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It doesn’t seem two minutes ago that McFLy burst into our hearts with the catchy pop number 5 Colours In Her Hair.

Now they are in the middle of their 10 year anniversary tour also known as Memory Lane: The Best Of McFly.

They wowed the sold out Manchester Apollo on Friday and Saturday night last week. Now where to start.

Well a little surprise for the Manchester fans was that good friend of the band, and former Busted-man James Bourne played a couple of his own songs as well as Busted classics including Year 3000, which got the fans vocal chords warmed up for the main event.

The stage was set up like an old school 50′s gig and instead of their usual casual attire, the McFly boys had matching suits with the saxophonist, keyboardist and trumpet player wearing matching outfits too.

The boys started up tempo with That Girl and Star Girl followed by Dougie’s own written song ‘Transylvania’ which is a massive favourite with the McFly fans.

Then they took things right back to the start and played their debut single 5 Colours In Her Hair which had the whole venue bouncing.

They then slowed the pace right down while Tom showed off his incredible piano skills while the boys played Falling in Love, followed by Room on the Third floor and Obviously.

For people who think McFly are just pop friendly type of musicians then you need to think again.

The whole crowd was jumping at ‘Corrupted’ a song which even by the title you can tell is not going to be radio friendly pop. Instead something which would be quite at home on Kerrang TV, but a style which clearly the audience of majority females still loved.

This was followed by just as rockier ‘Nowhere Left To Run’ and the incredibly catchy ‘Lies’ – a song which if you manage not to jump around like a complete idiot to then theres something wrong with you.

Tom jumped back on his piano to do a slowed down version of ‘I’ll be OK’ which truth be told was incredibly emotional, as was ‘Bubblewrap’ which then followed.

To cheer everyone up it was then ‘Smile’. And when a song has lyrics like ‘C’mon show us your teeth and what you’ve got underneath’ you can’t help but smile at.

Now you might think that in 10 years, the McFly boys might have grown up a bit, well you’d be wrong. They jumped headfirst into the cover medley which consisted of ‘It’s Alright, Y. M. C. A. and Don’t Worry, Be Happy’, and donned true Village People headgear. It really was something else.

‘Shine a Light’ and ‘One For The Radio followed the madness that was the cover section and the main bit ended with the tour’s title song ‘Memory Lane’ which seemed incredibly appropriate.

The encore featured Tom’s now famous pink ukulele which helped the band with their most recent single ‘Love Is Easy’. This was followed by quite possibly their most famous song in the eyes of non-McFly fans ‘All About You’.

To end the amazing trip down Memory Lane they finished with ‘The Heart Never Lies’ a song which is emotional at the best of times. But when Tom belts out ‘It’s not always easy but McFly’s here forever’ you can’t help but have a tear in your eye (or in my case full blown crying meltdown.)

There is not one band that deserves the success as much as the McFly boys and I really hope they do stay true to their word.




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