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Another review from the tour, glad to see how the media realize how amazing are McFly live!

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WHAT an absolutely incredible show we witnessed at the Colston Hall. The tour is entitled Memory Lane to promote the album of the same name containing all of their hits and more.

The show opened with a bang, sweeping through hit after hit in a nonstop barrage which brought the audience to a frenzy that never subsided. There was none of the usual bland chitchat you get from other bands between songs as McFly kept the music coming.

Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones are incredible as they interchange between lead vocals, lead guitar and general crowd pleasers without hesitation. They really do appear to be on exactly the same wavelength and whilst obviously they are well rehearsed, it seems to run much deeper than just being professional, they are magic to watch.

Dougie Poynter is so much more than a normal bass player, usually they stand in the corner looking cool and aloof, not Dougie!

He’s like a man possessed as he throws himself around stage, playing more like a lead guitarist than any bass player I’ve seen.

Harry Judd on the drums, by contrast, is Mr Cool, effortlessly driving the band on, he makes it all look so very easy.

When McFly felt the need for some talking they pitched it just right, not too long, not too cringy and then back to the music.

There was just no let up in the parade of hits, Five Colours In Her Hair, Room On The 3rd Floor,Please Please, Obviously, Star Girl – the list was endless and the adoring fans just lapped up every second, However, this is not just some sugar sweet pop group, these boys can really play and play they did.

Going from pop to hard rock and back again, they are so tight, there is nothing negative in their performance at all.

Coming back on for an encore after deafening applause, the boys treated us to Love Is Easy and The Heart Never Lies before finally ending with All About You. Amazing, sensational, spectacular, astonishing. I am exhausted!



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