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VILLAGE People’s YMCA blasts out of the PA system and the whole auditorium stands up and pulls the iconic dance moves.

But anyone expecting a high-camp pop event will be sorely disappointed.

This is a boy band but not as we know it. There are no slick choreographed moves or mimed songs here. Instead we have a proper band, with proper instruments. You may dismiss them as pop, but they play it from the heart.

McFly have been making music for nearly nine years. They are in the process of recording their sixth studio album. How many bands in this day and digital age can say the same?

When they take to the stage the hysterical screams are deafening. McFly bounce on and blast through three songs before finally pausing to greet the crowd. The set is a superb mix of material from old and recent albums that contains some pop gems such as Star Girl, I Wanna Hold You, Broccoli and Lies.

Several new songs are aired including Red, an electro-pop behemoth that is sonically heavier than anything the band has done previously, and Touch the Rain, which shows McFly are maturing with their audience.

The video projections shown on stage reveal their transformation from baby-faced teens to the young men performing for us.

In between songs Tom and Danny gently rib Dougie and Harry about their recent reality TV appearances.

Dougie and Harry counter the attacks with friendly banter and light up instruments saying: “We’ll be the face of the band, you two keep writing the songs”.

Tom and Danny get to show off those song-writing skills with gusto.

She Falls Asleep starts as a touching piano ballad before launching into a breakdown of overdriven guitars and gut-wrenching vocals. Second single Obviously from the first album segues neatly into All About You and showcases the close harmonies that the band became famous for.

Before the show ends McFly do a great power pop medley. Everybody Knows blends into Livin’ On a Prayer, We Found Love, What Makes you Beautiful, Somebody I Used to Know and I Wanna Dance With Somebody before jumping into their breakthrough single 5 Colours in Her Hair.

After the encore the show finally ends with Shine a Light and as McFly leave the stage the shouts of “we want more” are cacophonous.



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