Posted by Sandra on September 14 2011

Harry tweeted a video of Tom and Dougie running throughout the woods doing an impression of Edward and Bella.. it’s sooooo funny!!!

@mcflyharry I saw Edward and Bella this afternoon

Posted by Sandra on September 14 2011

British pop-punk boy band McFly have announced that they’ll embark on a massive 27-date theatre tour of the UK next year.

The four-piece have been working on their sixth studio album, and will most likely have the new record finished by the end of the year now that the band have revealed that they’ll tour the country extensively. Hopefully for McFly fans, you’ll be able to catch your favourites playing old classics and brand new material this coming spring.

The announcement was made earlier today and also told fans that the gigs would be held in theatre halls, which will provide interesting acoustics for the band. More info on dates and venues will be revealed in the coming months.


Posted by Sandra on September 13 2011

The guys did the webchat at the supercity 30 minutes ago and they talked about the next UK Tour, the new improvements on the site, Harry on Strictly.. below you have a brief resume with the most important things they said.

Thanks to @sc_pioneers, @mcflyaholic and @zoeibbotson for the info as I missed the webchat and Im going to watch it now if it’s up at the supercity.

Super City to be updated:
– Updates start in October.
– See email or news section.
– POINTS SYSTEMS IS GOING! You have 3 weeks to SPEND your points!!

– 27 date UK Theater tour.
– Tweet or message the guys on SC with your idea for a name of the tour as they can’t think of one.
– Details to be released in next month about dates.
– Pioneers will get pre-sale and early access (plus surprises in early access)

Posted by Sandra on September 13 2011

The guys are going to spend the day today with Tom Leishman doing a photoshoot for the 2012 calendar. Let’s hope we can see some of this photoshoot soon!

@LoveLeishman Morning! Day 1 of the McFly calendar shoot. Here we go!!

Posted by Sandra on September 11 2011

McFly will be doing a new web chat next tuesday at the supercity and they will make some new announcements.. Can’t wait to hear about this new announcements..maybe we’ll know the tour dates?

@SuperCityHQ McFly will be webchatting from a secret location this Tuesday. Make sure you’re in Super City for some great announcements!

Posted by Sandra on September 4 2011

I added to the gallery three pics of Dougie from the Japanese In Rock Magazine, we’ve already seen them but smaller.


Dougie Poynter in JapanDougie Poynter in JapanDougie Poynter in Japan


Posted by Sandra on September 3 2011

Tonight’s UK X-Factor will probably be remembered because they played not one.. two McFly songs, All About You and Star Girl.

I’m sure the boys will be so glad to hear that they played some of their songs. By the way as soon as we have videos from the show we’ll post them.

Posted by Sandra on September 3 2011

Harry just tweeted a new pic of Dougie, looks like Pudd is having a road trip today:)
By the way we loveee naughty Doug Harry:D

Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd

@mcflyharry Opened Dougs arm rest. Look what I found……..such a perve.

Posted by Sandra on September 2 2011

I added to the gallery some new Dougie pics from the Jolly Day Out.

[x4]Events and Appearances > 2011 > Jolly Day Out – August 28

Dougie Poynter at Jolly Day OutDougie Poynter at Jolly Day OutDougie Poynter at Jolly Day OutDougie Poynter at Jolly Day Out


Posted by Sandra on September 1 2011

I know all the McFly fans would love to help on this cause, no matter if they win or not. So let’s show to the world how amazing the mcfly army is and donate as much as you can to this good cause that Georgia, Danny’s girlfriend, is supporting. You don’t have to be rich, you can donate as much as you want or can and be a part of this amazing cause. I already made a donation and i hope that all of you who are reading this right now made one too and tell other people mcfly fans or not to donate too.

When you donate don’t forget to post on the comments that you’re a mcfly fan and your full name, why? Georgia explains everything on the following tweet:

@georgiahorsley1 As I’m sure some of you may know one of my good friends Natalie died last year and her wonderful sister @CristieatCiCi is raising money for a charity close to their hearts @CRY_UK by walking up Mount Snowdon on the 10th Sept. Unfortunately I can’t take part as I will be at my sisters wedding. I’ve come up with an idea with a lot of help from the McFly boys to auction off two tickets for a McFly show next year. Plus a signed never seen before photo of the boys! The winning bid will be donated to the wonderful charity. Remember you must say who you are and and that your a McFly fan. The chance to win the McFly tickets and signed photo will end on Friday at 8:30pm the winner will be picked at random (so it doesn’t matter if you don’t have much money!) Winner will be announced on my twitter. So here’s what you are bidding for: two tickets to see one *theatre date show early next year (you can choose which you would like to go to) (venue restrictions may apply) AND a never seen before photo of the boys signed by them all.

You can make your donation Here


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