Posted by Sandra on June 23 2011

McFly’s fanbase have been victorious in our Fan Wars poll.

Nicknamed Galaxy Defenders, a term taken from the band’s hit track Star Girl, it was McFly fans who topped the poll to be named the best of the best.

And so we have the winners of Fan Wars 2011 – McFly’s Galaxy Defenders. Competition was tough but McFly’s loyal fanbase got together to secure their victory. With fans all over the globe, we’re not surprised the McFans did it for their boys. To borrow some lyrics/a phrase used by commenters on our site – Galaxy Defenders stay forever. Well done!


Posted by Micky on June 14 2011

Adam Lambert fans, McFly fans and Jonas Brothers fans are the final three nominees in our Fan Wars.

First up we have The Glamberts – Adam Lambert’s hugely devoted fanbase – fans who work around the clock to make sure that Mr Lambert gets the recognition he deserves worldwide.

We also have Galaxy Defenders – that’s the McFly fans. McFly have a huge following all over the world, and fans that will do anything for them.

And finally we have the Jonas Brothers’ fans, who support them as a band, their TV shows and films AND their solo work.

Click here to see all 10 nominees and to vote for the best fanbase.





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