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Another great review of the album, this time from MTV.

Two of the country’s favourite bands have come together, so check out what we thought of their new album…

When we first heard that McFly and Busted were joining forces to created the glorious McBusted, we had no idea they’d go on to produce such a killer album.

Having both had huge success back when they were each doing their own things, this talented bunch of boys have knocked their heads together and really delivered with their debut self-titled record.

If you’re wondering whether it sounds more like Busted or McFly, then don’t panic, as it’s a perfectly blended combination of the two, with elements of both clear as you listen to the 12 tracks.

Opening the album, ‘Air Guitar‘ brings the pop fun we’ve come to expect from the group, which is brilliantly led by Matt Willis and James Bourne.

Clearly inspired by Blink 182, the one and only Mark Hoppus joins the band for ‘Hate Your Guts’ and ‘Sensitive Guy’ as he fits in perfectly within the Brit group. Though he isn’t the only collaborator who hopped on board, All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth gets credit for the smash ‘Get Over It’, while Weezer’s influence is evident in ‘Getting It Out’.

Though no album is complete with some ballads, and this has hit the nail on the head in that department. ‘Beautiful Girls Are The Loneliest’, a song which you might recognise from Bourne’s YouTube channel last year, slows everything down and brings all the emotion.

‘What Happened To Your Band’ hears Matt and James make up for lost time when Charlie Simpson got all the leads, as they lead a riot-style chant that’ll have you instantly moshing wherever you may be. Though don’t worry, it’s all tongue-in-cheek.

While ‘Riding On My Bike’ is full of all the quirkiness you’ll remember from the likes of ‘Year 3000’, ‘Back In Time’ would make even the calmest of people bounce off the walls.

McBusted have well and truly proved that the year long wait fans have endured for this record, was so totally worth it.


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Unless you’ve been living under a rock and/or experiencing crappy wi-fi lately, you’ll be aware that McBusted’s shiny new debut-single-as-a-supergroup Air Guitar is officially out RIGHT NOW. Hoorah. And as if that wasn’t enough Tom, Dougie, Matt, Danny, James and Harry have chucked this Tourplay and McBusted Live at the O2 (aka one of the best gigs we’ve ever been to) double whammy of a DVD out today, too.

So, to celebrate the fact they’re really good and stuff, the lads headed straight back to London’s O2 Arena yesterday to recreate their infamous ‘air kick’ thingy and have some photos taken. Essentially it was the perfect excuse for Tom to show off those fancy Nike Air Max we’re still very much in ndeed of.

And for Harry to wear something sleeveless. Obviously/thankfully.

LOOK – here they are doing the actual jump. We’ve tried it round the office a gazillion times, but Health and Safety Henry kicks off every bloody time. Chill out, mate. Seriously.

There’s also a little video of them talking about stuff in the high tech box below, too. Oh, don’t we treat ya?

McBusted’s Tourplay and McBusted Live at the O2 DVD is out now, if you fancy getting your mitts on it.


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And the reviews of the album keep coming, I can’t wait to listen to it!!

What’s the story?

It’s January 14th 2005. We’re all stuffing the last of our selection boxes down our throats, falling asleep at the back of double maths and Busted have just called a press conference at London’s Soho Hotel. A press conference to announce that – after Charlie Simpson’s decided he’s had enough – the band are splitting up and effectively passing the torch onto their McFly pals to finish the job.

January 14th was a bad, bad day, but thankfully we sort of had Danny, Dougie, Tom and Harry to act as a big sheetof bubble wrap during such difficult times. Keeping Tesco’s underwear designers and hair straightener manufacturers in business, the McFly fellas continued to slay the charts for a decade but in the back of our minds one question remained; what happened to your band, Busted?

Cut to 11th November 2013 and everyone’s called back to the Soho Hotel for another press conference. We’re preparing ourselves for the worst (or a Son of Dork reunion), but it turns out Busted boys Matt and James are joining McFly, calling the whole thing McBusted and going on tour.

The tour was amazing, some other stuff happened and here they are chucking their ‘debut’ album down our lugholes.

How does the album pan out?

Almost exactly how you’d imagine it to, but with a few surprises. McFly and Busted obviously had their own little niches in terms of sound, with the former being all about the bouncy, Beach Boys-esque riffs and Busted being properly punk pop. That said, we were obviously super intrigued to see how McBusted would somehow take tracks as far apart as Air Hostess and All About You, chuck ’em in a metaphorical blender and say ‘voila!’

Somehow the lads have come to a compromise and come out with something that doesn’t sound too McFly or too Busted, but is instead McBusted’s fresh new 2015 sound. Alright, tracks like Mark Hoppus off of Blink-182 collab Hate Your Guts wouldn’t sound out of place on A Present For Everyone, but there’s a great balance of balls-to-the-wall headbangers and those acoustic-tinged tunes McFly know their way around oh so well.
…keep reading.

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The end of the year is coming and Sugarscape will do their annual list of the Hottest Lads of the year, and from today until December 4th we have the chance to send our nominations to elaborate the shortlist that they’ll do after. We can send the name of our fave celebrity as many times as we want during that period so I think we should nominate all the McBusted boys. Only thing we have to do is click HERE and write their names :)


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Watch below a funny interview with the boys that they did to promote TourPlay.

We sat down with the lovely lads from McBusted and decided to put them through a gruelling job interview. We would definitely employ them!

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The boys entered at #8 on the iTunes chart but that doesn’t mean they can’t be in a better spot on the official chart this week so pleaseee buy the single!!

McBusted answered as many of the fans questions they could in an exclusive web chat!
If you are a fan of McBusted then we have a real treat for you! The boys answered loads of your questions this weekend in an exclusive web chat!
Their brand new single ‘Air Guitar’ taken from their debut self titled album was released on the 23rd November and debuted at No.8!

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And another good review from the album!!!

Over a year has already passed since McBusted became a thing. However, it is fair to say that nobody, not even the six members of the boyband melange, anticipated such a phenomenal response to the union of two of the definitive British ‘boy bands’ of the last two decades. Having sold out an Arena tour, been the subject of a TV documentary and even released their own tour docu-film, McBusted have finally arrived at the point that determines the future of the project. With their tour having been a pseudo Greatest Hits exploration of both the bands, McBusted’s eponymous debut is the cumulation of a year’s work in finding the band’s own identity. Having kicked off their campaign with the Busted-leaning punk pop anthem ‘Air Guitar’, the band’s ever expanding and fiercely loyal fanbase are more than ready to learn if that is the general direction of the outfit, or if it was a misleading starting point.

For those wanting to know the bigger picture before the finer details are explored, ‘Air Guitar’ was a well pitched introductory track. McBusted are neither Busted nor McFly, but the term punk pop is more closely aligned to their debut effort than breezy playful pop.

However McBusted are far from one trick ponies. As their live shows so astutely demonstrated, McBusted understand the importance of switching up the dynamics. With the band boasting more than one skilled vocalist and more than one skilled songwriter, it is clear from the very first listen of McBusted that the band is without a diva element. Allowing each member a time to shine on each song, they bring out the best in each other in the name of musical enjoyment.

While it may be a cliché that is banded around on TV talent shows far too often, there is an element of truth to a listener enjoying listening to a performance more just through knowing that the performers are having the time of their lives delivering it. As their tour showed, McBusted are revelling in each moment of their union, and that thrill has been carried across to their debut release. With an infectious air, McBusted manage to deal with their past, present and future in an album that has compelling honesty at its core and irrepressible anthems as its theme.

Given that James Bourne and Matt Willis may not have had the ride of their life when teamed up with Charlie Simpson, who was always seen as the vocalist of Busted, they are determined to make up for lost time. On the inspired ‘What Happened To Your Band’ they address their post-Busted blues in a riotous rant-along that will have you moshing along whether in the car, the shower or walking down the street. Although they address the reaction to their split and the way the public perceived them, they do so with the underlying tongue-in-cheek that has always set them apart from their contemporaries.

Although it is the bands sense of humour that catapults McBusted into the irresistible territory, it is surprisingly the tender ‘Beautiful Girls Are The Loneliest’ that is on the album’s brightest shining gems. As with Busted’s ‘Sleeping With The Light On’ and McFly’s ‘All About You’ / ‘Love Is Easy’, McBusted show that they are men who are unafraid of their sensitive side. While everyone wants to party with this saucy sextet, it is their ability to connect on more than one level that makes them such an excitingly addictive prospect.

With a real sense that they are a pop act with a love of punk and rock, McBusted is an amazingly rounded debut. Although it features wonderful guest appearances from the boys’ musical hero Mark Hoppus (‘Hate Your Guts’), the band are at their strongest when they are bouncing off each other. From exploring the poppy tease of ‘Sensitive Guy’ to the slow burn sensation of ‘How’s My Hair?’ and the excitable ‘Get Over It’, McBusted prove that the year long wait was more than worth it.


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Here’s another review of McBusted’s debut album, make sure you pre-ordered your copy on or iTunes/Amazon!!

When Busted and McFly announced they would be joining forces as the aptly-titled supergroup, McBusted, nobody could have predicted the massive success that they’d experience in such a short amount of time. In year one of the McBusted saga, the band found themselves selling out worldwide tours, and they’ve even got a documentary out too. With another huge tour already scheduled for 2015, it’s safe to say that not only have they made 2014 their year, but they’ll take full-control over next year, too – and the release of their debut album is only the icing on the sugary sweet McBusted cake.

Ever since the formation of McBusted, it was pretty obvious that they were going to put out an album someday, but it raised a very important question: is it going to sound more like Busted or McFly? Turns out, the 12-track self-titled record is a beautifully blended combination of both, and it makes for some of the best pop-rock that’ll be heard all year. Opener and first single, ‘Air Guitar’, has the songwriting presence of McFly, but vocals that are highlighted by Busted’s Matt Willis and James Bourne.

Some of the best tracks on the album are the ones that Bourne had his hands in the most. ‘What Happened To Your Band’, a track that was originally written for his former pop band Son of Dork, is re-created brilliantly from the live version that was played so many years ago, while ‘Riding on My Bike’, Bourne’s personal favorite, has a flair to it that can be compared to his electro-pop solo product, Future Boy. The album’s collaborations are also pretty noteworthy, as the band linked up with Mark Hoppus on the Blink-182-esque ‘Hate Your Guts’ and ‘Sensitive Guy’, with Hoppus providing his ever-inviting vocals to the former. Additionally, All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth is credited on the addicting ‘Get Over It’, and Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo’s influence is plastered all over ‘Getting It Out’.

While McBusted is jam-packed with fast riffs and heavy hooks, it isn’t without its ballad. ‘Beautiful Girls Are The Loneliest’, a song Bourne debuted acoustically last year on his YouTube channel, slows down the record’s pace and reminds us what was so great about Busted tracks like ‘3AM’ and ‘Sleeping With The Light On’. Though the record could have used more songs in vein of ‘Beautiful Girls,’ the lack thereof is quickly forgotten about with the following pop bangers like ‘Before You Knew Me’ and ‘Back In Time’.
At the end of the day, it’s worth wondering why McBusted was McBusted and not just a Busted reunion minus Charlie Simpson. After all, McFly’s Tom Fletcher co-wrote the vast majority of Busted to begin with, so it’s something that could have worked perfectly fine. However, the star status of both acts make it undoubtedly obvious why merging made complete sense, and the album lives up to the hype immensely. The lyrics balance between awkwardly terrible and cleverly hilarious, and every song will fight each other for a spot to be stuck in your head. McBusted’s album proves that the guys are only getting better at their craft, and with such a huge career ahead of them, that’s probably the most important thing.
Joe DeAndrea


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Seriously their bromance is one of the cutest <3

A usual birthday for us is spent eating shed loads of cake, watching a Teen Mom marathon, eating a bit more cake, and then going to bed around 10pm. But apparently that’s not good enough for the McBusted members (fine then), who insist on getting all sorts of *help* in whilst planning Dougie Poynter’s birthday. And no, we don’t mean a clown in fancy dress or an icecream man.

In fact, Matt Willis has tonnes of other plans for Doug’s 27th birthday this weekend, despite him insisting he wasn’t keen. Asked what he had planned for his big day, Dougie said: “Maybe a bouncy castle, or a magician?”, but it seems Matt’s got other things up his sleeve.

He told The Mirror: “I’ve got a brilliant idea for Dougie’s birthday. I’m not allowed to go to strip clubs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have strippers somewhere else. A strip pub, maybe?”

Yep, so soz Ellie babes, but you might have to stay at home for this one. Matt then got all flustered when someone mentioned whether his wifey Emma would allow him to watch a strip tease (oo-er), and he replied: “I don’t know, I don’t know, let’s just not talk about it, I didn’t say that.” We’ll take that as a no, then.

Dougie also joked about getting married (noooo), and admitted he’s always thought about what dress he would wear. He confessed he would choose a Vera Wang gown, and that: “You don’t wear the dress, the dress wears you.” Let’s never talk about this again, ok?

As demonstrated by the whole stripper thanggg, Matt admitted that the band aren’t planning on growing up any time soon. He added: “What is so brilliant about McBusted is that for the last couple of years I’ve felt like I should be growing up a little bit, like, ‘Come on man, you’ve gotta get your stuff together now’.

“But suddently, I’m in a band where that is so not the rule. I can do whatever I want and it’s just fun. I want to keep doing that. Never grow up!”

CUTE. What are your thoughts on Dougie getting a stripper for his birthday? What do you think Ellie will say?


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The band got together after James’ on-stage epiphany

You remember McFly and Busted, right? They were those amazingbands that everyone loved. Well, they’ve now had their second coming as McBusted.

But one member in particular had a helping hand in their rebirth as one brilliant supergroup – James Bourne got the wheels turning after McFly spontaneously invited him on stage to perform at their gig.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast today, Tom Fletcher said: “McFly were on tour and James came just to hang out and we kind of convinced him into going on stage and playing some Busted songs.

“Not as a laugh, not to take the mickey out of him, but just for old times’ sake and the crowd just went nuts.”

It seems the impromptu performance had such an effect on James that he’s given it a special name, as Dougie Poynter chipped in: “He calls it his Susan Boyle moment.”

The lovely Susan wowed audiences with her first Britain’s Got Talent audition in 2009 when she gave a brilliant rendition of I Dreamed A Dream from musical Les Miserables, giving people who judged her solely on her looks a right old metaphorical slap in the face.

Tom continued: “He walked out on stage kind of looking a bit scruffy and, you know, he hadn’t had a shave, just come off the train. Everyone was like, ‘Who’s this guy?’ You know, and then he played Year 3000.”

Just a few hours later McBusted was born as their manager, who worked with both bands in their heyday, roped them into working together WHICH WE LOVE.

Matt Willis said: “I got a phone call that night, like, after James came off stage. I had two missed calls from James, which is, erm, not rare.

“Then our old manager called me. Like, Busted’s old manager who managed McFly and was like, ‘James has just been on stage and we’ve all sat down and we’ve got this idea.’

“They kind of talked me through this idea and they said, ‘Are you in?’ and I said, ‘Yeah! I’m in.’ So it’s all just kind of snowballed from there, you know, and everything’s gone nuts.”

Definitely a match made in heaven. DEFFO!


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