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Here’s an article about the glasgow gig!

After more than their fair share of reality tv shows, McFly have decided they can win anything, and are back on tour chasing those female hearts that propelled them to supergroup status almost a decade ago.

With anarchy wild amongst the largely female audience, and shouts of “We don’t care,” rather than “Burn your bra,” the four-piece on their Keep Calm And Play Louder tour certainly fulfilled the second part of that agreement. There was not a lot of calm in the house, with the seated crowd rebelling and swarming the front of the stage, whilst the two upper tiers bounced in unity, in an attempt to get themselves 100ft closer to their idols.

McFly may have lost their denim cut-offs and puppy fat, but it would seem their voices are still to break in the whiney tones of One For The Radio. Maintaining their Animaniac energy regardless of their new muscular physique, the sing-a-long crowd were probably similar to those who’ll be attending Girls’ Day Out at The SECC next weekend.

The happy-go-lucky Star Girl and I Wanna Hold You kept the candyfloss high on the go, with the audience going wilder for a guitar solo than a 10% off day at Topshop.

Musically the four-piece cannot really be faulted, with their impressive harmonies and flawless playing. They are just incredibly irritating if you’re not a McFly fan, and I can now confirm, if you weren’t one to start with, seeing the pop-punkers all grown-up and live is in no way going to change your opinion. In this case it has only cemented it.

Chatting with the crowd between tracks full of cheeky-chappie humour, they slag Dougie Poynter for his jungle win before shouty new track Do Whatcha. Sending the two middle-aged woman next to me into the start of their zumba marathon for the remainder of the show, I should probably just be pleased it wasn’t powerhoop they were into.

Another new track, Red, is proudly introduced, a notable attempt at stepping into big boy territory with the extra synth and heavy bass on this track. Said to be their next single and involving a lot of jumping, the heavier track goes down well with fans who look happy to graduate into this pseudo electro-rock territory.

Racing through their top hits and five albums, Obviously and All About You keep the crowd bounding before throwing even more hits into the set for a covers medley. Beginning with their own Everybody Knows, they meander into Bon Jovi, Rihanna and Gotye to name a few, with no rocking the crowd to bedtime as now they’re all grown up only the bar awaits.

After the surf-pop and slick moves of 5 Colours In Her Hair, McFly leave fans hanging in their boy band era with their last top-ten single Shine A Light. With rumours of their sixth album being released shortly, let’s just hope McFly grown-up don’t infect the nation as they did eight years ago. Bieber Fever is enough to content with these days.



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