Posted by Sandra on January 12 2012

It seems Dougie will attend the NTA Awards on 25th January, as he told that to Antony Cotton on twitter last night.
The show will be aired on ITV1.

Posted by Sandra on December 1 2011
  1. I’m a Celebrity’s Willie Carson has vented his anger at Antony Cotton and Dougie Poynter for stealing his towels.

    Producers set Cotton and Poynter a secret task to take belongings from other campmates, winning packages from their family if they succeed.

    Oblivious to their challenge, a furious Carson told them: “You don’t steal, you don’t lie. I’m seething, annoyed – these thieves get away with it and we do the time.

    “I’m so f**king angry. If it was just me, I’d have given you a thump and laughed about it. It’s turned nasty, condoning stealing; you can’t do this, condoning thieving – and how can this look good?”

    Cotton argued: “Willie when you get out of here you will see exactly what happened and you will see that you filled in your own blanks and you are wrong. As far as we were aware we were doing it for everyone, we don’t get anything out of it. It’s just a game show!”

    However, the ex-jockey maintained: “He’s lucky I didn’t pull him out of the bed last night, I was very close to it. What you are doing to all the kids in England is condoning stealing. You don’t steal, you don’t lie, even in a game show. It is selfishness and I can’t condone it.”

    Coronation Street star Cotton told Poynter later that he was unhappy with Carson’s fury, saying: “The horrible thing is we never did anything but they did say those things and they did react that way. You can’t take that away, it’s a horrible feeling. You can forgive and forget but can’t take it away.”

    I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here continues tomorrow at 8.30pm on ITV1.


Posted by Sandra on November 29 2011
  1. I’m a Celebrity campmates Dougie Poynter and Antony Cotton continued with their top secret mission to be camp traitors last night.

    The boys have been given various jobs designed to sabotage camp, and for every one they successfully complete they win a prize from a loved one. If they fail however, the duo face a stiff penalty.

    Last night they were asked to carry out two tasks – steal the celebrities’ towels and hide them, and get clean clothes from their campmates and deliberately dirty them, before getting the “washwoman” to clean them again.

    Antony wasn’t too pleased at the job he’d been given initially, ranting: “How on earth can we take all the towels and nobody see it?

    ”You can’t do it. I’ve worked my a*** off in here for 17 days and I’m not having fun. I’m not in the mood. It’s futile. I’m having one of those days.”

    Oh dear! Antony wasn’t best pleased and wandered off the camp into the jungle to get some space and clear his head.

    He later returned to camp though, and after a cuddle from Mark Wright and a bit of a moan in the Bush Telegraph, the Corrie actor decided to give the trial his best go and see if he and Dougie could win some gifts for camp.

    The boys soon set off on their traitor tasks as darkness fell on camp, and Dougie collected the campmates towels before throwing them on the Bush Telegraph roof.

    Antony then managed to come up with some clever ways of completing the task.

    ”I got all the clothes in my hand and in order to make them dirty I tripped and scraped them through the mud. They’re all filthy now,” he revealed.

    He added: “I got Emily [Scott] to wash them in the creek, she got them and rinsed them, so act two of treason has been completed.” Naughty boy!


Posted by Sandra on November 28 2011
  1. I’m A Celebrity stars Dougie Poynter and Antony Cotton have become camp traitors after being set a secret task to sabotage the rule of Prince Willie Carson!

    Over the next three days the duo will carry out several ‘acts of treason’, winning a package for a campmate from friends and family each time they’re successful. However, if the other celebrities discover what they’re up to, they’ll lose the gifts and face a stiff penalty.

    Their first crime was to steal one of the royal crowns and burn it on the campfire.

    As the designated woodsman, Dougie had an excuse to get the flames going, while Antony cunningly decided to do a rubbish sweep. He picked up Princess Lorraine’s crowd and hid it in a paper bag, which he then slipped in to the fire unnoticed.

    She soon noticed it was missing and begun looking for it. “Only I can lose a crown – look at the colour of it, it’s red. I feel silly,” she said.

    However, the McFly bassist’s prankster persona immediately made him a suspect in its disappearance! “I wonder if Dougie has nicked it,” continued Lorraine. “He’s cheeky and it certainly hasn’t disappeared into thin air.”


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