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Read below a good review from the first night of the OTRA Tour, it says really good things about McBusted.

Hi, my name’s Chelsea and I am a Directioner.

And after the boyband bonanza that took place during ONE DIRECTION’s ‘On The Road Again Tour’ at Sydney’s Allianz Stadium last night, I am now also a McBusted-er.

Making the decision to leapfrog on stage [literally], supergroup MCBUSTED are definitely the older – however maybe not so wiser – big brother boyband to One Direction. Opening with a cover of Busted’s ‘Air Hostess’, they were solely there to bring the party, and a party they brought.

With adorkable, co-ordinated dance-moves receiving many a cheer from onlookers, the exclamation that “Dougie has tiny nipples” lead into ‘Hate Your Guts’.

Considering that the majority of the crowd were possibly still crawling when McFly and Busted separately jumped [or leapfrogged] onto the scene, many of them had brushed up on their knowledge on musical material as they sang along to ‘Star Girl’ before smashing out ‘Get Over It’ word for word.

Closing their set on the goldmine of all Busted songs, my youth came flooding back to me as the famous opening guitar riff for ‘Year 3000’ weaved through the speakers. Do not fear, I made the most of my many years perfecting the lyrics on Singstar and I am not ashamed.



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