Posted by Sandra on October 6 2011

The Flecking Records website wants us to choose the nominates of their annual awards, they want us to nominate artists from music, tv, movies.. and obviously McFly should be among the nominees on the final list that they’re going to make on december to choose the winners in each category.

  1. We realise it’s only October, but to give everyone plenty of time to have their say we’re kicking off the Flecking Records “Of The Year” Awards nominations.

    Come December we’ll be having a vote to find out which stars from the worlds of music, film and TV owned 2011.

    Which male or female solo artist rocked your world in 2011? Which band was best?

    We want to know your favourite film, TV show and the actors and actresses in them.

    Which stars were the style icons of 2011?

    Which male and female are Twitter must-follows?

    Which headlines delighted and shocked you?

    And finally – which lovely lady and fantastic fella were the ultimate stars of 2011?

    We’re giving you plenty of time to nominate, and obviously if you change your mind over the next few weeks you have time to nominate again – the year is far from over.

    Happy nominating!

Go and nominate Dougie and the rest of the boys here


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