McFly have been enjoying the crazy Hollywood nightlife on their trip to the city.

Bassist Dougie Poynter, the quiet one who won I’m A Celebrity last year, said: “We met Jesus! He was outside our hotel.”

The 24-year-old was referring to the mystery long-haired man known as Jesus of Hollywood, who walks the streets of the city dressed as Christ.
And Harry, 26, revealed: “We got some stupid tattoos.
“When we came to LA together five years ago we all had tattoos on our feet. They said bare foot, good f-foot, athlete’s foot and big foot.
“So when we came back this time we thought it would be a good idea to get YMCA tattooed on our feet – a letter each.
“We walked in to the same tattoo shop just up the street and said, ‘Hi mate, can we get YMCA tattooed on our feet?’ It was the same reaction as before, ‘Are you sure?’ ”

It’s more than just the number of tattoos that has changed for these lads in recent years, since they shot to No1 in the UK back in 2004 with Five Colours In Her Hair.

Tom, 27, married his childhood sweetheart Giovanna Falcone in London in May and Harry will wed former Escala violonist Izzy Johnston in November.
As for the other two and their romantic plans, Danny explained: “We’re sending the frontline in first to see how they get on.”


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In a new interview with Talent House Tom Leishman discussed how’s working with McFly.

TH: You have been working as the personal photographer for the chart-topping British pop rock group McFly (the youngest band to ever have a UK number one, superseding the Beatles’ earlier hold). How did you arrive at this position?
Tom: I was introduced to Dougie from McFly when I was working with the pop band The Saturdays. At the time Dougie was in a relationship with my friend Frankie Sandford, who is in The Saturdays.  At the beginning Dougie invited me to a few shows to photograph them live on the odd occasion, as time progressed I found myself going away on tour with them becoming McFly’s personal photographer. Since then I have had the privilege to have been the photographer behind the website press photos, tour brochures, posters and the 2012 official calendar.  So word of mouth basically, I’m very fortunate!

TH: Following your initial collaboration with McFly,  you went on to work with the band’s bassist Dougie Poynter and his clothing company,  Saint Kidd. Could you describe this work and the experience of focusing on apparel as well as photography?
Tom: Through working with McFly Dougie and I have gotten to know each other quite well, we both share similar views on a number of things, having a similar dress sense and style has always been a reoccurring topic. Dougie was midway through setting up a clothing label named Saint Kidd,  naturally I was interested when he approached me to be involved, immediately we started to collaborate on themes, ideas for styling and photo-shoots. I know It seems to be a reoccurring trend that members of popular bands start clothing labels to make a quick buck out of their fans, but thats not the case with Saint Kidd because Saint Kidd isn’t going to be a brand that with no effort prints on cheap simple products without any thought put into them, every inch of every product Saint Kidd produces is custom cut and designed inch by inch, we take so much care and attention to detail and the process of having an item made can be a long process, sending them back and forth from the designers and factories but it’s to make sure it’s the best we can offer!  Saint Kidd clothing is original and I’m proud to wear the products and I’m glad to say I’m involved. Since Saint Kidd launched other than help operate Saint Kidd and build the brand I’ve photographed the fashion look-books and photograph the products for the website.

TH: Could you describe a couple of especially memorable photoshoots (and could you share the photos from those shoots)?
Tom: I think my most memorable photo-shoot to this date would be one of the set ups from the McFly’s 2012 Calendar shoot, when I put the band on 9ft wooden ladders in the middle of a big lake! I had to hire two lifeguards to help me do the shoot, they swam out and placed the ladders where I wanted them to be, they then escorted each band member individually out to the ladders without them getting wet on a tiny rubber boat. They then had to push me out in the rubber boat to take the photos! The photos came out exactly how I wanted them to! I couldn’t have done it without the lifeguards and the trust from the band! The risky cost of trying to do something creative and original, totally worth it!


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Finally we have the interview Keith Caulfield did to McFly last week in L.A. for Billboard!

McFly is hot. Literally. The British band is in the sweltering green room of the Roxy Theatre, where, just a few hours after our video interview, the group played its second of two sold-out shows in Los Angeles.

But before that, Billboard chatted with the quartet for well over a half-hour, talking about a range of topics. They discussed everything from their upcoming new album, their first American concerts, their autobiography “Unsaid Things: Our Story” and much more.

While the group has been successful in their homeland since their debut in 2004, they had never crossed over to the States for any proper shows. In the U.K., they’ve notched 17 top 10 singles (including seven No. 1s) and six top 20 albums on the Official U.K. charts.

“We’ve wanted to come (to the U.S.) for years,” co-lead singer and guitarist Tom Fletcher says, “but for one reason or another it just hasn’t happened until now. I think we kind of put our foot down this year and said: ‘We have to come this year.'”

Clearly, there was pent-up demand in America: All four of the band’s scheduled U.S. concerts — the two in L.A. and two at New York City’s Gramercy Theatre — sold out instantly. And, judging by the reaction of the show’s audiences and the ticket demand, drummer Harry Judd says they’d like “to come back as soon as possible.”

In their U.S. gigs, McFly (Fletcher, Judd, guitarist Danny Jones and bassist Dougie Poynter) is playing a few new songs, including “Red,” “Touch the Rain” and the very brand new “Love Is Easy.” The ukulele-driven tune was written just a couple weeks ago, and will be out as a single by Christmas in the U.K.

The band is currently at work on its sixth studio album — its first to be self-produced — which is due out tentatively in summer of 2013.

In the meantime, they’ll issue a second greatest hits set before the end of the year on Island Records. Fans will also hear McFly — in a way — as Fletcher co-wrote a song on One Direction’s upcoming second studio album, “Take Me Home.” (Working with 1D is old hat for Fletcher, as he wrote “I Want” for the act’s debut album “Up All Night.”)

Also on the horizon, McFly’s first autobiography, “Unsaid Things . . . Our Story.” The 320-page book will be released in the U.K. via Bantam Press on Oct. 11.


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McFly have been in USA for a few days but they didn’t do any kind of promo until now, next monday the Billboard team is going to interview the boys, you can send your questions to Keith Caulfield who is the Associate Director of Charts at Billboard via twitter with the hastag #bbmcfly.


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