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Tonight at the O2 Academy is a mass of giddy hormones and excitement, for one reason, Mcfly. The crowd is buzzing even 20 minutes before the guys take to the stage. As the lights dim, the loudest screams I have ever heard in person take over.

Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones and Dougie Poynter appear on stage, where the crowd reaches fever pitch. They start off with a short acapella version of Memory Lane. The curtains drop to reveal drummer Harry Judd, and the Academy goes phone crazy as the crowds start snapping photos of the lads. Without stopping for air the band launch into the opening brace of That Girl and Star Girl. After a short chat with the crowd they burst into a short rendition of Dougie’s solo master piece Transylvania, before the instantly recognisable chords of Five Colours in Her Hair start, and the crowd go crazy, dancing and chanting the lyrics back to the lads. Each harmony is spot on and their energy on stage is incredible, the audience loves it.

Mcfly reveal that they want Birmingham to be as loud as possible, and make this the best gig of their tour, which encourages the audience to make much more noise! Danny encouraging the audience by saying “Nobody sits down at a Mcfly concert”. After two of the bands slower songs, Falling in Love and Room on the Third Floor, Danny questions the crowd as to if they know what the first ever song written by Mcfly was. The crowd is full of shouts and chants of various original Mcfly songs, before the band reveal it was in fact Obviously while launching into the catchy tune.
Mid set the band announce that they are going to do something that they don’t normally do at shows, as Tom shouts that they’re going to bring up a fan of stage the room erupts in screams. Amidst a bit of confusion as to what’s going on a couple appear on stage and without a doubt the crowd start guessing. Within seconds it’s clear that the young gentlemen on stage is about to propose to his girlfriend and the excitement in the crowd arises. Accepting his proposal the room fills with cheers for the newly engaged happy couple!

Proceeding back to the music we are treated to Corrupted, Nowhere Left to Run, Bubblewrap and Smile, plus the big hits Lies and I’ll Be Ok which provoke lots of noise from the army of fans. Next the band donned some trademark hats, and treated the fans to party favourite Y.M.C.A with the crowds singing along and dancing the actions right back at them.

Fans were then treated to favourites Shine a Light and One for the Radio. As they thank the audience, we feel as if we are approaching the end of the show, and McFly leave the stage following an incredible version of Memory Lane, which creates a loud reaction from the crowd.

After a full 5 minutes of screaming, shouting, chanting and stamping of feet, the band return for the encore of Love is Easy, All About You and The Heart Never Lies. The vocal power, energy and presence from Mcfly, along with the audience made for an amazing set and fantastic atmosphere for all present. Mcflyare a great band who possesses admirable song writing ability and outstanding harmonies. Top marks for the lads.

Review by Dayna Farrington. Photos by Jemma Dodd.


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