Posted by Sandra on October 16 2012

I added to the gallery a new pic of Dougie and Alex Day that Carrie shared on twitter.

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@Carriehfletcher Just found this picture on my phone of @thatalexday and @dougiemcfly …posers!

Posted by Sandra on August 24 2011

Dougie spend the day yesterday writing two new songs with Tom, his sister Carrie and Anthony Thomas Brant. Hope we can hear this songs soon!

@tommcfly Wrote 2 killer songs today with @dougiemcfly @Brantanamo and @LittleFletcher. Ate some BBQ ribs too. Great day!

@LittleFletcherHad a lovely day writing with @tommcfly @dougiemcfly and @Brantanamo ! Think we got some tunes!

@Brantanamo Cream bloody crackerd!! A good laugh with @LittleFletcher @tommcfly and @dougiemcfly tho n two great songs DONE!!! NIIIGHT!


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