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Last saturday night Dougie and Tom spend the night with James Bourne, and among all the things they did the most exciting thing they did was that they wrote a song!

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McFly’s Dougie Poynter may have grown a big manly beard, but he’s still a big kid at heart

The pop star showed off his new facial fuzz on a coffee date with bandmate Tom Fletcher, where the pair were awarded with a big box of sweets each – they must have been very good boys.

What with their penchant for pillow fights and stories that involve dinosaur poo , McFly are the ultimate man-boys.

But it looks as though Dougie Poynter’s trying to show us that he’s all grown up, if his brand new bushy beard is anything to go by.

Dougie showed off his new facial fluff out and about in London yesterday with bandmate Tom Fletcher.

Wearing a tailored blazer over his shirt and tie, and with his hair combed into a quiff, Dougie looked like a very dapper gentleman indeed. He even accessorised with a posh coffee and a furrowed brow, so sophisticated is he.

However, no matter how grown up Dougie may like to think he is, it seems he’s still very much a big kid at heart who can’t resist a packet of Fizz Wizz.

The former King of the Jungle was seen carrying a jar full of retro sweets we’ve not seen since we used to consider how best to spend our 30p at the Girls Brigade tuck shop, including Wham! bars, Refreshers, Drumstick lollies, popping candy and flying saucers.

Dougie was snapped with the sweet treats as he left a central London coffee shop, where he’d been hanging out with Tom (who, weirdly, was wearing the exact same outfit) and some dude we don’t recognise.

We like to think he’s someone from the band’s record company who had been sent out to award the boys the jars of sweets for good behaviour.

If you need further proof that McFly are really just big kids, check out this video of them doing the Harlem Shake dressed as pandas.


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The lovely @Lin_McFlyUSA meet Dougie and Tom today in Toys’R’Us and she send me a pic of her with them. Only sighting we have of the boys in New York so far.


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Dougie and Tom arrived to New York last night and today they’re going back to work, recording time for them with James Bourne!

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I added to the gallery two new pics of Dougie at the London Toy Fair. He even meet the One Direction boys.. well a smaller version of them.

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[x1]Events And Appearances > 2013 > London Toy Fair – January 24

Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter treated The In Thing to a greeting at the show.

Pop stars McFly “tried to steal” a giant Predasaur prop from The In Thing stand at Toy Fair this week.

It was all light-hearted fun of course, and Dougie and Tom from the band ended up leaving with foil pack toys from the distributor instead.

The In Thing’s head of marketing Kieran Murphy told ToyNews: “They had tweeted that they were coming down and I knew Dougie was a huge fan of dinosaurs, so we made sure they came by our stand and checked out Predasaurs.

“I didn’t expect them to try and steal our giant dinosaur prop! They seemed happy enough when we let them take as many Predasaurs foil packs as they wanted. They said they’d pass them on to the rest of the band.”


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I added to the gallery a new pic of Dougie and Tom at the London Toy Fair today.

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McFly‘s Tom Fletcher has confirmed that he and band member Dougie Poynter have written a second children’s picture book.

Last October, Random House Children’s Books released the first in the The Dinosaur That Pooped series.

The band made the announcement at the National Television Awards were they were presenting the best talent show award.

Tom couldn’t confirm the date of release for the book.

“There will be another kids’ book. We’ve just finished writing the second in The Dinosaur That Pooped series. So that will be coming out before summer.”

The lead singer also confirmed that both he and Dougie may be writing some more children’s books.

“We might be, yes, we’re just in talks. We have a few ideas. So yes there could be a few more to come in a different series.”

McFly say they are currently preparing for their UK tour.

Both Tom and fellow McFly star, Harry Judd, recently got married.


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You can see pics from the signing at our gallery HERE

Tears, screaming girls and books about a pooping dinosaur can only mean one thing; McFly are in town.

Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter from the pop band came back to Kingston on Monday evening to sign copies of their new children’s book, The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas.

The band first came to the town in 2004 to sign copies of their debut single 5 Colours In Her Hair, and they were as well received as they were eight years ago, drawing a huge crowd.

First in the queue were Sophie Reino, 18, her sister Danielle, 15, and Alice Palmiery, 18, who arrived at 5.45am.

The super fans, all from Morden, have met the band before and said they we’re “so excited” to see them again.

Sophie and Danielle’s mother, Sam Reino, 44, said: “They go all over the place to see them because they are major fans.

“It’s brilliant for them to see them so close to home.”

Their little brother Robbie, 9, also got in on the action by coming down after school. He said: “I’m going to tell them she [my sister] is in love with Dougie.”

The McFly lads were met by screams and cheers as they entered the Kingston bookstore, with one waiting fan yelling: “Tom, I love your chin.”

Mandy Temlett, branch manager of Waterstones Kingston, said: “It’s brilliant to have them here. It has been really well received and everyone is really excited. We would definitely have them back again.

“It’s amazing to have them in Kingston for the community and also for the Bentall Centre.”

Gary Deane, children’s events manager for Waterstones, said: “It’s everything that we try and achieve with Waterstones, so making each store relevant to its community, and this really achieves that.

“It’s nice for people to come here and meet someone like McFly and we want to encourage people to enjoy reading.”

Over 300 people attended the signing, with school girls from Holy Cross and Coombe Girls flocking to Kingston straight after school in their uniforms to meet the boys.

Florence Hartley Matthews, 12, said: “I came straight after school. They were really nice and I was really excited when I heard they were coming to Kingston.”

The signing session lasted two hours with Tom and Dougie signing books for everyone who attended.


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I added to the gallery some new pics from Instagram.

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