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Here’s a new interview with Frankie from We Love Pop Magazine, they ask her how pleased she was of Dougie winning I’m a Celebrity and she says she was so happy for him and that he did so well.


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The Saturday’s Frankie Sandford looked at ease as she reunited with her ex-boyfriend Dougie Poynter for a Sport Relief photoshoot just days after her current squeeze Wayne Bridge treated her to a £135,000 Aston Martin.

Wearing his statement headband, 24-year-old Dougie looked as though he was planning on smarting up his laid-back look when he arrived at the picture studios in London carrying a suit bag.
The McFly bassist was closely followed by Frankie, 23.

But fear not because the pair were only hooking up for a charity photo shoot and were joined by their fellow bandmates.
However, things could have got a little awkward on set after McFly’s Danny Jones publicly blasted Frankie following her grisly split with Dougie last year.
He told new! magazine at the time: ‘I personally couldn’t give a s*** what she does. She can do what she likes.’
The groups were meeting for a shoot in aid of Sport Relief. And none were more excited that pregnant Una Healy who tweeted earlier in the day: ‘Shoot for Sports Relief today with all my @TheSaturdays girls! :).’
Meanwhile, Dougie and his jungle best friend Mark Wright were reunited at the National Television Awards where I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! scooped best reality TV show.
When asked whether this year’s series was the best yet, co-host Dec managed to insult the I’m A Celebrity cast.

He said: ‘Every year, everyone says the celebrities are crap and too old and no one knows them and they’re not Victoria Beckham.’
He then glanced nervously at Mark Wright and Dougie Poynter and continued: ‘Er, present company excluded. No, but what I meant was they then start watching the show and everyone falls in love with the characters and it turns into an award winning show.’


You can see Dougie’s speech at the NTA’s HERE and an interview of him and Mark Wright with Caroline Flack HERE

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And the crap gossip comments appear again.. having them together at the same place has been the perfect opportunity to the gossip sites to write about them again.

When Dougie Poynter and Frankie Sandford split in 2010 the ‘McFly’ bassist was so heartbroken that he checked himself into rehab. So when we heard he had reunited with his former flame we were all a bit nervous.

But don’t worry, the couple aren’t back together they were just taking part in a photo-shoot for this year’s Sports Relief. The couple arrived at a studio in London today only a few minutes apart and were also joined by the rest of their respective bands for the charity shoot.

The ‘Saturdays’ singer dated the I’m A Celebrity winner on and off for two years before they split finally in November 2010.

Though they have both moved on with new partners, it may have still been an awkward reunion for the pair as the ‘McFly’ boys have made their feelings about Frankie very clear.

According to New Magazine, when asked about the singer’s new boyfriend Wayne Bridge, Danny Jones said: “I personally couldn’t give a s*** what she does. She can do what she likes.”

Danny may have due reason to be miffed about the way the 23 year-old treated Dougie. There is some discrepancy about when she actually got together with her current beau Manchester City footballer Wayne Bridge.

The singer told More Magazine in March last year: “To be honest, I’m really not sure how long we’ve been together, it’s all been such a whirlwind.” Only four months after she officially ended things with Dougie.

Wayne doesn’t need to worry about any old spark reignited as the ‘All Fired Up’ singer has made it quite clear where her heart lies, she has even had it printed on a hoodie.


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Now we know what photoshoot the guys did today, it was a photoshoot with The Saturdays for Sport Relief.

The Saturdays Frankie Sandford is reunited with ex-boyfriend Dougie Poynter… but don’t worry Wayne, it’s for a good cause

When they split up last year he ended up having to check himself into rehab because he was so heartbroken.
However, Dougie Poynter and Frankie Sandford were today spotted heading for a reunion in London.
But their respective partners needn’t worry, as the pair were simply joining forces for a good cause, taking part in a photoshoot for Sport Relief.

Wearing one of his trademark headbands with his rock-star hair tussled in the wind he tried to avoid eye contact and kept looking straight ahead.

The 24-year-old was wearing a worn look black leather jacket with a jumper and jeans and he was also carrying another outfit in a suit bag.
Shortly after Frankie, 23, turned up and looked great in a short grey dress which she accessorised with a leopard print scarf and a large black handbag.

She was also wearing a leather jacket but kept her eyes hidden behind a massive pair of sunglasses.
The former couple were not alone during the reunion as some of their bandmates also turned up.
Una Healy arrived carrying a huge Louis Vuitton bag and wearing a light, white blouse.
She was followed by Strictly Come Dancing champion Harry Judd who had taken time out of his tour to make an appearance.

The ballroom king was dressed casually in a pair of jogging bottoms and was still drinking his mug of tea.
A very rock and roll looking Danny Jones and a shy and retiring Tom Fletcher joined the party and they both carried a change of clothes too.
The last person to arrive was The Saturdays Mollie King who turned up fashionably late in a Burberry coat, leather shorts, and a big brown scarf.

The blonde 24-year-old struggled to walk straight in the wind and almost lost her fedora in the strong breeze.
The group were meeting for a photo shoot in aid of Sport Relief as Una tweeted earlier today: ‘Shoot for Sports Relief today with all my @TheSaturdays girls! :).’
If The Saturdays and McFly are to share the spotlight in a glamorous shoot there may be some awkward tension after the lads made no secret of their dislike of Frankie last year.

Speaking after the split Danny Jones, told new! magazine: ‘I personally couldn’t give a s*** what she does. She can do what she likes.’
Frankie moved on quickly after the break up and is now dating footballer Wayne Bridge.
Earlier this month the Manchester City star splashed out on a £135,000 Aston Martin Vantage for her 23rd birthday.
The pretty brunette singer was seen taking her new ride out for a spin and looked delighted with her gift.


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I added to the gallery some scans of the Reveal Magazine Xmas Issue that includes an article about the Frankie wanting to be friends with Dougie again stuff and an entire page related to McFly. Thanks to the lovely @team_pones for sharing the scans with us.

[x6]Scans > Magazines > 2011 > Reveal Magazine – Christmas Issue

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Another article saying Frankie wants to be friends with Dougie again..

Frankie wants to be pals with former love Dougie.

The Saturdays star, Frankie Sandford may be dating footballer Wayne Bridge, but the singer has not forgotten her ex, McFly star, Dougie Poynter – and wants to re-unite with him – after he was named King Of The Jungle on reality show, ‘I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! 2011.’

Now magazine report according to sources, the 22-year-old star sent Dougie Poynter, 24, a text message to apologise for the way she behaved when she broke with him back in November 2010 and hopes they can still be friends.

The ‘All Fired up’ singer seems to want a fresh start for 2012 – after reportedly saying that she wants to put any past issues between the pair to rest.

A source close to the star reveals: “She wants to meet up to see if they can put the past behind them.”


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What do you guys think about this? In case it’s true, you want them to be friends again?

Singer Frankie Sandford wants to be pals with former love Dougie

She may be dating footballer Wayne Bridge, but Saturdays singer Frankie Sandford has offered an olive branch to her ex after he was named King Of The Jungle on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! 2011.

According to sources, Frankie, 22, sent Dougie Poynter, 24, a text to apologise for the way she treated him when they broke up in November 2010, asking if they can be friends.

‘She wants to meet up to see if they can put the past behind them,’ says a pal.

Bet Dougie’s new girlfriend Lara Carew-Jones, 26, is thrilled…


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  1. McFly guitarist Dougie Poynter opens up about his ‘darker days’ to Mark Wright on I’m A Celebrity

    Dougie Poynter has vowed never to touch alcohol again after successfully completing a stint in rehab earlier this year.

    The I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! contestant told TOWIE’s Mark Wright that he loved drinking ‘just a bit too much’ and felt like an ’empty shell’ before he was admitted for treatment.

    ‘I was just constantly bummed out,’ Dougie, 24, admitted on last night’s show.

    ‘For like years of my life, if I really think about it.

    I loved isolating – just being by myself and getting battered.’

    And Dougie admits that his problems got worse when he split with Saturdays singer Frankie Sandford, 22, after dating on and off for 2 years.

    ‘That’s when it escalated even more,’ he tells Mark, 24.

    ‘I wasn’t really comfortable in my own skin any more.

    ‘So I went and saw this bloke and he sent me to rehab.

    ‘It was hard…it was really hard…but it was one of the best things I ever did.’


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That really makes me so sad. Sometimes mcfly fans disappoint me:(

  1. McFly’s Dougie Poynter – who parted ways with The Saturdays’ Frankie Sandford after nearly two years together – is now in a relationship with Lara Carew-Jones – who has been threatened by his fans, that if she hurts him there will be trouble.

    A fan tweeted: “Leave it alone to DOUGIE because if I’m not going to find you and I’ll kill you filthy bitch..heard me??????”

    The star, who says he is in love with artist Lara, seems to have a lot of crazed fans but she has laughed of the threats and thanks her fans for their support.

    She tweeted: “Thankyou lovely people. don’t worry i actually find it funny. peace and love xxx.”

    Dougie’s ex, Frankie 22, who ended their relationship, was left shaking after she received a number of threats from die-hard McFly fans on twitter.

    A fan wrote: “You’re a f*cking bitch. I, along with many other mcfly fans, hope you die and rot in a hole.”


related article: now magazine

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The credit for the scan goes to 1d-tw-mcfly-scans


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