Posted by Sandra on March 16 2012

Rather than release a fragrance, McFly have decided to be a bit more inventive with what to lend their brand image to.

So, they’re bringing out a children’s book which is called – amazingly, The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas and they’ve already signed two deals over it.

Bandmembers Dougie Poynter and Tom Fletcher dreamt up the project and Tom had this to say about it:

“For anyone who knows us, it is easy to see that this book comes from Dougie’s fascination with reptiles, my love of Christmas, and a shared obsession with poop.”

“Dougie and I have been writing songs together for nine years, now, and so we approached writing this book in the same way that we write our lyrics. It being a children’s book, the plot is brilliantly simple – a baby dinosaur who has a big appetite gets a bit carried away. We can almost picture the illustrations already, but we won’t, because we’ve only just finished our Marmite bagel.”

We won’t make any jokes about the book being a pile of poop because that’s too obvious, but what we will say is that it’ll probably turn out to be far more intellectually stimulating than any of Katie Price’s tomes.



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