Posted by Sandra on August 21 2011

I added to the gallery a new pic of McFLY with the guys of Eli Prime who were their supporting act in Doncaster.

Posted by Sandra on August 15 2011

Thanks to itsLiv94 for the videos

If U C Kate:

Party Girl:

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Posted by Sandra on August 15 2011

Dean Sheerwood has posted new pictures of the guys at Doncaster Racecourse. To enjoy them, please, check them out by clicking the images below for more and bigger pictures.


Posted by Micky on August 14 2011

karenstevenso1 has posted new three videos of the guys. Check them out

Posted by Sandra on August 14 2011

Thanks to Laura for sharing this funny and cute video of Dougie and Tom today in Doncaster talking like Jedward.

[Flash 10 is required to watch video]

Posted by Sandra on August 13 2011

Thanks to Dean Sherwood we have a new pic of Dougie today performing in Doncaster.

Posted by Sandra on August 12 2011

Of all the sure bets at Doncaster Racecourse tomorrow McFly drummer Harry Judd says they will guarantee a return.

The posh skin-beater knows the boys-to-blokes band will be playing to a huge crowd that might be more into nags than pop but reckons they’re still on to a winner.

“We’ve played a few racecourses before and they’re good fun,” he says.

“There’s often a good chunk of hardcore fans, but what I enjoy about these gigs is there’s often a lot of people who wouldn’t necessarily come and see a McFly concert. They go away, nine times out of 10, having enjoyed themselves.

“We always try to put on a good show. I think that’s where we excel. Mums and dads take their kids and end up enjoying it themselves. We’re confident in our abilities as a live band so we enjoy these kind of gigs.”

Then McFly have had to get used to evolving audiences down the years. Seven UK number one singles and five top 10 albums later they are still pulling similar sized crowds to when they were teenagers – and a sweep of their Motorpoint Arena gig in March revealed a varied demographic most bands would envy.

“I presume that happens when you’ve managed to stick around for a while,” says Harry, who doesn’t believe having such as spread of ages has held them back from being a little more rock ‘n’ roll.
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Posted by Sandra on August 9 2011

They’re one of the hottest groups in UK music and this Saturday (13th August), McFLY play live on our outdoor stage, right after racing. You can get your ticket at

This is your chance to MEET THE BOYS! Yep, you could actually meet them. We’re talking up close and personal here. Interested? Read on.

McFLY Photo Competition
Most people have got access to a camera these days. And you don’t have to be a perfect Paparazzi to take a decent shot. So we’re looking for the most creative photograph which must relate to BOTH Doncaster Racecourse and McFLY.

For example, you might want to pose with your favourite McFLY album, whilst pointing to Doncaster on a map.
Or, you might want to put 5 Colours In (your) Hair, whilst browsing on your laptop

It’s All About You!
All we ask is that the photograph features you (and if you like, your friends) and in some way features a reference to McFLY and Doncaster Racecourse.

Get creative! The photograph judged most creative will win. That’s The Truth!

If you want to get up close and personal with Danny, Dougie, Tom & Harry – make it snappy! This competition ends at 7am on Wednesday 10th August 2011.

To enter the competition click Here



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