Posted by Sandra on December 2 2011
  1. Audiences have been glued to their screens watching the romance unfold between I’m A Celebrity’s Mark Wright and Emily Scott.
    But with Emily out of the picture, the focus has shifted to another- much more surprising couple in the camp.
    Mark recoiled in mock horror as he ‘discovered’ Dougie and Fatima in bed together as the group filmed their own soap opera, ‘Junglesty’.

    Mark was seen coming home to find Dougie in bed with his on-screen wife Fatima.

    Naturally enraged, he then chased Dougie through the jungle, while Willie chased after them both to save the life of his son, but Mark soon caught up with him and pushed him in the river.
    Dougie had worked the group into a frenzy of excitement when he walked into camp with a camcorder and announced that they had a new task to complete within an hour.

    Singing the Coronation Street theme tune, he explained that they had to record their own soap opera.

    Mark instantly began to think up the storyline in his head and started telling everyone what their roles would be be.
    ‘Okay, so you’re my best mate,’ he said as he pointed to Dougie. ‘And your Dad is Willie and my wife is Fatima and you’ve come round to see me.’

    ‘And you catch us in bed together,’ Dougie added.

    Fatima got involved, suggesting: ‘You can jump out of the window and chase him.’
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Posted by Sandra on November 18 2011
  1. McFly’s Dougie Poynter and Olympic athlete Fatima Whitbread tackled their first Bushtucker trial each tonight, taking part in a challenge entitled Rat Race.

    The dynamic duo went head-to-head in a bitter battle to win meals for their camps – Snake Rock for Dougie and Croc Creek for Fatima.

    Arriving at the trial area, neither Dougie or Fatima knew who they were expected to go up against. Before finding out, Dougie said: “I am just hoping it is not Fatima…she is a gladiator and the one person I fear the most”. Oh dear – tough luck!

    The object of the game was for each to enter an identical maze each containing six stars buried in boxes beneath the ground.

    10 small flags were positioned within the maxes showing the celebs where to dig, but only six contained stars – while the other four lay empty.

    Each had 10 minutes to search the maze thoroughly and find the keys that would open the boxes. But it wasn’t as easy as it sounds – the pair were, of course, joined by a whole host of jungle nasties including cockroaches, spiders, rats, giant lizards and bandicoots!

    Fatima and Dougie set off crawling through the small boxes, desperately hunting out the stars they wanted to get their hands on.

    It was a tough battle with both desperate to win meals for camp, and at one point Dougie and Fatima were tied in the contest with four stars each.

    But Fatima managed to nudge her way ahead and ended up the first person to get her hand on all six stars – despite struggling to find the exit, and stumbling across it with just seconds to spare.

    The Bushtucker Trials tally is now sitting at Snake Rock 1 – 3 Croc Creek, after Croc Creek won Scales of Justice, Creepy Crypt and Rat Run, and Snake Rock was victorious in the Greasy Spoon Café trial.


Posted by Sandra on November 18 2011
  1. OLYMPIC legend Fatima Whitbread consoled McFly’s Dougie Poynter with a kiss after she beat him in the Rat Run Bushtucker Trial. Lucky lad.

    They each had to navigate a maze containing six stars buried in boxes under the ground – with their nerves tested along the way bv cockroaches, rats, spiders and a giant lizard.

    Ex jockey Willie Carson, from opposing team Snake Rock, had realised the javelin thrower would be tough to beat, moaning: “Bad news. Dougie got Fatima.”

    The camps merge tomorrow.



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