Posted by Sandra on October 16 2012

Remember when Dougie and David Spearing went to Africa? they went there as Dougie is the New WWF ambassador and filmed a documental about the apes.Here’s the video.

Join McFly’s Dougie Poynter on an incredible journey to the heart of the African jungle to see mountain gorillas. Found living in the border areas of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, these critically endangered great apes are threatened by loss of habitat, poachers’ snares and risk of disease. Dougie is supporting the launch of a new WWF mountain gorilla adoption which will help raise funds to protect the last two remaining populations of the species. As part of the International Gorilla Conservation Programme (IGCP) WWF is working to protect the gorillas, their habitats and the local communities who live alongside them.

Adopt a gorilla today:

Posted by Sandra on September 4 2012

I added to the gallery some pics of Dougie, Danny, Tom and David Spearing yesterday in L.A.

[x13]Candids > 2012 > Out And About In L.A. – September 3

Posted by Sandra on August 28 2012

Dougie is back in the UK from his trip to Africa with David Spearing as David just tweeted he’s back in the UK.


Dougie just tweeted that he’s back!

Posted by Sandra on August 23 2012

It seems that at the end Dougie wasn’t joking about him going to Africa, he confirmed it on his twitter as well as David Spearing who is going with him. Also Tom tweeted about it. They’re leaving tonight but we still don’t know what he’s going to do there but as David is going too I think it would be some kind of charity work or something like that.

Posted by Sandra on July 23 2012

As McFly are going to USA in september to do a few concerts, David Spearing has a new project in mind that involve all of you American fans.
For more info about the project follow this tumblr

~ McFly USA – The Film Project.

Are you coming to one of the shows in September? Are you and your friends travelling a long way to get there?

If so… we would love for you to film your journeys as part of McFlys American Documentary film…

Tell us your stories, film your road trip, let us know what these shows mean to you! We will be documenting McFlys trip to America and we would really like to have as many fans as possible involved in telling that story.

If you have a video camera, or DSLR camera with video capability, then start shooting.. The footage should be filmed in PAL (European) not NTSC (USA).

Introduce us to your world, tell us how long you’ve been a fan for, how long you’ve been waiting for McFly to play a show in your country.

Show us your hometowns, your family, your friends.. Show us how McFly has affected your lives.

Film every part of your story and journey to the show you’re attending. The more you film, the more we’ll include.

Be creative and have fun!

Here are a few filmmaking guidelines to help you along your way:

~ Cutaways.

Always get shots of your surroundings. Let us see everything that you see on your journey.

~ Interviews.

Travelling with friends? Interview them… get them to tell you and the camera their McFly stories.

Travelling alone? Film yourself and introduce your story… talk to the camera throughout your trip.

~ Questions.

Where are you from? How long have you been a fan? How many miles are you travelling to see McFly?

Whats your favourite song? How excited are you to see McFly live? Etc….

Once you arrive at the venue, make contact with David Spearing (McFlys cameraman) and he will get all the footage from you to include in his edit of the American Tour film.

Any questions? Send an ask on this tumblr or tweet @davidspearing, email:

Posted by Sandra on July 3 2012

David Spearing posted on Vimeo a new video called showreel 2012 that features some footage from McFly.

David Spearing – 2012 Showreel from David Spearing on Vimeo.


Posted by Sandra on July 2 2012

I added to the gallery a new pic of Dougie and David Spearing that Tom posted on twitter from yesterday at the first meet and greets.

@tommcfly The double D. @dougiemcfly and @DavidSpearing lunching in between meet and greet sessions.

Posted by Sandra on March 8 2012

Dougie just tweeted a new pic of him in reply to a sweet comment David Spearing did to him.

@DavidSpearing @dougiemcfly great night warming hearts with bass strings mate. changing the world one note at a time. #You’reMyHero

@dougiemcfly @DavidSpearing ’twas a pleasure #justhappy2bealive

Posted by Sandra on February 17 2012

David Spearing posted on twitter a new pic of the guys rehearsing for the new tour.

@DavidSpearing At rehearsals.. Sounding great. Can’t wait to get on tour and film!!

Posted by Sandra on January 1 2012

David Spearing, McFly’s cameraman uploaded a Showreel of 2011 with some clips of his work with different artists and obviously there’s lot of clips about McFly and Saint Kidd. Enjoy the video below!

credits for the video to David Spearing


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