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McBusted kick-started their Most Excellent Adventure Tour in Glasgow last week, appearing on stage alongside the world’s biggest arcade machine.

Digital Spy caught up with the six-piece the morning after the first show to find out how they brought their latest larger-than-life show together.

The first show was a success, but that didn’t stop McBusted worrying about it going right on the night.

Matt: “There was so much worry that certain things weren’t going to go right, because it’s got to work, that show. There’s so many elements.”
Tom: “We know what we’re doing musically now because we’ve been playing these songs for a while, but it more that there’s so much that’s out of your control. You know you’re about to step on something and you hope it goes down under the stage! You are just totally relying on everyone pulling together and making sure they’re doing the right thing at the right time.”

But there was nearly trouble when James almost forgot to get on his mark to disappear under the stage.

Tom: “There was a bit where we were meant to be on our marks on the floor to go down under the stage, and it’s probably a five foot hole you go down into, and all of us were standing on it apart from James! But we have in-ears in, so you can’t shout at him, and you can’t go get him. They just trust you’re going to be on it because they can’t see you. So James wasn’t on it and so we were like, we’re all going to go and James half on and falling into his f**king hole. Or he’ll just get left on stage and we’ll all disappear underneath.”
James: “It’s scary – there’s a lot to remember! It was the first time we had went through it all together. There was this element of, ‘Is thing going to work, or is that thing going to work?'”

Matt: “James, what went through your head when you heard the three, two…'”
James: “I literally s**t myself.”
Tom: “James I was looking at you because I thought you were going to forget, and on the ‘three’, I think your brain was like, ‘What is it counting down to?’ And then it was only on ‘two, one’ that you remembered!”
James: “I’ll admit it: I’m a notorious zoner-outer. I get wrapped up in the moment. I go on stage and interact with people. It’s like footprints in the snow, and last night we were walking through fresh snow.”
Matt: “Don’t follow James’s footprints!”

James also has to ride a chopper around the stage at one point, so we asked him how he felt afterwards.

James: “Knackered. It’s tiring. There’s a lot going on and a lot to get used to. I have a head mic on, it’s set to a key so I don’t sing… because the song is quite electronic on the album, so we want to get that across. So you have the head mic on, the bike, and then getting down from the higher stage and getting on another bike to go peddling around when there’s members of the band you have to dodge. If one them doesn’t see you and you go into them, you’re going to end up in the OMFG zone.”

McBusted’s stage is basically the world’s largest arcade machine, but how does it work?

Harry: “It’s very simple. It’s connected to a Sega Mega Drive and it’s just infrared underneath that’s connected to the buttons. The only problem is we don’t have a start button, so the guy backstage can do it – so when we’re selecting a player, he changes the C button to start.”

Who gets to keep it when the tour is over, though?

Harry: “I don’t want it!”
James: “None of our houses are big enough… yet!”
Tom: “It’s so amazing playing it – I played Sonic on it the other day.”

If McBusted could be in any computer game, which one would it be?

Tom:Sonic all the way!”
Harry:Mortal Kombat. It’s my favourite game of all time.”
Matt: “I’d be in Tomb Raider.”
Harry: “She would just beat the f**k out of you!”
Matt: “No she wouldn’t – she’d be so into me.”
Dougie: “Which generation of Lara Croft? The first one with incredibly pointy square boobs?
Matt: “She looked really weird then.”
Dougie: “Did anyone just get her to run into walls so she made the noise ‘Uhh, uhh, uhh’? I was young.”

Deciding on the setlist was relatively easy.

Harry: “We read it out in the first day of rehearsals and it just came together. It was quite easy.”
Matt: “We knew what to drop from the last one and what to add in.”
Harry: “It took a bit of debate. ‘Riding My Bike’ took a bit of persuasion.”

But we did mention that ‘Transylvania’ failed to make the cut… again.

Harry: “Well it was nearly in there. It was a toss-up. We took it out because we had one song too many. It was a toss-up between that and ‘One For The Radio’.”

McBusted released their debut album back in December, and are pretty pleased with its performance.

Harry: “It’s done well. It’s sold over 130,000 records or something like that, which in comparison with the exposure it had, we’re pretty blown away by that.”
Matt: “We didn’t get much big radio play – like Radio 1 or Capital FM – so to be fair it did pretty well. It’s not dead yet – it’s still going.”
Harry: “The way we see it, it’s still in play. We’re really keen to keep pushing it. I think there’s still a lot of people who will come and see us that haven’t got the album, so hopefully they’ll go away and hear songs like ‘Riding My Bike’ and ‘Beautiful Girls’ and be like, ‘Ah, okay.'”
James: “I think it will help our album.”

But can we expect another single from them any time soon?

Tom: “We don’t really know the plan yet – we’ve not spoken about it.”



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