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Dougie attended the WGSN Futures awards last night in London and he was looking extremely good in a black suit.


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I added to the gallery some pics of Dougie and Tom at different events last week. Dougie attended last night the re opening of the Jazz Cafe in Camden and Tom attended the John Lewis Garden rooftop and the Lorraine Awards.




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Sadly McFly has postponed their tour to september as Harry has been diagnosed with an hernia. Read the full statement below. We wish Harry a good recovery and can’t wait to see them play in a few months!

Harry Judd has an acute disc herniation at C6/7 level and sadly cannot perform this June as he needs treatment and a period of rest.

Harry Judd adds: “I’m absolutely gutted that we’ve had to postpone the tour. I’ve honestly tried everything to make it work, but I’d never want to do a tour where I wouldn’t be able to give you guys the 110% performance you deserve every night. I’m going to do all the rehab possible to get myself ready to do the most epic shows we’ve ever put on!”

Tom Fletcher says: “Sorry we’ve had to move the tour. Completely Harry’s fault. All complaints to be sent to @mcflyharry. On a more positive note, it gives Danny more time to learn the words to our songs. See you all in September.”

All existing dates from June have been rescheduled for September. The new dates are as follows:

September 2016

Monday 12 – Manchester Academy
Tuesday 13 – Manchester Academy
Wednesday 14 – Manchester Academy

Friday 16 – Glasgow O₂ Academy
Saturday 17 – Glasgow O₂ Academy
Sunday 18 – Glasgow O₂ Academy

Wednesday 21 – Birmingham O₂ Academy
Thursday 22 – Birmingham O₂ Academy
Friday 23 – Birmingham O₂ Academy

Monday 26 – London O₂ Forum Kentish Town
Tuesday 27 – London O₂ Forum Kentish Town
Wednesday 28 – London O₂ Forum Kentish Town

All original tickets will be valid for the rescheduled corresponding shows – so if you’re attending Show 2 (tracks from ‘Wonderland’ and ‘Motion in the Ocean’) in Manchester your ticket is valid for Show 2 in Manchester for the rescheduled date. For any issues or enquires please contact your point of purchase.

Last month McFly announced a 2016 UK tour, playing up close and personal at historic rock venues across London, Glasgow, Birmingham and Manchester. The Anthology Tour is a unique concept; the band will play three nights in each city, with each concert featuring a different set list from a different McFly album, alongside some of the band’s biggest hits.

The first night in each city will feature songs from ‘Room on The Third Floor’, the second night songs from ‘Wonderland’ and ‘Motion In The Ocean’, whilst the third night will feature songs from ‘Radio:ACTIVE’ and ‘Above The Noise’.

These extra special shows, now scheduled for September, are a unique opportunity to see McFly perform almost all of their amazing back catalogue, from album tracks to bonafide smash hits, ensuring every fan will hear at least one of their favourite Mcfly songs.


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We loved him in the early McFly days, but his HOT HOT HOT transformation has got us swooning over Dougie Poynter.

1. 2004: Back when it all began, Dougie was all long hair and cargo shorts…

… and even then he had his fans swooning after him everywhere that he went.

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The post is from friday but is actually really accurate so i thought it would be cool to share it with you guys:)

We might never get over this

At precisely 9am this morning, tickets to McFly’s recently announced UK Anthology tour officially went on sale to the general public, and if you were sat there with us, mouse hovering over the refresh button, then you’ll know what a rollercoaster ride it was.

Somehow managed to get yourself a golden ticket into the teeny tiny venues to see the boys for the first time in years? Oh congrats, we’re SO HAPPY FOR YOU (ugh), you’ve officially got magic powers and are better humans than we are.

But if you, like us, epically failed in your mission to secure McFly tickets then you may feel better in the knowledge that you are definitely not alone. Here’s the 13 emotional stages that we all experienced today.

April 25th 2016 will henceforth be known as the best day of my life. McFly are officially back together after many, many moons of a soulless emptiness in the music industry, and they’re going on tour too. My days on this Earth have peaked.

Hang on. What if… What if I don’t get tickets? Why the BLOODY NORA have they decided to play venues that are only marginally bigger than a shoebox? This is now my McEverest, and the possibility that I might not succeed is almost too much to handle. Pray for me.

Oh who am I KIDDING. I’m a ticket buying wizz anyway, and when it comes to McFly there’s nothing that will get in my way. I’ve been to every single tour so far, and Anthology is not about to ruin my perfect score. Has anyone even said they were a fan of McFly since about 2005? It’s only me and my weird friends who still like them. Oh I AM TICKETS.

Time to channel Rocky, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mike Tyson all at once into my ticket buying abilities. I’ve set up camp from around 8am, I’m armed with provisional snacks, I’ve had extra strong coffee to make sure I’m at peak concentration level. There’s even some work outs going on for my clicking finger.

Since WHEN does Ticketmaster have that incredibly stressful countdown clock. THERE’S THREE MINUTES TO GO. Is this what palpitations feel like? Am I having a stroke? Dougie Poynter, you are going to cause my demise. Although I did always know that my death would be McFly related so this all makes sense really.

…keep reading.

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I think we don’t need 19 pictures to realise that :P

I don’t know about you, but I have a thing for cute musicians. It all started when I first saw a young Dougie Poynter playing bass guitar in the music video for “5 Colours in Her Hair,” McFly’s first ever single. Twelve years later, after collecting posters, travelling the country to attend gigs, and a brief attempt at writing fan fiction, my crush still lives on.

With his cheeky smile, tattoos, long hair, and good fashion sense, Dougie is looking hotter than ever, and it is about time we do him justice. Keep reading to see some of his sexiest moments.

Una foto publicada por Dougie Poynter (@idougahole) el

Una foto publicada por Dougie Poynter (@idougahole) el

Una foto publicada por Dougie Poynter (@idougahole) el

Una foto publicada por Dougie Poynter (@idougahole) el

Una foto publicada por Dougie Poynter (@idougahole) el

Una foto publicada por Dougie Poynter (@idougahole) el

Una foto publicada por Dougie Poynter (@idougahole) el

Una foto publicada por Dougie Poynter (@idougahole) el

Una foto publicada por Dougie Poynter (@idougahole) el

Una foto publicada por Dougie Poynter (@idougahole) el

Una foto publicada por Dougie Poynter (@idougahole) el

Una foto publicada por Dougie Poynter (@idougahole) el

Una foto publicada por Dougie Poynter (@idougahole) el

Una foto publicada por Dougie Poynter (@idougahole) el

Una foto publicada por Dougie Poynter (@idougahole) el

Una foto publicada por Dougie Poynter (@idougahole) el

…keep reading.

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After announcing a comeback tour, McFly reckon their young offspring will make the perfect support band.

The lads will have a few extra guests tagging along for their first jaunt in five years.

Danny Jones, 30, told me: “Not going to lie, we aren’t far off having a support band now with three kids in the band.”

Tom Fletcher chipped in: “Yeah, we are breeding a support band.”

Tom has two sons, Buzz and Buddy, and Harry Judd welcomed daughter Lola in January.

Harry laughed: “We have a schedule of sound-check, bath-time, nappy change, gig and then bed.”

Tom, 30, quipped: “And that’s just Danny and Dougie.”

Indeed, it’s up to Danny and Dougie to keep rock ’n’ roll alive, said Harry: “We will ask them in the mornings what happened.”

McFly might cringe a bit playing early hits on their Anthology tour, which kicks off in June.

Harry, 30, blushed: “There are some tracks from the first album where you’re like: ‘Oh right, we’re committed to playing that song now.’”

They’re just happy the McBusted supergroup interlude is over.

Tom said: “It was like a holiday romance and now we’ve flown home.”


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We’re pretty sure there hasn’t been a week this exciting in the McFly world since they all got stark naked that time on the Wonderland tour.

Just a couple of days ago the boys announced that they’d be making a comeback with a totally unique tour idea, and now Dougie Poynter appears to be best pals with Paris Hilton according to these new pics.

What a time to be alive.

Dougie and Paris, or hashtag Poyris as we might start calling them to celebrate their new friendship, were spotted having a chinwag last night when they both attended the opening of swanky new restaurant Ours in London.

We’re not too what it is they could have talked about seeing as they’re about as similar as cheese and chocolate, but maybe this friendship is more serious than we thought – did they… co-ordinate floral outfits beforehand?

Maybe their BFF phonecalls must also involve some kind of convo about deep conditioning their lovely blonde hair. Maybe Paris has been trying to nab herself the support act spot on the Anthology tour to revive her pop career. Maybe Dougie wants to be her new sidekick on The Simple Life.

WHO KNOWS. What we do know however, is that Dougster was looking unbelievably glorious and kind of like an edgy jacket wearing man angel.

New OTP alert. POYRIS.

Is this the most unexpected friendship of all time? Whaddya reckon to the craziness?


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Today after the Livestream the boys attended the Captain America Civil War premiere in London, and as you can see in the pics.. Danny arrived on time for that:P


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And the articles about McFly’s comeback are everywhere now, what a good time to be alive!!

Every song they’ve EVER recorded

Thought things had peaked when you found a Twix at the bottom of your bag yesterday? THINK AGAIN, because last night McFly dropped the news that they’re officially back together, and looking fitter and hairier than ever before.

Not only are they back in full force as a band and wearing some very jazzy shirts to celebrate, but they’re also going on a totally unique Anthology Tour across the UK, and tickets go on sale in just a matter of days.

We’ve never been so close to doing a little excited sick.

Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Harry Judd and Dougie Poynter took to Twitter last night to break the shock news to fans, who’ve been waiting for a McFly comeback for two and a half YEARS. That’s basically Azkaban worthy.

The Anthology Tour will see the lads playing three dates in each location of London, Glasgow, Birmingham and Manchester – but each gig will be totally different as Mcfly will be playing an album per night.

That means they’ll be playing EVERY song they’ve ever recorded – including all the little underrated album tracks ones normally get left off the setlist. Yaaaas.

Check out all the dates below before tickets go on sale this Friday April 29th. You can choose whether you fancy just popping down to witness your fave album in action, or you can pick up a three-night ticket to see all of ’em.

​June 16 – Room on the Third Floor @ Glasgow O2 Academy

June 17 – Wonderland and Motion In The Ocean @ Glasgow O2 Academy

June 18 – Radio:ACTIVE and Above The Noise @ Glasgow O2 Academy

June 20 – ROTTF Birmingham – O2 Academy

June 21 – W & MITO Birmingham – O2 Academy

June 22 – R:A & ATN Birmingham – O2 Academy

June 24 – ROTTF​ Manchester – Academy

June 25 – W & MITO​ Manchester – Academy

June 26 – R:A & ATN​ Manchester – Academy

June 28 – ROTTF​ London – O2 Forum

June 29 – W & MITO​ London – O2 Forum

June 30 – R:A & ATN​ London – O2 Forum


What a time to be alive.


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