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My ears are still ringing; but I’m not complaining. This high decibel, high octane gig was an evening of euphoria for McFly fans and tag-alongs alike. The screaming and foot tapping will almost certainly have registered on the Richter scale.

From the second they launched on stage – an a cappella opening, their harmonies as tight as their white shirts – the momentum never waned.

First That Girl, then the super Star Girl, Transylvania and their debut number one single, 5 Colours In Her Hair; the hits came thick and fast.

It must be a wonderful feeling for a band when everyone sings along to every song, no seat left sat in. And after a decade of making rock pop with a punky, sometimes funky edge, McFly are clearly doing something right.

There’s no hiding how much they were enjoy themselves either, their between-song interjections as serious as their waistcoat, tie and trainers combo.

This being a greatest hits tour, tracks such as Obviously and the brass-laden Lies, a slower, acoustic version of I’ll Be OK – which glorified Danny and Tom’s mellifluous tone – Shine a Light and One for the Radio, all had their place.

And while drummer Harry hammered away on his platform, Tom, Danny and Dougie demonstrated the end of phrase, jump and strum technique – a lively move, best used, well, all the time, it seems.

The encore was a fitting end to a fun, fast-paced gig, and featured their latest single, Love Is Easy, and everyone’s favourite All About You. But all good things must come to an end, and an emotional rendition of The Heart Never Lies was as good as it got.



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