Posted by Sandra on August 30 2011

On Sunday evening, heatworld headed over to the Jolly Day Out Festival at Hampton Court to catch McFly’s final scheduled performance of the year – and have a natter with the boys backstage. Given their punishing work schedule over the past few months, the lads were literally exploding with energy – and Danny almost took out the big wheel with his T-shirt gun! When we ventured behind stage after the show, however, the poor dear was suffering from a serious case of rock-neck (hence the towel).

So, now that they have some free time, what are the boys planning to do next? Write their new album, that’s what. “We’re going away to do it,” Danny tells us. “And this time I think it’s just going to be us.” On their last album Above The Noise, McFly collaborated with Taio Cruz and wrote tracks with Dallas Austin, but this time it sounds as if they’re keeping things closer to home.

Dougie, who’s had a tough year dealing with his break-up from The Saturdays’ Frankie (can we just say again, Wayne Bridge over Dougie? Really?), is back to his cheeky self. And, ladies, we saw no evidence that he’s off the singles market quite yet! You can form an orderly queue behind us.

Tom, naturally, was full of talk about his upcoming wedding to Giovanna Falcone and let slip that he’ll be having not one but three Best Men. Bet you can’t guess who… We did talk to Harry, too, but we can’t remember anything he said because we were mesmerised by his arms. Dear. Lord.

McFly weren’t the only boys getting the girls screaming at the Jolly Day Out – support band City Stereo did a good job of raising the temperatures, too. We asked the band, who have supported McFly on tour in the past, what antics they all got up to while on the road. “We thought we’d be partying every night,” Ryan tells us. “But we were all too knackered. But there was this one night, when Dougie was in the shower…” And? AND? We never did hear how that story ended.

McFly’s next tour will begin in April 2012. For more info on City Stereo, go to

PS Sorry the photo is a little blurred. We think the camera got excited.



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