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When McFly and Busted joined forces earlier this year for a massive run of live shows, they effectively doubled their back catalogue of hits.

We all have our favourite McFly and Busted hits, but we wanted to know, out of the combined pool of amazing pop tracks, which top five are McBusted’s most treasured.

5. ‘Air Guitar’
“It is actually a McBusted song. It’s the first McBusted song,” Tom Fletcher said, naming ‘Air Guitar’ in the Top 5 of their favourite singles as a supergroup. “And we want people to hear it more,” Harry Judd adds. With shout-outs to Beyoncé, MJ, Jimmy Page and Brian May, the track encompasses the very best of what McBusted stand for: witty lyrics, catchy melodies, but most importantly of all, s**t-loads of fun.

4. ‘Shine A Light’
“It’s probably one of our most prestigious hit songs,” Harry comments, placing ‘Shine A Light’ at number four. “I forget how good the verses are. The chorus gets the light of day – excuse the pun – but they are some good verses.” If you’ve ever seen McFly or McBusted perform the track live you’ll understand why it always gets a monstrous reaction: taut guitar riffs, earworm “eh eh eh”s and a singalong chorus that never fails to get the crowd fully involved.

3. ‘Air Hostess’
Busted reached number two with this very popular hit back in April 2004. Inspired by air stewardesses during their time touring the world, it’s still a wonder no airline has synced the song for a television commercial. The track is packed full of testosterone adolescence and humour, with the line “I messed my pants when we flew over France” censored during the music video’s broadcast on daytime TV. What’s more, McFly/McBusted member Tom Fletcher helped co-write the track before his own band really took off.

2. ‘Transylvania’
“It has a real special place in the hearts of our fans,” Harry Judd said of ‘Transylvania’ ranking at number two. “It’s a very fun, quirky song.” Tom adds: “There’s no other band in the world that would want that song!” But James Bourne thinks otherwise. “I beg to differ,” he says. “I think lots of people would want that song. Jonas Brothers for one. They would have taken that song in a heartbeat. They would have been lucky to get it.” However, if there was one minor gripe we had with the McBusted tour, it was this song’s omission from the setlist, but Harry assures us we can expect it during next year’s shows. “We should play Transylvania on the next tour I think,” he tells the other, before James declares: “I will feel personally cheated if I don’t get to play it.”

1. Year 3000
Are we really surprised that ‘Year 3000’ has been ranked number one? It’s easily one of the best British pop singles written this century and, as James tells us, “The the most fun easiest to play!” Rather criminally it didn’t reach the top spot in the UK chart, stalling at number two in 2003, but it was a hit across mainland Europe. Aside from the jump-around chorus and generally very very good pop melody, ‘Year 3000’s biggest charm is its fantastic references. Whether its the flux capacitor from Back to the Future or outselling Michael Jackson in 1000 years’ time, it placed Busted as everyone’s favourite mischievous boys running amok in the charts.


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A few weeks ago McBusted performed at the Royal Variety but the show wasn’t aired live, it’s going to be aired this monday from 7pm UK time on ITV so prepare yourselves to watch the boys performing in fron of the royals.

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Watch below some videos of McBusted performing at Free Radio Live and also being interviewed backstage.

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Watch below two videos of McBusted talking with 4music about working with One Direction and how Matt and Tom met at school.

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Watch below McBusted being interviewed on This Morning.

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Dressed in their finest, the boyband couldn’t help themselves

McBusted just couldn’t help themselves on the red carpet at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women Awards 2014..

No – Harry, Tom, Matt, Dougie, Dan and James – are not showing off their best yoga moves – they’re spelling out the word “d***”. Because they can.

The boys are most likely in high spirits after hearing that their debut album McBusted is coming in at no. 6 on the album chart this week. Will it climb any higher before the weekend?

Tom Fletcher was joined by his gorgeous wife Giovanna for the night’s celebrations, as they had a night off from nappy duty to rub shoulders with the likes of Tulisa, Abbey Clancy, Myleene Klass and Judy Murray.

We recently caught up with McBusted, who were snubbed for this year’s recording for Band Aid 30, but James and Matt have good memories of taking part in the 2004 recording.

The Air Guitar stars were excited by the line-up for Sir Bob Geldof’s sure-fire hit and they think it’s all for a fantastic cause.

We imagine having six of them in one room with all of the other stars might have been chaotic for the Boomtown Rats hitmaker.

James said: “We haven’t been invited, but it’s always nice to raise money for charity.”


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Last year McFly read some sentences from the Fifty Shades Of Gray book, this year they do it again as McBusted:)

Dougie’s Kim Kardashian is everything

OH HEY THERE YOU. Wondering what all this is about? It’s fairly simple really – we got McBusted to read out extracts from Fifty Shades of Grey in funny voices to celebrate the release of their ‘Tourplay’ DVD.

And then we called the game ‘Fifty Shades of Tourplay’, just because.

To see Tom taking on Elmo, Dougie’s Kim Kardashian impression of dreams and Danny going all Susan Boyle on our asses (weird mental image there) have a watch of the video below…

Killing it.

What did you make of all that then? Let us know by giving us a tweet @Sugarscape. LOVE YOU BYE.


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McBusted are never fellas to skulk along corridors and keep to themselves, so on arrival at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year Awards with Baileys, they of course immediately bestowed us all of the pleasure of the word dick – ingeniously (some might say) spelled out with their bodies.

Credit where credit’s due, you can’t say that’s not impressive.

Seriously, how long did that take to practice?

And doing it without a mirror? Nice one.

Obviously after forming the human pyramid on the red carpet last year, the McBusted boys had a tough act to follow.

We think ‘dick’ pretty much does the trick though.


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Watch the video HERE


McBusted have been crowned Cosmopolitan’s Ultimate Men of The Year 2014 – hurray! Although, Harry Judd got a little bit confused when he heard the news… “I’ve won Ultimate Man?”

It’s been an AMAZING 12 months for the boys, releasing their debut self-titled-album, TOURPLAY film and announcing a huge nationwide tour in 2015. Pretty impressive.

Although, Danny Jones and Dougie Poynter seem to have some different ideas about why they’ve won this particular award and it’s all to do with the style of their jeans.

“It’s really cool to win Cosmo’s Ultimate Men of The Year! I mean, I’ve won a man award! I’m going to go and chuck some meat on a BBQ. We normally win Ultimate Women…” says Danny.

Dougie, who at this point was knotting his shirt into a crop-top and dancing around, added: “…or Ultimate Boys. I mean look at me. Do I look like a man?” Then there was this:

Danny: He wears those jeans where you can just see one ball hanging down.

Dougie: That’s actually my cock. I’m more of a grower than a shower.

Danny: No, I’d say we’re showers, not growers.

While they weren’t entirely convinced of their manly status, Danny did point out: “We don’t wear women’s jeans any more – we’ve finally changed to guy’s jeans. This recognition of our manliness has come at exactly the right time.”

So, who is the manliest out of the six of them? “Matt and Danny are probably the manliest members of the group,” says Tom Fletcher.

“Actually no, definitely Danny. I was going to say Matt, but he wears guyliner and paints his fingernails, so… maybe not.”

At that point, we decided to let McBusted loose with a camera, to share their secrets on what it takes to be ultimate men. They include: having balls, weeing in the shower and learning to chop down a tree with an axe.

Plus, Harry pouts and Dougie tries his hand at vlogging – it really is a little bit of joy. Here is Behind The Scenes With McBusted, filmed by McBusted.


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The world’s biggest supergroup McBusted are the latest famous faces to take on The Naked Truth, Digital Spy’s quickfire quiz that gets answers to all of the most important questions.

However, it’s fair to say that we were not expecting some of the answers we got. Which British spy film used to make Harry Judd’s willy “go tense”, and which former boyband member helped Matt Willis up after he fell down a flight of stairs? You can only find out by watching the video below.

McBusted’s new self-titled album is out now in the UK, which includes recent single ‘Air Guitar’ and upcoming release ‘Get Over It’.


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