Posted by Sandra on July 8 2012

Well according to the source they interviewed Dougie but they posted a pic of Danny.lool

The Mouth of the Tyne Festival returns next week. With performances from the likes of The Wanted, McFly, The South and Heaven 17, there’s something for everyone – and lots more besides. Entertainment Editor Gordon Barr catches up with McFly and has a round-up of all that’s happening in the four-day event.

IT doesn’t take much to get McFly fans screaming for their idols.

But Dougie Poynter has vowed to the Chronicle he has a special plan to make next week’s Mouth of the Tyne gig even more memorable than usual.

“If you come along to the show I guarantee Danny will be naked!” he tells me.

I don’t think he has actually told bandmate Danny that is the case – so fans shouldn’t hold their breath”

But, it’s rock ’n’ roll so you never know!”

Whether or not the chart-toppers do strip off to any degree will depend on the weather, which in past years hasn’t been too kind, although it hasn’t stopped thousands of music lovers enjoying themselves at Tynemouth Priory..

“It sounds amazing. I was speaking to some mates from up there and they were describing it and it sounds really cool,” says former Celebrity King of the Jungle Dougie.

“It better be as good as everyone’s bigging it up to be. Hopefully we’re getting all of the rain out of the way now.

“Since our tour in the spring we’ve been playing about three or four new songs depending how we feel it is going to go down on the day.

“We’ll definitely be playing a couple of new songs and mixing it up with some of the old songs to make it interesting.

“In England you spend so much time indoors that whenever it is ever slightly warm you just want to be outside anyway.”

Dougie, who spent time in rehab following his split with Frankie from The Saturdays, says the band as a whole are in a good place at the moment.

“We don’t have many regrets. You need to learn from your mistakes and life in general.

“We’re all at a really awesome stage in our lives. There’s an amazing sense of humbleness and peace within the McFly camp. We are just doing things how we want to now. We’re not letting outside opinions control us or push us in a certain direction to do certain things.
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