Posted by Sandra on October 3 2012

One of our followers, the lovely @ItsM3L send us a tweet with an amazing idea she had that includes McFly, Fans and Xmas.. and that means it is an amazing one!!!
You can read the project below and follow her on twitter for more info.

Galaxy Defenders’ Christmas !

Last year, I did on Super City a Pioneers’ Christmas. The idea was simple : Two Pioneers were paired and they had to send each other a present. This year, the project is extended to every Galaxy Defender who wants to join !

If you want to join :

– I’ve created a Facebook page (, you have until November 11th to like it if you want to take part of the project. On November 11th, I’ll consider that everyone who has joined the page wants to take part, so, please, only join if you’re sure at 100% to take part and if you don’t mind sending worldwide !
– I’ll write on sheets of paper everyone’s name, I’ll pick two names at random and those two will be paired. If we’re an impair number, I agree to be paired with two persons.
– I’ll announce all pairs made on November 12th on Facebook and on Twitter.
– You can buy and/or make the present you’ll send but it has to cost around 7€ / £5.5 / $8.5 (without prize postage).

! Please, remember : Only join if you’re sure at 100% to take part of it and if you agree to send worldwide >>

If you have any questions and/or suggestions, you can tweet me (@ItsM3L) or contact me via Super City (Tissues).

Hope to see you lot on Facebook ! :)

Posted by Sandra on January 24 2012

The site is searching the best fans of the world and the Galaxy Defenders are currently on second place behind the Lovatics (Demi Lovato fans).

The only thing you guys have to do is go HERE and give Galaxy Defenders 5 stars.

And remember the post we did a few days ago asking you to vote for them as the best band? Keep voting for them as their in the third place HERE

Posted by Sandra on November 5 2011

We guys did it!!We made “Galaxy Defenders are Better” a trending topic Worlwide on Twitter!!! That shows how amazing the mcfly fandom is!

Posted by Sandra on September 20 2011

Sincce quite a while at the worldwide TT of Twitter there’s one related to Justin Bieber that says “believers run the galaxy”. well, now our guys are trending too in Spain with “Galaxy Defenders stay forever” and worldwide with “Galaxy belongs to McFly”. let’s show the believers who are the true galaxy defenders and let’s keep trending Galaxy Defenders.

Posted by Sandra on June 23 2011

McFly’s fanbase have been victorious in our Fan Wars poll.

Nicknamed Galaxy Defenders, a term taken from the band’s hit track Star Girl, it was McFly fans who topped the poll to be named the best of the best.

And so we have the winners of Fan Wars 2011 – McFly’s Galaxy Defenders. Competition was tough but McFly’s loyal fanbase got together to secure their victory. With fans all over the globe, we’re not surprised the McFans did it for their boys. To borrow some lyrics/a phrase used by commenters on our site – Galaxy Defenders stay forever. Well done!


Posted by Micky on June 14 2011

Adam Lambert fans, McFly fans and Jonas Brothers fans are the final three nominees in our Fan Wars.

First up we have The Glamberts – Adam Lambert’s hugely devoted fanbase – fans who work around the clock to make sure that Mr Lambert gets the recognition he deserves worldwide.

We also have Galaxy Defenders – that’s the McFly fans. McFly have a huge following all over the world, and fans that will do anything for them.

And finally we have the Jonas Brothers’ fans, who support them as a band, their TV shows and films AND their solo work.

Click here to see all 10 nominees and to vote for the best fanbase.





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