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After one casual supergroup venture, a couple of new McBaby births and twelve years of waiting in Azkaban (feels like it anyway), McFly are finally back looking and sounding better than ever before. No seriously, we went to watch their Anthology Tour last night at London’s O2 Forum, and it was probably the best and sweatiest show that we’ve ever been to in our entire lives.

The premise of the Anthology Tour is simple but epic. Every single McFly song ever recorded, from every album they’ve ever released, split neatly across three back-to-back evenings. We were lucky enough to be invited down to celebrate the ye olde Room on The Third Floor era of McFly – along with a few extra fan favourites chucked on top for good measure.

So how did the lads get on with singing vintage songs about parents being out of town, getting laid behind the garden shed and wanting to date surfer babes, now that they’ve got a combined age of approximately 119? Oooh, let’s discuss.

The Setlist

Seeing as the Anthology Tour already spoils the exact set list that you’re signing up for, it was pretty much a given that we were gonna love every second of McFly’s ROTTF show, from the first ‘Do do do do do DO’ of ‘Five Colours’, all the way through to the final ‘Sheeee caaaares’ of ‘Brocolli’.

We’ll let you in on a little, verging on embarrassing, secret here. Sugarscape’s Lucy has in fact lost count of the number of times that she’s seen McFly live over the years. It’s potentially 26 (give or take a few), but even a McVeteran like her was able to see the band perform some songs for the very first time. We saw stuff like ‘Met This Girl’ and ‘Down By The Lake’ which we’ve waited literally DECADES to hear live, so that was exciting.

McFly also promised that a handful of greatest hits would feature amongst the antics for Night One, but it’d probably be more accurate to call it a fan favourite selection. While ‘Star Girl’ and ‘All About You’ didn’t make the cut (gasp), low key gems like ‘No Worries’ and ‘Silence Is A Scary Sound’ did. The impromptu fan request of the night was, of course, Anne Boleyn and her tin in ‘Transylvania’.

What were the best bits, then?

Would it be cheating if we said that the best bits were approximately 8.45pm through to 10.30pm? That’s the entire set, just in case we’ve made that slightly confusing.

From the moment Tom, Danny, Dougie and Harry walked on stage in sparkly denim jackets and sweater vests to kick off ‘Five Colours’, we were transported back to the days of 2004, recording their TV appearances on VHS and keeping a scrap book of their Smash Hits mag appearances. Don’t judge.

What struck us the most is that, even after thirteen years of strumming out these songs, the boys still manage to put on the most epic, fresh and exciting show every single time. They truly love what they do – they love their own music, they love the moments when the whole venue is filled with fans singing back their lyrics, they love the memories that they’ve created together, and the love is very much mutual.

Special shout out to the incredible harmonies of an acoustic ‘No Worries’, Dougie’s impromptu rendition of ‘Diarrhoea’ for old times sake, and of course the ‘McFly’s here forever’ moment of ‘The Heart Never Lies’, which guarantees tears every. single. time.

Any bits that weren’t all that?

Well err, the bit when they went off stage wasn’t great. There was also a fairly large banner in front of us which said ‘Danny Danny, play with our fanny’, so that’s always nice.

The one tiny complaint that we would like to chuck into the mix is that ‘Get Over You’ didn’t make an appearance, and any true McFly fan knows that you had to rewind ‘Five Colours’ on your CD player to find it as a secret track on the album. Seeing as it was technically part of the album, it should have been part of the setlist. Just sayin’.

Final verdict?

As a band who can usually pack out an arena right up to the rooftops, seeing McFly in an intimate venue is always gonna be a special one (their spit could ACTUALLY LAND ON YOU FFS). But combine the close atmosphere with such an incredibly nostalgic set list, some hilarious audience interaction, and the promise of some brand new music coming our way very soon, and it was pretty much the dream evening for any McFly fan. YAY.



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