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Again as the review contains spoilers from the shows if you want to read it click the read more button below.

Their nostalgic trip was supported with a little help from a band called Busted

Many pop bands have come and gone in the last ten years but McFly have outlived them all. When they announced their anniversary shows, tickets sold out within minutes forcing them to add two extra dates. Four nights at the Royal Albert Hall to celebrate the years they have spent together, and boy was it wonderful.

London’s Royal Albert Hall is one of the most beautiful venues in the UK. Its high ceilings and grand structure made the whole event feel really special. With venues like Wembley and the O2 it’s hard to forget the prestigious hall, but this venue should be considered just as important, mainly due to its extravagance, which includes a royal box!

As usual the audience ranged from teenage girls, families, twenty-somethings and we even spotted an older couple enjoying themselves. Being that it was a special occasion, an anniversary, the feeling of anticipation was evident. Was there going to be a surprise? Could Busted really make an appearance? It was all to play for before McFly came out.

Celeb Spots
Chris Moyles appeared on the big screen half way through the show, and joked when Busted gave birth to McFly, while also recalling when Tom was “fat!” But he was there for one reason, to introduce a song he played every Friday on Radio 1 for years, ‘Star Girl’ of course! Then the BEST celebrity appearance occurred. The big screen came down again with James Bourne and Matt Willis talking about how they knew McFly would break, and that they had a bond Busted didn’t have, this alone was very special. The intro for ‘Year 3000’ began, and there was an almighty Busted jump in which James and Matt appeared on the stage. Busted (minus Charlie, we won’t ask!) and McFly together as one at the Royal Albert Hall, as expected sent the room into hysterics. After greeting each other with a nonchalant, “Hi Busted” and “Hi McFly,” the two acts then proceeded to play ‘Air Hostess’ and ‘Shine A Light’, making for a moment fans will never forget.

Main Performance
The show started with first album classics ‘Saturday Night’ and ‘Surfer Babe’ which was followed by the famous and well loved ‘Obviously.’ It seems the show was structured album by album as the next section featured Wonderland’s finest ‘I’ll Be Okay’ and ‘I’ve Got You.’

Between songs there was video interludes, mainly of the boys talking about how special the event was and how surprised they were to have lasted this long. Montages of McFly as teenagers graced the screen and Dougie always received the biggest scream. They are clearly so thankful for their success and as Danny played ‘Not Alone’ he told the fans when he wrote it he never thought ten years on he would be playing it to the Royal Albert Hall.

Tom Fletcher is a great song writer; we all know this from his now infamous wedding speech, so it was no surprise when he took to the piano to play a song he had written especially for the occasion. Titled McFly: The Musical, it took a fun look at the last ten years including “those Busted b******s,” Harry’s Strictly win and a cheeky mention of Dougie’s stint in rehab.

They premiered a new song from album six called ‘Love is on the Radio’ which most fans really embraced, positively hyping up the anticipation for the new music. Then it was back to the classics for ‘5 Colours In Her Hair’ and ‘All About You’ both of which were a little rocked up but still sounded fantastic and classically McFly.

‘The Heart Never Lies’ closed the concert with confetti, pyrotechnics and a lot of emotion. As usual Tom changed the lyrics to ‘It’s not always easy, but McFly’s here forever,’ adding a very sweet touch to the song. Fitting with the elegance of the venue when the boys had thrown their picks, sticks and towels into the crowd they joined together and took a bow like true showmen.

Our Verdict?
McFly always perform to the best of their ability and appreciate their fans so much that their stage presence is insane. It’s almost impossible for them to run out of energy because there is never a dull moment. Their onstage banter is hilarious and their connection as a band is undeniable. One of Britain’s best pop bands smashed it at the Royal Albert Hall, so here’s to another ten years!



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