Posted by Sandra on January 7 2013

McFly visited the Estree Studio of Big Brother’s Bit On The Side and they don’t go noticed…..

Busy reporting on what was going on in the Big Brother House for spin-off Big Brother’s Bit On The Side, like an excited puppy in a pet shop, Rylan spotted McFly through the one sided windows, the cover was blown!

Rylan decided to be a bit naughty and try to peep at the who’s in the camera runs.


Posted by Sandra on December 14 2011

Entertainmentwise is looking for who we think is the best Reality TV Star and Dougie is among the nominees for I’m a Celebrity.

It has been another huge year for reality TV and with the old traditional shows like The X Factor, Big Brother and The Only Way Is Essex having returned to our screens, new favourites including My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding also battled it out for a place in our hearts and our TV screens.

Lets face it! It’s the stars that make the show and this year we have had our fair share of dramas, tears, laughter and stormy arguments thanks to reality TV….But who has entertained you the most?

Do you think Paddy Doherty’s time on Celebrity Big Brother should go down as reality TV gold? Or do you think Amy Childs should be crowned best reality star of 2011 for breaking away from The Only Way Is Essex and launching her own reality show, All About Amy?

What about Dougie Poynter? He may be a musician but since his win in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, has he made the transition to the most lovable reality star in your eyes?

Tell us by voting now!

You can vote for Dougie at the Source


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