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Ten years ago the fresh-faced members of boyband McFly embarked on their very first tour, starting in Wolverhampton.

Fast forward a decade and, while the teen rockers may have turned into men – now complete with a smart new image, masculine body art and wedding bands – their love of the city that helped kick off their super successful career has never waned.

They can sell out huge arenas for a laugh. But that doesn’t stop the boys returning to their spiritual home on every tour in a nod to those who have been with them from the very beginning.

It is a simple sentiment and one that tells you that regardless of the fame, money and adoration from millions, these down-to-earth lads are still, well, thoroughly nice chaps.

And for that they are repaid with some of the most loyal fans in the game – some who were happy to camp for more than a day in the wind and rain to get as close to their idols on stage at as possible.

Armed with tents, sleeping bags, camping chairs and snacks the die-hard McFly clan started arriving outside the city’s Civic Centre from midday on Friday – a whole 30 hours before the venue’s doors even opened.

Jessica Kennedy, aged 21 and Emma Lofald, 21, even travelled from Wisconsin in the U.S to be at the show.

Emma, whose birthday was on the day of the gig said: “I’ve loved these guys for the last six to seven years and they never play the US and we were visiting England we thought this would be our only time to see them.

“I wanted to get as close as I could to them. They have great personalities.

“I don’t mind sitting in the rain in Wolverhampton on my birthday because it is worth it to see them play.”

Also in the queue was Helen Clement, 27, who had been in the queue since midday on Friday since arriving in Wolverhampton from Paris with her parents Laurent and Catherine.

Helen said: “You have to do it. We even write numbers on the hands of the people who get here first so there’s no pushing in. We all stick together. It’s what we do to make sure we see the band.”

I’ve seen them in Paris and in London a few times but this was my first visit to Wolverhampton. I’d watch them anywhere, I keep coming back and I never get bored.”

Claudia Cala, 23, and her sister Julia Cala, 22, travelled from Brussells in Belgium and had also joined the queue at midday on Friday.

Julia said: “This is the seventieth time that I have seen them. I have seen them play in Belgium, France, London, Newcastle, Wigan, so many places and I don’t get bored. Each show gets better and better if it didn’t I wouldn’t be here it’s also a great chance of seeing the world. We have had our tent here since noon on Friday. We’re used to it now.”

Shannon Cooper, from Claregate, Wolverhampton, who queued for 13 hours to get inside the Civic for Saturday’s show, said: “You get the feeling they really care about the fans they’re down to earth and that really comes across well on stage.

“I still love coming out to see them. They’re just amazing guys.”

And the dedicated masses were not disappointed with the show that their idols put on for them.

Scattered with their biggest hits from the past 10 years, the Memory Lane show succeeded in putting a smile on the faces of every member of the crowd.

A string of undeniably catchy hits performed over continuous screeches from the audience, including Obviously, Five Colours in Her Hair and All About You, got the crowds on their feet, with some dancing and jumping around like they had not a care in the world while the band finished to raptuous applause with the melodic The Heart Never Lies.

With the majority of the crowd made up of twenty-something women, it appears that those who got on board the McFly bandwagon all those years ago are still very much enjoying the party.

But the hundreds of parents waiting outside the venue to pick up their youngsters at the end of the show proved that they are still gathering a whole new generation of fans into their fold.

Some dismissed them as a flash-in-the-pan act who would fade into obscurity after their band of followers grew up.

But these boys have learned the recipe to long-lasting success – take natural musical talent, use it to write feel-good hits, have fun – and, in their own words, always keep your feet on the ground.



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