Posted by Sandra on January 7 2013

I added to the gallery a few screencaps of Dougie on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side.

[x14] Screenshots > Shows > Big Brother’s Bit On The Side – Jaunuary 4 2013

Posted by Sandra on January 5 2013

you don’t want to miss McFly appearance on Celebrity Big Brother Bit on the Side tonight as it was so funny, the boys were hilarious!! and Dougie with hot!!
Watch the video below and enjoy some of the most hilarious mcfly moments ever.

Posted by Sandra on February 8 2012

As you all know Emma is married to Matt Willis from Busted and they’re good friends of the McFly boys and she mentioned them on a recent interview speaking of her birthday party.


6. What’s the best party you’ve ever been to?
My 30th. It was awesome. We had a little bar and we all dressed up in fancy dress. There was a couple of members of McFly there and that was about it celeb wise. It was all pretty low key in that respect, but it was brilliant. I got very, very, very drunk.

3/5. Who needs any other celebs when you’ve got a couple of the McFly boys?



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