Posted by Sandra on March 3 2013

Sugarscape choose McFly’s Harlem Shake version their second favorite version, the first one for them is The Wanted’s version.

Crotches akimbo

Forget Gangnam Style, Psy and his imaginary pony as that is so 25 seconds ago. It’s all about the Harlem Shake and oodles of celebs have been getting in on the dance action including Ed Sheeran, Cody Simpson, District3, Cara Delevingne and McFly. Dressed as pandas.
But frankly it’s all worth it just to see The Wanted’s version because Max George has only gone and got his actual arse out.
With that in mind, get your hip thrust limbered up and check out our top 10 faves below…

2. McFly
If anything beats McFly dressed as pandas and throwing themselves about willy nilly, we really don’t know what it is.
Maybe them naked, but that’s just a suggestion for next time lads.



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