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Of course we don’t know at all if this is true, and also it comes from The Sun so don’t believe it 100%


McBusted have been the world’s ultimate supergroup for a while now, haven’t they? The boys enjoyed a brief stint as McBusterection, but realising that the world’s blood pressure was being affected by that little One Direction union, it didn’t last very long. We miss it every day.

However, it sounds as though they’ve recruited a brand new member and rounded it up to the perfect number of members for an S Club 7 tribute, as apparently Ellie Goulding teamed up with the boys for a very special performance recently. OOH and AHH.

Ever since Ellie and Dougie announced that they’re all loved up these days, we’ve had our fingers, toes, ears and everything else crossed for some kind of ridiculously cute McDuet, but apparently they decided to do it WITHOUT US HEARING IT. Oh cruel world.

According to The Sun, Ellie Gee got behind the mic with the McFly boys at Danny Jones and Georgia Horsley’s wedding last week, to perform together in a tres romantic collab for the lovebirds’ first dance. So adorable it hurts a bit.

An insider spilled that Ellie joined the boys on stage: “Ellie performed How Long Will I Love You with McFly for Danny and Georgia’s first dance.”

If this doesn’t appear on iTunes within the next 24 hours, someone is going to get hurt. We’re not sure we can function knowing that this oh so romantic performance happened, and not being able to watch it. DAMMIT #DELLIE.

Ellie’s rumoured performance with the McFly boys is just the latest sign that things are getting pretty serious between her and Dougie. Let’s be honest, we still haven’t quite recovered from seeing them canoodling on a yacht last week.

AGH, hands up if you need to hear the McFly/Ellie performance as a matter of urgency. Can’t Tom stick it up on his YouTube channel or something? Comments please…


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I added to the gallery some new pics of Dougie from last month out and about in London. Thanks to @joannafrs for sending them to me:)


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I added to the gallery the scans of Dougie in Vogue Magazine on it’s Indian Edition.


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Watch below a new video of the Magazine Vogue in it’s indian Edition that features Dougie looking extremely sexy.

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This morning I added all the pics of them in Ibiza to the gallery so make sure you check them:)


Nothing says lurve like climbing on board a swanky yacht and rubbing each other’s suncream into all the nooks and crannies, and it looks like things between McFly’s Dougie Poynter and Ellie Goulding are getting pretty serious. We’re smiling through the tears… Actually no, just tears.

After attending Danny and Georgia’s wedding as a totes offish couple, the pair jetted off earlier this week to get away together on a romantic holiday in Ibiza, and the pictures of their canoodling are making us so jealous that we might actually have to run away and live in the woods.

Annoyingly for them but luckily for us, their super cute day trip out on a posh yacht was caught on camera by some mermaid paps, and although they’ve kept pretty quiet about their relationship until now, it’s clear that #Dellie are head over heels for each other.

Even their swimming costumes match. And their hair’s pretty much exactly the same. It’s so cute we want to poke ourselves in the eye.

Just having a bit of a Titanic moment, aren’t they? Dougie would probably be Rose because he’s just so pretty. So pretty in fact that Ellie just couldn’t resist stroking his actual face while they gazed out into the sea. We definitely do not blame her, his beard probably feels like the finest of silks, and don’t even get us started about touching his trunks. Strewth.

Later on, Doug and Ellie Gee stepped back onto dry land and headed out for a tres romantique meal together in the Spanish sunshine.

…While wearing matching hats, just incase this whole thing wasn’t cute enough for you. We’re going to listen to the Ballad of Paul K on repeat and feel sorry for ourselves.

ALL WE WANT IN LIFE IS TO NUZZLE DOUGIE POYNTER AND SMELL HIS HAIR. Ellie Goulding, you’re living the dream and it’s not. bloody. fair.

Is life worth living anymore? We’re going to grow old and McFly boyfriend-less and that’s not how we planned our future. And what makes it even worse is that they’re so cute that we ship it harder than an actual ship. Oh cruel world.

Swooning at the sight of Dougie in the sun? Reckon he and Ellie make a cuh-yute couple? Let us know in the comments box, hombres.


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Ellie Goulding and Dougie Poynter were spotted looking loved-up as they enjoyed their romantic holiday on a luxury yacht in Ibiza this week.

The tactile pair were pictured hugging and kissing as they soaked up the sun on the Spanish island, with Goulding sipping champagne and later dive-bombing into the sea.

The 27-year-old ‘Burn’ singer, who wore a floral-print bikini and a backwards cap, before changing into a monochrome two-piece, has also been busy sharing snaps of the couple’s break on her Instagram page.

The star posted a selfie with the McFly bassist along with the caption: “Doug’s I hate selfies face.”

Confirming the romance earlier this year on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man, Goudling revealed: “Err, he’s my man friend. Boyfriend traditionally.

“He’s a very lovely human being.”

The couple recently attended the wedding of McFly’s Danny Jones and model Georgia Horsley in Yorkshire.


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Seems that Dougie loved Ibiza when he went there for Danny’s stag do that he is back there now but this time with his girlfriend, Ellie Goulding. They’re spending their holidays in the beautiful spanish island.



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It pretty much feels like just yesterday that the McFly boys burst on the scene with their hair straighteners, Tesco boxers and questionable baggy bootcut jeans. But, somehow, it’s actually been 11 years (ELEVEN. E-LEV-EN) and we’re not even sure we can cope with how old that makes us feel to be quite honest with you.

Now obviously we’ve been fangirling since the Five Colours In Her Hair days, and we like to think we’ve shared some pretty…y’know…intimate moments with the lads over the years (basically every time we ever forced them to kiss each other).

So, because we’re cheapskates completely selfless and insanely throughtful, we thought we’d take a trip down memory lane (pun intended) and look back at Dougie, Danny, Tom and Harry’s best Sugarscape interviews ever. With a bit of James Bourne and Matt Willis chucked in for good measure.

ou ready for *all* the (sort of) fetus feels? LEGGO B*TCHES.

That time they did a love quiz in cute little matching outfits

That time they did the best Serious Lyrics Game of all time ever

That time they discussed their erections

That time they talked about naked showering and we were expected to be able to cope with the situation


That time they played the gargling game in the name of serious journalism

That time we got them to kiss each other, also in the name of serious journalism

So there you go – gazillions (read: seven) of McFly’s best Sugarscape interview moments evuh. What d’ya reckon? Comments please and a-thank you.


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Congratulations! The McFly man has married Georgia Horsley in front of close friends and family in a ceremony in North Yorkshire.

Another McFly member has got hitched, which means we’re happy and sad all at the same time.

Danny Jones, the third member of the hit band to walk down the aisle, tied the knot with stunning model Georgia Horsley in a ceremony in Old Malton, North Yorkshire on Saturday afternoon.

The pair’s McFly pals were obviously attendance with Harry Judd and Dougie Poynter looking super-smart and very sexy in their best man suits.

Ellie Goulding was also there on the arm of her shaggy-haired boyfriend Dougie, looking effortlessly stylish in a pink and white frock, which she teamed with black heels.

Other famous faces in attendance included TOWIE’s Mario Falcone who knows the Bolton-born musician and the boys through his sister and Giovanna, wife to Tom, and also the McBusted boys Jamese Bourne and Matt Willis.

Fortunately they all ditched the vested stag-do looks they were sporting in Ibiza last month to scrub up well for the occasion.

Outside the church a red double decker bus was waiting to whisk the wedding party off to their next location, while fans waited to catch a glimpse of the stars.

Last year the 28-year-old announced his engagement to Georgia on Twitter – with a snap of the pair.

He captioned the adorable picture: “The future mrs j yeahhhh!!”

In the happy snap Georgina waves her diamond engagement ring at the camera while a topless Danny grins excitedly.

Blonde Georgia also took to her Twitter page, writing: “Sooo this happened tonight!! I’m ENGAGED!!! So so happy!!!”

By the use of about a million exclamation marks we are guessing it was a romantic proposal and we reckon the wedding was even more romantic.


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Watch below a new video of Dougie and Tom reading a bit of their new Dino Poop book called The Dinosaur that Pooped the Past’. You can pre-order your copy of the book HERE

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