Posted by Sandra on July 16 2012

[…]Then, just when Lawson disappeared and we thought we’d lost our boy- fix for the day, we bumped into Dougie Poynter and Danny Jones from McFly – who were having a rare festival day out with their gorgeous girlfriends Lara Carew-Jones and Georgia Horsley.

And guess what? Dougie, Danny, Lara and Georgia invited us to get our dance on to headliner Bruce Springsteen with them! We didn’t say no…

In between dancing like loons to ‘The Boss’, we nabbed Dougie for a quick chat – and he told us just how excited the boys were for the year ahead.

“We’ve been working on our autobiography,” he explained. “There’s so much to do but it will be ready in the next few months.

“And Tom and I have written a book for kids as well, which is out later this year. There’s so much happening.

“The end of this year will be busy for McFly, it’s going to be really great! We have a US tour to prepare for too.”

Busy boys, they will be. And they’ve got bandmate Harry Judd’s wedding to plan too…

Danny told us that while he and Dougie were dad-rocking to Bruce, the other half of McFly were off doing grown-up things. Tom Fletcher was at a pal’s wedding with new wife Giovanna and Harry was off planning his own wedding to Izzy Johnston.

So it won’t be long before the plans are set and we can grill the boys about their stag do plans for McFly Marriage Number Two. We’ll start making a list of questions now…



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