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As always click the tras more button to read the article as it has some spoilers from the tour.

IT’S a whole nine years since McFly first came together as a band of young teens and promptly topped the charts with debut album Room on the Third Floor and they still hold the Guinness Record as the youngest band to debut in pole position.

So you would think that nearly a decade on their sound might have changed and indeed it has.

The opening track with its hefty dancey beats and heavy rocky riffs was one of the clearest indications yet that the band are maturing into a more rocky incarnation.

Throughout the set there was a very obvious division between newer numbers, especially those from their forthcoming sixth studio album and the earlier, formulaic, incredibly catchy poppy rock dittties that first propelled them up the charts.

Brand new offerings Do Watcha, Red and Touch The Rain, almost sounded like they came from a different band from the one that gave us Five Colours In Her Hair, Obviously and It’s All About You. And yet the sell out crowd, which consisted of young teens down the front as well as a larger mature contingent in the seats, lapped it all up, going mental for the oldies, but more than happy to take on board the new stuff.

A nine year career for any band is pretty impressive and although Mcfly are an incredibly talented ensemble in their own right, penning their own material and controlling their own label, they are only too aware of the fickle nature of the business.

So for Dougie and Harry not only to partake in reality TV shows but win I’m A Celebrity and Strictly respectively, obviously did much to raise the band’s profile.

Dougie, probably with the edge in the popularity stakes, but formerly the quiet one, this time emerged as a far more vocal contributor in between songs than before. And the chat with the crowd, always an important part of the show, was as fun and entertaining as ever.

All round entertainers, they delighted with a medley of covers from a prone position on the stage, before an encore that featured a beautiful solo ballad from Danny then a roof raising rendition of recent single Shine A Light.

And as the crowd hollered their appreciation at the end, they had the usual off the scale effect on the scream-o-meter.

Love ‘em.



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