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McBusted are going to be on Good Morning Britain tomorrow morning, the show starts at 6am on ITV but I don’t know the exact time the guys will be on air as the interview was recorded yesterday at Hyde Park.

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I added to the gallery some pics of McBusted yesterday doing some interviews at Hyde Park ahead of their gig there on Sunday, also you can watch a video of the boys posing for the pics below.


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You can watch the video interview HERE as I can’t embed it to the site.

EXCLUSIVE! The supergroup advise 1D to keep being a “stadium touring band” and not fly the nest…

McBusted have urged One Direction member Niall Horan not to go solo following rumours that Harry Styles could release material outside of the boyband in the future.

Ahead of their British Summertime Show this Sunday (July 6), the supergroup told MTV News UK about their writing session with Niall, with Matt Willis revealing: “He’s great fun to work with, he’s got great ideas, and he’s really passionate and full of energy, and then, I don’t know, I don’t know if any of them want to go solo.”

His Busted bandmate James Bourne agreed: “Why is that always the question to go solo, I’ve never understood that.
“All the media want to do is pull them apart because they’re doing so well. I just think that they should stay together and be grateful that they are a stadium touring band.”

Matt insisted: “I think band members think that the grass is greener. The grass is not greener.”

McFly man Danny Jones went on to conclude: “Don’t go solo boys, be a band forever.”

You heard it here first 1D…


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If Ellie Goulding, Emma Willis, Giovanna Fletcher and the rest of the McBusted WAGs were hoping for another All About You-style romantic ballad to be written about them, we’re gonna guess they might be waiting a while…

Dougie Poynter and Matt Willis have been chatting all about the McBusted album which is currently in the pipeline, and they’ve revealed that they’ve been penning some heartfelt, meaningful tunes about, err… boobs. Shakespearean stuff.

Having been singing about triple breasted women swimming around town totally naked, it’s no secret that the boys enjoy getting musical about mammories, but Matt spilled to The Mirror that there’s a brand new ode to breasts coming soon to your earholes.

“We have been writing a lot recently. I was writing with Dougie last night”, he revealed. “We were writing a song about boobs. We couldn’t write an album just about boobs – well, we could, me and Dougie would buy it.”

Doug added: “It’s an appreciation. Matt and James have been writing too, or we might write some more stuff about boobs.”

What I Go to Boob For, Shine A Boob, Five Boobs In Her Hair, Sleeping with the Boob On, All About Boob… Yup, they all work pretty well.

Continuing the slightly pervy theme, Danny also told The Mirror that a potential reunion with the One Direction boys could be on the cards, if they’re willing to adopt the ultimate supergroup name: ”The only way that would happen is if we could call it McBusterection, or else it’s a no-go.”

YES TO THIS. Mainly so we have an actual excuse to make endless erection jokes every time we have to write about ‘em. Not that we don’t do that already, but meh…

Excited to hear the McBusted boob songs? Hoping that McBusterection will become a thing? Let us know in the comments box below.


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With only four days (& counting) till the McBusted boys hit Hyde park we got thinking about all the things the McBusted tour has taught us.

1.The merch is OMFG

This tour, and respective summer shows brings more merch than you could imagine. Our favourite was the OMFG tin which was a bargain at only £20 AND gave you the chance of winning OMFG ticket upgrades for that nights show.

OMFG tins and all the other merch is still available if you head over to the official McBusted store.

2. Be warned… it carries a Flecking Records Advisory label!

We absolutely loved our (summer show exclusive) McBusted wristbands. The colours were gorgeous and it was such a welcome addition to our collection. However, there are one or two things the Galaxy Defenders need to be aware of before they excitedly slip one of these babies onto their wrist.

– 1. They are Festival Wristbands – meaning they are almost impossible to get off once you’ve put it on. It’s best to put them on loosely as they can be a little itchy on a summers day.
– 2. Having attended the show at the weekend we happily returned to our day jobs first thing on the Monday morning (I know, shocking isn’t it – The Fleckers work!) Still on a festival high and delighted with our new accessories, we couldn’t wait to show our boss (a closet McFanBoy). It was only as we were proudly showing it off in full view of everyone in the work place we took a closer look, its not just pretty colours and the McBusted tag on these wristbands, Oh no! these babies carry a delightful doodle of triple boobies AND a penis complete with stubble! Did we mention in point 1. these wristbands are semi-permanent and a bugger to get off? Oh good!

3. The view from the OMFG zone is…. OMFG!

Lucky Ceri Watson Photography managed to get Up Close and Personal with the McBusted boys after she managed to bag herself a free OMFG upgrade in her tin.

4. The banter just gets better and better

From impromptu performances of other artists songs, the “Is she Okay? She’s OKAAAAY” moment as they fire T-Shirts into the crowd, to throwing water balloons at the Fleckers (Cheers, Matt!). The banter we know and love from McFly has only got better. You can really see the friendship that these guys have shining through as they’re on stage. By friendship we do of course mean Matt and Dougie snogged, hugged and gazed into each others eyes while we watched on.

5. Harry Judd takes his top off… A LOT!

If it’s a little bit of a swoon your after, and why not, look no further. It seems McBusted gets Harry Judd so excited he just HAS to take his clothes off!

Let’s face it girls…. we’re not complaining!

6. Dougie Poynter may have been Celine Dion in another life

We all know our little Dougie has always had a soft spot for the movie Titanic, and we’ve always seen him as our Jack Dawson but could Dougie have actually been Celine Dion in a previous life?

Check out this video of Dougie’s absolutely stunning rendition of the famous track, My Heart Will Go On.

7. We’re so glad he ‘Crashed the Wedding’ because Matt Willis looks stunning in a wedding dress!

This might be a little give away of what’s next on the set list but who cares, Matt Willis looks absolutely amazing as he returns to the stage for the encore.

Nothing about the McBusted show was lame and seeing Matt Willis as a beautiful blushing bride is certainly better than regretting!

You’re a lucky lady, Emma!

8. Triple-breasted stages were around long before the Year 3000…

Maybe this one is for the fellas but if giant boobs are your thing you won’t be disappointed.

9. …and the nipples squirt confetti 

Oh yes… it seems we’re not the only ones who get excited over the McBusted boys, having contained themselves for the whole show (including Harry’s topless moment) the boobies just couldn’t take any more and EXPLODED with streams of confetti all over the the screaming crowd.

10. To be continued.

Love it or hate it Galaxy Defenders it seems McBusted are here to stay, for the foreseeable future anyway. As the tour and summer show reach a close the image left on the screens stating “To be continued” sticks in our mind. We all know this isn’t just a clever film reference as the boys have confessed writing NEW songs as McBusted while on the road and signed an album deal. As a band they seem to be having so much fun working together and with the year 2015 growing closer we’re left wondering what’s next for Matt, James and the McFly boys.

At this point in time we think it’s safe to say this band are definitely…. TO BE CONTINUED!


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McBusted and One Direction all in one studio at the same time? It’s the stuff dreams are made of, right? How do we get an invite to these writing sessions, boys?

The thought of three of our favourite boybands (well, technically it is now two since McFly and Busted mashed themselves together to make McBusted) in the same place at the same time makes us a bit giddy with joy – the McBusted boys have been writing songs with One Direction.

Yep, the boys have been making music together – and one of the songs McBusted wrote with Niall Horan from One Direction is so good they want to keep it for themselves!

Tom Fletcher confirmed that he and the rest of McFly have been writing for 1D’s fourth studio album, “We’ve written on all of their albums so far. We’ve written a couple of songs with Niall. They’re really cool, but you never know if it’s going to make the final album.”

And Busted’s James Bourne has been listening in to the tracks and has found one he wants to poach! Tom said, “We’re taking that back. Niall will like that, though. He’ll love it.”

James still isn’t letting go without a fight, though! He said, “They’d better not take that song, and if they do take it it should be a single.” Hear, hear!

It’s not the first time the McFly lads have created some choons for One Direction – the song ‘Don’t Forget Where You Belong’ was written by the boys for 1D’s third album, ‘Midnight Memories’. Next time you’re in the studio together boys, at least let us have some pics?!


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The McFly and Busted supergroup McBusted have penned a new song inspired by boobs.

McBusted have written a song about breasts.

The McFly and Busted supergroup – made up of Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter, Harry Judd, James Bourne and Matt Willis – have revealed their latest track was inspired by boobs and hope it will be considered an ”appreciation” of the female physique, reports The Daily Star.

Matt, 31, said: ”We have been writing a lot recently. I was writing with Dougie Poynter last night. We were writing a song about boobs.

”We couldn’t write an album just about boobs – well, we could, me and Dougie would buy it.”

Dougie, 26, explained: ”It’s an appreciation.

”Matt and James Bourne have been writing too, or we might write some more stuff about boobs.”

Meanwhile, the boys – who are about to bring their sold-out UK tour to a close with a British Summer Time gig in London’s Hyde Park on Sunday (06.07.14) – said they are ”pumped” about the performance, although Matt admitted it has been an emotional time for the group.

James, 30, said: ”We are super pumped.”

Matt added: ”This gig marks the end of the honeymoon period. I don’t want to sound all lame but it’s been everything I wanted it to be.”


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McBUSTED are finally ready to record new music – even if it means making a boob of themselves.

The McFly and Busted supergroup hope fresh ­material will be out before Christmas, inspired by their ­favourite lady parts.

Ahead of their massive British Summer Time gig at London’s Hyde Park, Matt Willis, 31, ­revealed: “We have been writing a lot recently. I was writing with Dougie Poynter last night. We were writing a song about boobs.”

Fellow bassist Dougie, 26, added: “It’s an appreciation.”

McFly had a new record ready to go before the McBusted idea came about. Dougie explained: “We spent too much time mixing it and thought, sod it let’s do the ­McBusted thing.

“Matt and James Bourne have been writing too, or we might write some more stuff about boobs.”

Matt agreed: “We couldn’t write an album just about boobs – well, we could, me and Dougie would buy it.”

McBusted bring their tour to a conclusion at BST Hyde Park on Sunday.

James, 30, said: “We are super pumped.” And Matt added: “This gig marks the end of the ­honeymoon period.”

But one person still missing is original Busted member Charlie Simpson, 29.

“I have talked to Charlie ­recently,” said Matt. “But I don’t think he will be there.”

For now the boys are just loving playing as a six-piece.

Misty-eyed Matt blubbed: “I don’t want to sound all lame but it’s been everything I wanted it to be.”

Dougie laughed: “It does sound lame.”


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You can watch the video interview with Danny and Matt HERE. Also as soon as I can get the HQ pics I’ll upload them:)

The hottest six-piece out there opened up to Hannah Hope ahead of British Summertime in Hyde Park

As McBusted take to the stage at Barclaycard British Summertime in Hyde Park on Sunday, rocker Matt Willis will have a much-clearer head than he did seven years ago.

The singer fought a public battle with booze and drugs, visiting rehab three times in 2007.

Now sober and smiling, Matt – who’s wed to telly beauty Emma Willis – tells us: “I have flashbacks to drugs every single day but I know it’s some sort of romanticism about the past. You know that it’s the past for a very good reason and I’m constantly reminded of that every time I wake up.”

Matt, dad to Isabelle, five, and Ace, two, reckons he would’ve gone down that route whether he was in a band or not. He says: “I would’ve ended up the same way if I was an accountant or if I worked at Tesco or anything. That’s just the way I am.

“Maybe because I was in a pop band and had a bit of money it allowed it to progress quickly, but I don’t think being in a pop band puts you in a position where you HAVE to go off the rails.”

Now Matt gets high off other things – like excitement and coffee. Speaking of his pre-show ritual the I’m A Celeb winner reveals: “I do lots of caffeine and jump around like a maniac.” Sounds fun.

The guys are planning a massive afterparty after headlining on Sunday. And Dougie Poynter is hoping girlfriend Ellie Goulding will swing by: “She’s performing at Wireless that day, but it’s nearby. We’ll have some cake.”

The supergroup’s in a brilliant place now having finished a sell-out headline tour. And fans will be psyched to know that a McBusted album is on its way complete with new material.

Matt says: “We’ve been writing quite a lot together recently.

“I was with Dougie last night and we were writing an appreciation song about boobs, but we can’t just write an album of songs about boobs.” Erm, no, probs not.

But it seems the world won’t have to wait too long, as Dougie reveals: “Mcfly had an album ready to go, but we spent too much time mixing it. And then we were like, ‘Sod it, let’s do McBusted instead.’

“So we might use some songs from that and Matt and James have been writing ever since McBusted formed so there’s lots to choose from. There might be a McBusted album for Christmas, if we can get it done in time.” Fingers crossed.

After opening in Paris and Copenhagen for One Direction, could there ever be super-supergroup of McBusted AND One Direction?

“The only way that would happen,” says Danny Jones, “Is if we could call it McBust-Erection or else it’s a no- go.” Hmmm, maybs not.


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Ellie Goulding performed in front of a massive crowd at Glastonbury last night and it seems boyfriend Dougie Poynter was her biggest supporter!

‘Starry Eyed’ hitmaker Ellie sung a string of hits on the ‘Other Stage’ on Sunday night (29 June) at the popular music festival near Pilton, Somerset.

After completing her set, 27-year-old Ellie appeared to be a little overwhelmed: “I know you got me. What a crowd,” she said. “So immense, too much to take.”

Hours later, Ellie then posted a photo of McFly star Dougie proudly wearing a T-shirt with her face printed on it!

Ellie simply declared: “Found a fan.”

It was a busy day for Dougie, who had earlier been performing with his McBusted bandmates at Chantry Park, Ipswich, before joining Ellie.

Ellie and Dougie fuelled romance rumours at the start of the year, and finally took their relationship public in May.

During the Fearne and… McBusted documentary on ITV2, Dougie opened up about his personal life, explaining that everything was “very good”. Meanwhile, Ellie has described Dougie as a “very lovely human being.”

Ellie recently opened up about the difficulties of long-distance relationships, telling Self magazine: “It’s not fun, but we can make it work. Love is beyond everything, beyond the universe”.


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