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Sirens sounding, screaming all over, enough Strictly fans to fill Blackpool ballroom; McFly haven’t really changed in the nine years they’ve been together. Tonight, they play songs from their latest LP which was credited as being far more independent than it’s predecessors but I am telling categorically…This Is McFly. Hits like ‘Stargirl‘, ‘All About You‘ and the sickly-sweet ‘5 Colours In Her Hair‘ all spark a nostalgic hysteria.

The four bandmates banter with each other in an almost playground like fashion on stage. Dougie and Harry both get congratulated for their reality TV success, which again makes everyone scream as if they’d won there and then. Their songs are sounding as tight as ever; the bouncy melodies with radio-constructed harmonies haven’t been fractured at all over the years. It would be very easy to criticize the way they joke with each other and put it down to fakery, put in place to keep the fans on side. They may ham up the innocence of their enjoyment but the enjoyment seems legitimate all the same.
When a basic riff is looped McFly manage to stay down with the kids by singing choruses of ‘We Found Love’ and ‘That’s What Makes You Beautiful‘ before an ironic rendition of Busted’s ‘Year 3000’. This moment sort of made it feel like McFly had grown up and were now mature enough to satirise their old rivalries. Any hint of maturity was shattered when the inevitable ‘Do-do-do-do-do’s of their breakout single are sounded. Bands like this are often fleeting – they can be manufactured for an era then disbanded when the age is over.
The fact that McFly have maintained this fan base after so long is an achievement in itself. It would be fair to say that most of the ladies at this gig are here because they like it when Len Goodman says ‘SEVEN‘ but nevertheless- McFly managed to sell out a venue then put on a show where new material is embedded with old pop favourites in a way that still looks comfortable. Their closing song, ‘Shine a Light‘, is said to be one of their best selling singles to date. The crowd are singing along and the band look happy to be playing. McFly may have grown up a bit, but they haven’t yet grown out of it all.



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