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This week, our reviewer advises a career change for Mr. Barlow and fears for the safety of the world with the formation of McBusted.

McFly – Love Is On The Radio

The radio is full of hatred and lies. And so, if my current relationship is anything to go by, then yes, love is on the radio. WHEYYYYY! That joke would probably get a massive laugh if the unhappy guy in Married With Children said it and then flushed a toilet. Anyway, this is a typical, catchy McFly song. You’ll probably find yourself humming it on the bus once or twice during the next couple of weeks and so it serves its purpose. But, what I really want to talk about is McBusted. Did that actually happen? During my week long medication-and-phlegm-fuelled nightmare, I’m sure I saw something about McFly and Busted making a supergroup together, but I genuinely can’t be sure if that was just a fever dream. If it is a real thing, I think we can resolutely say that the world is no longer safe. We can’t fight such a phenomenon. The human race is doomed to a life of vacant lyrics and contrived happiness. All we can do is welcome our new demonic overlords and offer sacrifices of hair-gel, tight jeans and pop-rock, guitar jumps.



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