Posted by Sandra on March 21 2013


When we heard the news that McFly and One Direction were combining their fitness and making music together again, our ovaries went into some form of overload. The thought of so much testosterone, tattoo and trendy bouffant in one recording studio is just TOO MUCH to deal with. So to tip us over the edge, McFly’s Dougie Poynter’s decided to tease us even more about one of their new tracks…and it sounds like a frickin’ belter.

Brace yourselves, ’cause apparently the new McDirection music is ‘stadium epic’. Oh. My Gahd.

Chatting about their tune to BBC Newsbeat, Most Beautiful Bassist in the World Dougie said “It hasn’t got a title at the moment but we wrote the song with Niall. He’s got some good ideas so had a lot of input.” He’s also got good hair and a very sparkly set of teeth, but we guess that goes without saying.

And the big ol’ tease didn’t stop there, adding “They are smart guys. They know what they’re doing. They play to arenas and stadiums around the world, so I think it’s a bit of a challenge to come up with some songs to go with that.”

Oh HOLD THE PHONE AND SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. Sounds to us like Dougie’s suggesting their new song’s gonna have us all jumping around doing silly dances in stadiums, probably chanting a mahoosive chorus and looking slightly ridiculous. Exciting. And we all know the lads have teamed up before on Up All Night’s ‘I Want’ and Take Me Home’s ‘I Would’, so this is gonna be frickin’ awesome, innit?

What do you reckon? Excited to hear the boys’ new tune? Leave us a comment after this very serious McFly vid and we’ll love you forever.



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