Posted by Sandra on August 11 2012

A few days ago I posted a pic of Andy from the band Lawson rocking a Saint Kidd T-shirt, now his bandmate Joel has fallen under the Saint Kidd spell aswell. And as you can see Andy posted another pic of him wearing a Saint Kidd shirt again, seems that Dougie did a great job sending them some shirts, they are loving them and see them wearing the shirts is a good promotion for Saint Kidd.

Posted by Sandra on August 3 2012

And another famous face wearing shirts from Dougie’s clothing line Saint Kidd, this time it’s Andy from the band Lawson who tweeted a few minutes ago a pic of him wearing the shirt and saying he loves it!! First we saw the One Direction boys wearing Saint Kidd shirts, now a member of Lawson, who’s gonna be next?

@LawsonAndy Sporting my new @Saint_Kidd tee shirt! Love this brand! @dougiemcfly


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