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Unless you’ve been off in the Arctic Circle training nordic seals how to perform the Single Ladies dance all week, you’ve probably heard that something pretty momentous has just been announced for 2015.

Yep, clear your diaries and get ready for even more triple-boob themed fun times as the McBusted boys are officially going back on tour and will be heading to arenas all over the country in March and April.

Bearing in mind the tour is set to be an all out spectacular, we decided the only way to celebrate such a momentous occasion was to corner all six of the lads in a small, dark room for a chat that may or may not have ended in us blindfolding them and getting them to feel each other up.

Before you get onto the authorities to report us, there was actually a reason for us doing this. Um, getting celebs to act out emojis totally counts a reason right? Asking for a friend.

Anyway, we’re not going to lie: things did get quite weird.

:-( Bummer

A photo posted by Dougie Poynter (@idougahole) on

STILL, before we get all Totes Emoji, have a watch of McBusted revealing a few secrets about what they’ve got in store for you on the tour.

All we’ll say is that it might just involve some actual underwater antics live on stage…

It’s no secret that the McBusted boys are more fun than an aquarium full of cats wearing miniature cat-sized goggles and because they have nothing but joy planned for the big tour next year, it seemed only right to celebrate with a game of Totes Emoji.

If you’re yet to discover this one, it basically involves blindfolding celebs and making them feel each other up under the pretence of acting out some emojis. Have a watch of how Danny, Harry, Dougie, Tom, James and Matt got on when they gave it a bash below.

Well we kinda need a cold shower after that one. Preferably with Dougie and Danny to help us act it out.

The question is, what do you make of all this? And more importantly, have you nabbed tickets for the McBusted tour yet?

Let us know in the box below or the puppy gets it. Kidding, but still.


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McBusted aren’t known for doing things quietly, so to announce their 2015 tour, the supergroup threw an indoor fireworks party for their fans.

The band had a fire-eater, popcorn and candy floss machines and played tattoo roulette.
They will kick off their UK arena tour in Glasgow next March.

They’ve promised fans music from Busted and McFly, but will also play stuff from their brand new debut album McBusted.

“Massively overwhelmed” is how drummer Harry Judd summed up the band’s success so far.

“It was like a dream state, we were like, ‘What the hell was going on?’ But the tour [earlier this year] was epic, you know, we made an album. The whole thing has just been crazy.

“But we are ready to go back on tour again, because you know it’s been a while and that’s the more fun thing.”

McBusted united back in 2013 and one of their first performances was at BBC Children In Need.

The band’s 2014 tour became the largest UK arena tour of the year and they ended up playing to more than 350,000 people.

But singer Tom Fletcher says the popularity has made them want to look forward.
“We love playing all the old songs,” he said. “But I think what’s exciting now, is it’s not about being nostalgic and looking back.

“We have a whole new album of songs that we’re really proud of and really excited to play live.”

Matt Willis admitted he had to put in a lot of work to make things better with his wife, after he called her during BBC Radio 1 Breakfast show game Call or Delete.

He pranked her by saying he had been given a huge opportunity in Hollywood and they needed to make a decision about moving there ASAP.

“Wounds are healed, wounds are officially healed. But it did take a few days, I’m not going to lie, it was a bit ropey for a few days.

“But no, she was fine, but I think I just went a bit close to the bone.”

The McBusted tour dates are as follows:

Glasgow, The SSE Hydro – 12 March
Newcastle, Metro Radio Arena – 16
Leeds, First Direct Arena – 18
Manchester Arena – 21, 22
Sheffield, Motorpoint Arena – 24
Birmingham, Barclaycard Arena – 28, 29
Liverpool Echo Arena – 31
London The O2 – 4, 5 April
Cardiff, Motorpoint Arena – 9, 10
Bournemouth, BIC – 13, 15
Nottingham, Capital FM Arena – 18
Belfast, Odyssey Arena – 22


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As far as unlikely friendship groups go, this is up there – and Jamie couldn’t seem to stop gushing about his new pals.

We love a good old unexpected celebrity friendship, so seeing Dougie Poynter, Ellie Goulding, Jamie Oliver and Dexter Fletcher hanging out together was simply amazing.

The four friends met up for a Vietnamese meal together this week, and looked like they had a blast.

Loved up couple Ellie and Dougie sat opposite each other but appeared to have their eyes on each other in one snap, as they fell about laughing at something someone said.

Meanwhile actor Dexter Fletcher – best known for his role in Press Gang – smiled happily opposite chef and funnyman Jamie.

Posting the friendly snap on Instagram, a very thankful Jamie wrote: “I had a fantastic Vietnamese meal last night at a cute hidden away supper club in East London thank you@loveleluu great job to you and the family and the dog.

“The sea bass Congee with kale and ginger wow , great noodles, amazing exciting shredded salads with lovely spicy vinegar and nut dressings and Saigon summer rolls to name but a few!!!

“Of the 9 healthy courses and I Had a good giggle with a few friendly faces you might know the loverly@elliegoulding bless ya heart her boy @idougaholegood man and that filthy scallywag that we all love@dexfletch you remember baby face or spike in press gang …… Good times jamie xxx.”

He reposted the snap, and wrote: “Regram. Ate all the awesome foods with all the awesome peoples @jamieoliver @dexfletch@elliegoulding.”

Ellie then added a more natural shot of her hysterically laughing, and wrote: “Supper club with these beautiful people @idougahole@jamieoliver @DexFletch.”


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The supergroup will perform 16 dates around the country

Air guitars at the ready McBusted fans – there’s big news on the way. Everyone’s favourite supergroup are going on tour in 2015 and it’s going to be EPIC. Kicking off on March 12 in Glasgow, the boys will then perform another 15 dates across the UK throughout March and April with cities including Birmingham, Manchester, Bournemouth, Leeds and of course London where they’ll perform two dates.

McBusted, consisting of Dougie Poynter, Matt Willis, Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Harry Judd, and James Bourne, announced the exciting news at an event in London today, which kicked off with a fire-eating dancer dressed in a pink sequined bikini strutting around on stage before a video package of the guys talking about their experiences of their sell-out UK tour this year played out. In the clip, the supergroup joked about ways they wanted to make their next tour even bigger with Matt even suggesting next to touring his favourite thing was sex so he’d like to incorporate that in to a live show. It would definitely be a sell-out! After the clip played the boys burst on stage to answer questions about their forthcoming debut album as a combined force and the tour which will hit cities around the UK in spring next year.

The boys also said one of the major highlights of their time together so far was their summer 2014 British Summertime show in Hyde Park where they were supported by Backstreet Boys. Matt said: “It was so surreal. Like I dream I woke up from and it was all over Instagram.”

They then addressed the subject of whether or not they want their new music to be released on Spotify after Taylor Swift withdrew her back catalogue from the streaming app yesterday. James joked: “She’s Taylor Swift… We’re here to announce a tour,” before Harry added, “we just want as many people as possible to hear our music whatever way they can.”

And the lads said they hadn’t ruled out the possibility of Charlie Simpson joining them for a special one-off in the future. Matt said: “We speak to Charlie all the time so who knows, there’s no plans just yet,” James added: “Never say never.” Tickets for the McBusted 2015 Arena Tour go on salethis Friday, November 7 at 9am but McBusted fanclub members and O2 customers can get presale tickets from 9am tomorrow.

The full list of dates are as follows:

March 12 – Glasgow, The SSE Hydro

March 16 – Newcastle, Metro Radio Arena

March 18 – Leeds, First Direct Arena

March 21 – Manchester Arena

March 22 – Manchester Arena

March 24 – Sheffield Motorpoint Arena

March 28 – Birmingham Barclaycard Arena

March 29 – Birmingham Barclaycard Arena

March 31 – Liverpool Echo Arena

April 4 – The O2, London

April 5 – The O2, London

April 9 – Cardiff Motorpoint Arena

April 10 – Cardiff Motorpoint Arena

April 13 – BIC, Bournemouth

April 14 – BIC, Bournemouth

April 18 – Nottingham Capital FM Arena


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Watch below a video of McBusted being interviewed during tour rehearsals.

With tickets for their new tour set to go on sale imminently, McBusted band have promised to ramp up the energy and bring fans the biggest show they’ve ever seen. But does their obsession with reaching higher highs hide a darker truth?

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Thanks to the lovely Kel for sending me this article.

Boyband supergroup McBusted made dreams come true for thousands when they announced their 36-date tour. Taking place over the summer, crowds flocked to see them play early-noughties pop hits from both the McFly and Busted back catalogues.
Now you have the opportunity to relive the excitement as their DVD, Live at the 02 & Tourplay, is available to pre-order but first, check out the promotional video featuring our music.
Press play to watch the trailer.


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Pop ‘supergroup’ McBusted have announced their second arena tour, which will include a date in Belfast.

The fusion of McFly and Busted performed to sold out crowds during their first live shows last year and due to popular demand they will be embarking on an 18-date tour across the UK in 2015.

The band will conclude the tour at Belfast’s Odyssey Arena on 22 April, after performing at the 3Arena in Dublin on 21 April.

McBusted first performed on the Odyssey Arena stage in June.

The tour announcement comes as the group get ready to release their self-titled debut album later this month.

Their first single, Air Guitar, is released on 21 November.

Tickets for McBusted live in Belfast go on sale Friday 7 November at 9am.


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The article is from yesterday so that’s why it says this morning:)

MTV UK were there to get all the goss, with the lads set to hit the road again next spring…

McBusted have announced they will be hitting the road again next year.

At a bonfire-themed press conference this morning – which came complete with a game of tattoo roulette – the super-group confirmed a tour for 2015 in support of their first album as a six-piece.

McFly boys Dougie, Tom, Harry and Danny and Busted’s James and Matt will play sixteen dates across the UK next March and April.
MTV UK were present at the announcement this morning (November 4), with Tom revealing that they are “excited” to be playing “brand, spanking new sexy new songs” as well as their old favourites.

Speaking of their new material, Harry added: “We are genuinely really excited about the new album and for me, it’s the most excited I’ve been about having new songs.

“We can not wait for everyone to hear it”, while Tom added: “It feels like a new band. It doesn’t feel like Busted or McFly – it feels like our first album, something we didn’t really expect it to feel like. But that’s what is really exciting about it.”

Harry went on to joke that One Direction would be supporting their jaunt, while the lads also ruled out a guest appearance from ex-Busted boy Charlie Simpson.
Matt explained: “If Charlie was here, this would never have happened. And I for one am very very glad that this happened. We are all friends with Charlie, and we speak to him all the time so who knows what could happen, but for now no plans to collaborate.”

Tickets go on sale this Friday at 9am, with McBusted’s new single Air Guitar due for release on November 23. Fans can also get their hands on the lads’ new album on December 1.

We can’t wait!

Check out the full McBusted Tour 2015 dates below:

March 12 – Glasgow, The SSE Hydro
March 16 – Newcastle, Metro Radio Arena
March 18 – Leeds, First Direct Arena
March 21 – Manchester Arena
March 22 – Manchester Arena
March 24 – Sheffield Motorpoint Arena
March 28 – Birmingham Barclaycard Arena
March 29 – Birmingham Barclaycard Arena
March 31 – Liverpool Echo Arena

April 4 – The O2, London
April 5 – The O2, London
April 9 – Cardiff Motorpoint Arena
April 10 – Cardiff Motorpoint Arena
April 13 – BIC, Bournemouth
April 14 – BIC, Bournemouth
April 18 – Nottingham Capital FM Arena


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McBusted have announced a new 16-date tour for the UK in 2015, but how can they top the UFO, DeLorean and three-boobed antics of their first tour earlier this year?

Circus arts, according to Dougie Poynter, who told Digital Spy that he has been watching the flexible and daring stunts of Cirque du Soleil.

Asked what their early plans are for their 2015 tour, Harry Judd said: “It’s something we’ve literally just started talking about, so we’ve just started planting seeds for the tour.”

Poynter continued: “We’ve been watching lots of Cirque du Soleil DVDs. I want to do the giant ring thing.”

Questioned as to who the daredevil of the supergroup is, they all pointed at James Bourne, who immediately protested: “I’m the most scared of that stuff!”

Judd added: “James is the health and safety officer of the band. Any time we do anything like that, he’s like, ‘Guys, I’m sure this isn’t safe y’know’.”

Bourne explained his concerns, though, saying: “When we stepped on to the UFO, we did that without any harness. That UFO moves in darkness. You’re wandering around up there and it’s scary.”

“We put our lives on the line for our shows,” Tom Fletcher concluded.

McBusted will play 16 dates across the UK in 2015, with tickets due to go on sale this Friday (November 7) at 9am.

The group will play classic hits from their respective McFly and Busted back catalogues, as well as new songs from their upcoming first album McBusted, which is released on December 1.

It will be preceded by their new single ‘Air Guitar’, which will be available from November 23.


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This is the second McBusted tour and we can’t ruddy wait.

Well this was an exciting morning.
When we were invited to a special announcement from original super group (soz Stereo Kicks) McBusted, we had an inkling that a brand spanking new tour to go with their brand spanking new album might be on the horizon.

And we are super excited to confirm that our inkling was totally on point and McBusted will be bringing their new tour to a town near you in the Spring of 2015.
Air Guitars at the ready!
The boys also revealed that as well as playing old classics, such as Year 3000 and All About You, they will be performing “future McBusted hits” from their album, which will be released on 1st of December.
And before you start panicking at the sound of change, the McBusted boys are more than aware that the classics are what the fans are after, with Matt Willis saying: “Before anyone hears anything it’s hard to get excited.

“I’ve always been nervous when my favourite bands put out new records but you find that they will live up to it 80-90% of the time and you’re chuffed to bits.
“We will play anything everyone wants to hear, we genuinely love playing the old songs but will add in new songs.”


Sounds like they are totally in tune with what we want.
Speaking of which, whatever happened to that mysterious sixth McFly album which was due for release earlier this year before vanishing into oblivion?
We know that you were all wondering the same thing, so we asked them.

And Danny Jones told us: “We’ve skyplussed McFly for the time being, we’re McBusted – McFly are always going to be there.”
Harry Judd added: “We are really excited for the McBusted album, it is better and it is epic.
“But McFly are still here.”
Sounds as though they meant it when they sang that they will be here forever…
And Danny has plenty of faith in the new album, saying: “It’s like a new band again, we’ve written with some of the best bands.
“It’s one of those albums that you’ll always come back to.”

But what are the our fave six-piece most looking forward to when it comes to a McBusted tour?
Notoriously rude Dougie Poynter couldn’t resist quipping: “I really dig the communal showers. Harry is more of a fan than I am.
“It’s good team bonding, time to cool down and reconnect.
We’re just going to go ahead and pretend that he was being deadly serious, because we love to have an excuse to picture the McBusted boys in a shower…

You can buy tickets for the 2015 McBusted Tour from 9am THIS Friday.
We. Can’t. Wait.


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