Posted by Sandra on October 26 2011
  1. A WIGAN band are appealing to people across the borough to get behind them and help them win a once-in-a-lifetime gig.

    Standish-based pop rock band The Articles have put themselves up against thousands of up and coming bands nationwide in a bid to win the chance to support internationally acclaimed band McFly on their tour next year.

    And as part of the competition the band must get as many public votes as possible to get into the top 50, from which the members of McFly will choose three acts to support them.

    The Articles are a four-piece outfit consisting of Damian Wilson, Steven Grimshaw, Zoe Parr and Arran Milne.

    Lead singer and songwriter Arran Milne, 18, said: “This competition would give us the chance to do what we love more than anything as a career.

    “Some people wait a lifetime for this sort of opportunity, and spend years playing in pubs and clubs before they get anywhere near to getting a break, so for us this chance really is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

    The band has been together for about two years and has performed with some well-known artists in that time, including the lead singer of Kids in Glass Houses, Aled Phillips.

    Arran, of Fairhurst Avenue in Standish, said: “We are all fans of McFly and getting the chance to perform with them would be by far the biggest thing we’ve done.

    “It is really hard to get the first step on the ladder in this industry and this is an amazing opportunity. We really hope the public get behind us.

    “I hope people across the borough would want to support a local act and we would encourage anyone and everyone to vote for us because we really need your help.

    “If we won the chance to tour with McFly, it would also be a great coup for Wigan.”

    To vote for the band, you must log into Facebook and then visit You can search for The Articles and your vote will be recorded.

    For more information, search The Articles on Facebook where you can also hear some of their music.



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