Posted by Sandra on August 23 2012

It seems that at the end Dougie wasn’t joking about him going to Africa, he confirmed it on his twitter as well as David Spearing who is going with him. Also Tom tweeted about it. They’re leaving tonight but we still don’t know what he’s going to do there but as David is going too I think it would be some kind of charity work or something like that.

Posted by Sandra on August 22 2012

Apparently Dougie is going to Africa today for a little holidays or charity trip before McFly head to the US to do some shows there. I don’t know if that’s 100% true as Dougie is joking on twitter most of the time but he said to one of his friends last night that he was off to Africa today so I guess we’ll see if it’s true or not.

*update* apparently David Spearing is going with him as he tweeted a few days ago about an adventure trip with Dougie, and last night he tweeted that he was taking malaria tablets aswell, so I guess they’re going for a kind of charity trip for Comic Relief or another charity.


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